Smoke Machines, Camera Movement and Timelapse

Tutorials on timelapse ,smoke machines, the effects of camera movement, framing and more.

Breaking the Traditional Story Structure

What Ryan's Watching:Don't Go Down To Wilder -**GEAR WE USE** COLOR GRADING LUTs: SOUND F

Your Audio Sucks - Replace It


Go Wireless With Your Focus - PD Remote Air 3 Review

Looking for a solid, easy to use and affordable wireless follow focus system? Say hello to the Remote AIR 3 from PD Movie! Amazon: Photo Video: https://www.bhphotovideo.

Best 5 Inch Camera Monitors!

Looking for the best 5 inch monitor for your camera? Here are 4 options at different prices with great assist features! I've tested my fair share of camera monitors and can honestly tell you these ar

The Friday Roundup – Microphone Basics, Camera Effects and Stabilization

The Basics of Microphones Let me introduce the video below with an old saying that probably will hold true for as long as there is video. The most important part of video is… audio. For most people

The Friday Roundup – Hyperlapse, Color Grades and ND Filters

How to be Less Awkward Filming Yourself Whenever I come across videos like this I always include them in the Friday Roundup. For most people the idea of being in front of the camera sets off alarm bel

The Thor Effect

Get HitFilm Express for Free! HitFilm Goodies:'s Avengers Sketch:

Making A Living With Video LIVE! With Corbyn Tyson

In this special livestream, I bring on my good friend Corbyn Tyson to talk about making money with video. We'll discuss growing a video business, how much to charge and answer questions from you guys

The Friday Roundup - Smoke Machines, Camera Movement and Timelapse

This week a bunch of stuff from all over the place. We have a timelapse tutorials, a simple smoke machine, the effects of camera movement, framing and more.

When Are You Ready for a Feature Film?


ProRes RAW Part 2: How to Shoot ProRes RAW And The 3 Things You Need

Wondering how to shoot ProRes RAW? In this video I show you exactly what cameras and other accessories you need to start shooting ProRes RAW video!Here is an outline of the ProRes RAW series:Part 1:

The Friday Roundup – Camera Shake, Auto-Focus and LUT Limitations

LUTS: The Complete Video Guide A few weeks back now on April Fool’s Day Casey Faris put out an incredible video purporting to announce the release of his amazing automatic super LUT called Pegasus.

ProRes RAW Part 1: What is ProRes RAW and Why Should You Care?

ProRes RAW is an incredible new way to capture your footage and you should at least know about it! In this multipart series I'll break down what ProRes RAW is, how to record ProRes RAW and how to wor

ProRes RAW Part 3: How to Edit and Grade ProRes RAW Footage

Editing and Grading ProRes RAW footage is an experience that will leave your jaw dropped for a long time. In this third part of my ProRes RAW series, we look at setting up projects for ProRes RAW and

DJI Mavic Air Review - The Drone That Helps You Tell Better Stories

The DJI Mavic Air is clearly a great alternative to the Mavic Pro. But how does it hold up over seas and on large productions? Corbyn Tyson covers the pros and cons of this killer little drone from a

Trying DaVinci Resolve For the First Time LIVE!

Watch and possibly help me edit in DaVinci Resolve for the first time!Want to support the channel? Use our Amazon link and we get a small commission at no additional cost to you:

5 Canon M50 Settings to Change for Better Video

Interested in the Canon M50 for video? Or just looking for the best settings? Here are 5 camera settings you should change to improve the camera. Canon M50 on Amazon: turned

Make Money with Your Footage

Adobe Stock: Design Tools:**GEAR WE USE** COLOR GRADING LUTs:

The Friday Roundup – Vintage Voice Effect, Creative Tips and a Freebie!

So let’s kick off this week’s Roundup with a freebie! This week that venerable British broadcaster the BBC lifted her skirts and showed us everything! Well not quite because that would be very un-

Simple or Easy Video Editing Software

The need for an easy video editing software solution has become steadily more relevant over the past few years. For the past few years all of the major video editing software companies have been battl

Duplicate Any Object in Your Scene

Spring Sale April 30th - May 6th 25% off everything! Design Hand Held Presets:

Video LED Lamp Hack! Turn Any Lamp Into a LED Video Ascent Light

I Love using lamps in my videos but today we take it up a notch and turn any lamp into a dimmable LED light! This simple mod uses small video LED lights with velcro and a socket adapter to create an

The Best Social Media for Movie Lovers

Follow us on Letterboxd:Ryan - - - Ryan's watching:

The Friday Roundup – Pinnacle Studio Goes to Version 21.5 and other stuff!

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 21.5 Update News from Pinnacle this week with the release of Pinnacle Studio 21.5 Ultimate. Since Corel took over the ownership of the Pinnacle range of products a few years b

Using Stock Footage to Enhance Your Production Value

Adobe Stock: YouTube Channel:**GEAR WE USE** COLOR GRADING LUTs:http://bit.l

Watching the Rough Cut of BALLiSTIC


CD, DVD, Blu-ray Scratch Repair Machines

When it comes to CD, DVD, Blu-ray and game disc repair my weapon of choice is to use a software solution to try and recover the data from the disc first without getting into interfering with the surfa

The Friday Roundup – It’s a NAB Show Grave Yard Around Here

Around this time every year things start to go a little quiet here at the DIY Video Editor and the reason for that is that I shamelessly steal tips, tricks and tutorials from people who know far more

Just Starting Out - What Do You Do First?

Lucas J. Harger's Website:**GEAR WE USE** COLOR GRADING LUTs: SOUND FX:

The Friday Roundup – Travel Videos, Key Framing and Presentation Skills

Steven Soderbergh on Using an iPhone to Shoot Once again this week I became embroiled in an online discussion involving the term “cinematic” and that user’s search to find some kind of shortcut

The Friday Roundup – Free Audio from Filmora and Organizing Your Assets

Yay! Freebies! OK this seems to be a pretty awesome offer from the nice people at Wondershare who make the Filmora video editor. They are offering a huge collection of free sound effects that can be u

Semiotic Symbolism in The Shape of Water

Thanks everyone for watching this video, please leave a rating to let me know what you thought.You can check out some of my other content here:

Lou Short Film by Disney Pixar (2017)

You can check out some of my other content here: NowYouSeeIt Here:

Roger Deakins: Making Beautiful Images

In this video some of the cinematography techniques used by Roger Deakins are explored to understand how they affect the image.Thanks everyone for such a great year. In 2017 this channel grew to ove

How an episode of Rick and Morty is Written - Dan Harmons Story Circle

You can check out some of my other content here: the links below to see more information about the Story Circle and other

Emmanuel Lubezki: Making Beautiful Movies

Have a look at the documentary i'm making: this video I go over some of the ways that Emmanuel Lubezki films his movies and how he does it differently to every

Logan: The Importance of Characters

In this video I go over the importance of characters in film, focusing on the film Logan.You can check out some of my other content here:

A Great Scene From La La Land

You can check out some of my other content here:'s New Bro Podcast:

Piper Short Film by Disney Pixar

In this video I go over some of the techniques that Pixar uses to make their short films, and how they're implemented in their newest short film Piper.Make sure you subscribe to see more videos and y

What is Negative Space In Movies?

In this video I go over some of the ways that Negative space is used in films.You can check out some of my other content here:

The Versatile Use Of Central Framing

You can check out some of my other content here: can check out Connor at Flamingoisland:


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