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8 Insanely Easy RV Mods That Take Less Than An Hour

RV mods and upgrades don’t always have to take weeks or months. These simple ideas from iRV2 members should only take you about an hour or less and they’ll make a huge difference. 1. Get rid of o

Towing 2019

The latest crop of trucks and SUVS will be offered with more features and higher capacities for pulling trailers and fifth-wheels It is often said that competition breeds innovation. It forces everyon

Here’s Where You Can Camp For Free In Ohio

Those of you that follow this blog on a regular basis know that I am all about free camping and boondocking. I have encountered many RVers that feel free camping and boondocking opportunities are onl

This Family RVs With Exchange Students

Jen Juneau is by every stretch of the definition an outdoorsy woman.  She grew up an avid skier in the mountains of Colorado, has raced sled dogs, hiked across Spain on the Camino de Santiago Trail

Travel South This Winter To New Mexico & West Texas

Southern New Mexico offers pleasant weather during the fall and winter months, making it an attractive destination for many snowbirds. In the small town of Anthony, NM, visitors can find a comfortabl

This Remote Texas Resort Has An Amazing Golf Course & RV Park

Tucked away in West Texas between Big Bend National Park and Big Bend State Park, Lajitas Golf Resort is the perfect setting for an away-from-it-all adventure. Set in the picturesque Chisos Mountain

Our Favorite Places To Visit In Wichita, Kansas

A lot has changed in Wichita, Kansas since its early days as a trading post on the cattle-driving Chisholm Trail during the 1860s. Today, this largest city in the Jayhawk State is home to nearly 400,

How To Cook Breakfast Over The Campfire With A Stick

Fall has arrived, which means campfires are allowed again on most public lands and campgrounds after being banned over the hot dry summer. Man has been cooking over a campfire since he first discover

Spartan Travel Trailers - Spartan Blog

Aircraft Quality, Nifty InteriorsThe enterprising J.P. Getty saw a need, in the post-World War II era, for affordable yet high-quality housing. The Spartan Trailer, utilized for either recreation or p

This Couple Downsized To Travel Full-Time In A Van

In the fall of 2014, Ian Achey and Lisa Aquino made a decision to shake things up.  The two youthful climbing adventurers were tired of their comfortable, predictable lives, spending their days in a

8 Ways To Stay Warm While Camping In Cold Weather

Don’t let the cool temperatures of the fall season keep you from getting out and camping.  There are great advantages to “cold season” camping, including fewer people, fall colors, and seeing

Lightweight Travel Trailers & Small Campers - Scamp Trailers

Very lightweight travel trailers designed for easy towing by small cars and trucks. The aerodynamic camper design assures high fuel efficiency.

Camp Among Adorable Animals At These Charming Farms

You may not be able to get up close with animals while camping in the wild but you can while staying on a quiet country farm. These five pastoral farms have their own RV campgrounds in addition to so

RVs on the Hunt

A recreational vehicle can serve as an ideal home base for the time-honored outdoor pursuit of hunting In 2016 researchers at Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences released t

RV Tow-Vehicle Pulling Power

Thirty-five aftermarket upgrades to unleash your tow vehicle’s full potential No matter what tow vehicle you drive, one common denominator many of us share is that secret wish for just a little bit

Review: Little Guy Max and Ram 1500

The newest Ram pickup meets the retro-modern Little Guy Max travel trailer for a trek among the tall pines in Oregon The experts say that we are witnessing the end of the great American sedan. They ma

RV Trip Planning: Where to Next?

The secret to planning successful RV trips is simple: make campground reservations, book bucket-list experiences and leave plenty of time for road-trip kismet RVers love planning trips. Think for a mo

RV Gear: Jensen Bluetooth Stereo

Designed to withstand the ups and downs of RV travel, the Jensen Bluetooth Wall Mount Stereo (JWM90A) from ASA Electronics can be controlled from a mobile app on an Apple or Android device. The 160-wa

Staff Pick: Go With Me Chair

Staff Pick: The Go With Me Chair was a hit at my family reunion in central Oregon last July. It set up instantly, straight from the matching tote bag. For our youngest family member, the standing opti

Midpriced Travel Trailers: $25K to $50K

Residential-style comforts and conveniences are packed in these travel trailers priced between $25,000 and $50,000 Driving off the dealer’s lot with our first pop-up camper, we thought we’d never

Essential Gear: RV Covers

Cloaking a stored RV with the right cover protects the exterior finish from exposure to the elements and keeps it looking its finest Statistics show that RVs are stored for long periods of time. While

RV Tech Q&A: October 2018

Diesel for Small Trailer? As a new RV owner, I’m looking for some professional advice regarding towing. My travel trailer is 1,670 pounds, and my vehicle’s tow capacity is 2,700 pounds. Once loade


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