Smoke Machines, Camera Movement and Timelapse

Tutorials on timelapse ,smoke machines, the effects of camera movement, framing and more.

We Aren't Teaching the Thor Effect... Seriously...

Black Friday Details: With NO VFX: Talks all about Thor: Giant Universe: Foc

Best Movies to Watch on Thanksgiving

Black Friday Details: Ryan's Watching:**GEAR WE USE**

Tiny Cinema Camera Kit for Under $250 - EOS-M Video Review

Want to shoot cinematic video on a budget or need a second camera? Check out this adorable little cinema camera setup that will only set you back about $250!Canon EOS-MAmazon:

Visual Storytelling 101

Get Philip Bloom's Class: out MZed:**GEAR WE USE** COLOR GRADING LUTs:

Black Friday for Filmmakers!

Black Friday for Filmmakers returns on November 24th, with new products and the best deals of the year! Don’t miss it! Details -

Studio Cleanup VLOG 001 - Monitor Production Cart Build

Today I FINALLY start cleaning and organizing the studio! We'll start with the mess of monitors, stands, recorders and cables in the studio.If you enjoy this sort of video be sure to subscribe as mor

Best Cameras For Youtube - 9 Reasons I Recommend Panasonic 4K Cameras

What is the best camera for Youtube videos? I get this question a lot and in this video I'll break down why I think Panasonic mirrorless cameras are the best choice for Youtubers. Check the links bel

5 Epic LED Fresnel Lights From CAME-TV - Boltzen Review

Today we finally check out the CAME-TV Bolzen LED Fresnel lights!These are quickly becoming my favorite lights in the studio due to their very bright output, bi-color temp and spot/flood fresnel capa

Writing 201 is coming!

Writing 201 is coming to on Black Friday!Get more details about all the Black Friday deals for Filmmakers -

The Friday Roundup - Smoke Machines, Camera Movement and Timelapse

This week a bunch of stuff from all over the place. We have a timelapse tutorials, a simple smoke machine, the effects of camera movement, framing and more.

Free Assets for Filmmakers

120+ Free Video Overlays 352 Free Letterbox Templates (8K, 4K, HD and more) 15 Free Camera Shake presets: Hitfilm

This Light and Mic Stand Changes Everything

Today I show you the best light stand setup I've ever used! Using a microphone arm, you can turn a light stand into the ultimate boom stand for lights microphones and so much more! Check out the part

Massive Video LED Light Mat! Falcon Eyes 24TDX Review

Looking for a bright video light but don't want something bulky? Check out the Falcon Eyes 24TDX! 150W via a bi-color flexible LED mat! Lighting tests at 4:56.Falcon Eyes 24TDXAmazon US: http://amzn.

This Tripod Turns into a Monopod

Get MeVideo Tripod: Aero 7 Tripod: Dead Red Machete: --------------------------------------------------------------

Top 6 Best Deaths in Film Riot

We look back at our favorite deaths in Film Riot history! #6:

Aputure Mini20 Video Light Kit Review

Today we check out the Aputure Mini20D and Mini20C Light kit! To see the lights in action, jump to 9:23 were I show you three lighting setups using these 3 LED fresnel video lights.Aputure Mini20 Lig

Directing An Unpaid Crew & Are Shorter Films Better?

Film Supply Challenge:'s Fake Trailer: Trailer:

Kamlan 50mm F1.1 Review - $160 Lens With Shallow Depth of Field

For $160, it is hard to go wrong with this 50mm lens. Af F1.1 you'll find yourself lost in shallow depth of field and those yummy blurry backgrounds! All that said, there are some downsides you shoul

Best New Features in Adobe Premiere and Audition


The Best 4K Monitor for Video Editing and Camera Monitoring: Dell 27” P2715Q Review

Today I finally review my 4K Dell Monitor! The P2715Q is a 27-Inch LED monitor with a resolution of 4K (UHD) at 3840x2160. I’ve had this monitor for over a year and still think it is one of the bes

4 Camera Lenses Under $32 for Sony and Panasonic

Need some affordable lenses for video shooting? Check out these 4 lenses under $32 each! All lenses work with Sony, Panasonic and other cameras with adapters. Lenses and adapter kits linked to below!

How an episode of Rick and Morty is Written - Dan Harmons Story Circle

You can check out some of my other content here: the links below to see more information about the Story Circle and other

Emmanuel Lubezki: Making Beautiful Movies

Have a look at the documentary i'm making: this video I go over some of the ways that Emmanuel Lubezki films his movies and how he does it differently to every

Logan: The Importance of Characters

In this video I go over the importance of characters in film, focusing on the film Logan.You can check out some of my other content here:

A Great Scene From La La Land

You can check out some of my other content here:'s New Bro Podcast:

Piper Short Film by Disney Pixar

In this video I go over some of the techniques that Pixar uses to make their short films, and how they're implemented in their newest short film Piper.Make sure you subscribe to see more videos and y

What is Negative Space In Movies?

In this video I go over some of the ways that Negative space is used in films.You can check out some of my other content here:

The Versatile Use Of Central Framing

You can check out some of my other content here: can check out Connor at Flamingoisland:

The Nightmare Before Christmas; A Look At Jack Skellington.

In this video I go over the main character of The Nightmare Before Christmas; Jack Skellington to see what influences the way we look at stereotypes to see what kind of film it ends up being.If you l

Rogue One Spoilers Review - All The Good With FlamingoIsland

In this review we look at all the good things that we saw in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. If you want to check out the videos I did with Connor you can find them at his channel:

Advanced Screening Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Quick Review (Spoiler Free)

I wanted to give you guys a really quick review of Rogue One since I had the privilege of seeing it early! These are only my immediate thoughts and I didn't really want to go too in depth into any st


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