How Do You Repair a Damaged Alloy Wheel?

Every damaged alloy wheel is different so it’s impossible to give an exact repair time. A light alloy wheel is a key factor in defining the appearance of a vehicle. A damaged alloy wheel can detract from the looks of your vehicle.

How Do You Repair a Damaged Alloy Wheel

Every damaged alloy wheel is different so it's impossible to give an exact repair time.  A light alloy wheel is a key factor in defining the appearance

Car Safety Tips-for Women Garage Users – (Although Everyone can benefit from Car Safety Tips)

Car Safety Tips for Women While everyone can benefit from car safety tips, you will have to admit that women are more likely to need these tips to help them out during unexpected and unfamiliar situat

Contaminated Brake Pads

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Contaminated Brake Pads? Contaminated brake pads are making howling noises and have to squeeze extra hard. Two figure breaking and still not even getting the same stopp

Volvo self driving cars- 100 to be tested on Swedish roads in pilot project …

Volvo has announced a pilot project that’ll see 100 Volvo self driving cars take to the roads of Gothenburg, Sweden, as the automaker continues in its efforts to bring a fully autonomous self drivin

Car Exhausts Last Longer-There is No Doubt that Modern Cars Exhaust System Lasts Much Longer

Car Exhausts Last Longer Car Exhausts Last Longer The good old car exhaust is undoubtedly a distress purchase. it can also be an expensive purchase. However most small to medium cars are reasonably p

VARTA BLACK dynamic C14 Car batteries-BatteriesOnTheWeb-Motorcycle …

VARTA BLACK dynamic c14 Car Batteries with entry levels of electrical equipment may need less battery power, but they still demand superior starting, consistent performance and absolute reliability. A

Renault French automaker can cut off your battery if you don’t pay

Renault Post updated  22/3/2014 Eric Roberts Last year Tesla dealt with its first real scandal, the so-called “bricking” of batteries that are allowed to run entirely out of charge. But what abou

Car Brakes Rule The Day-Another Busy Saturday Sees a Good Mixture of Customer Car Problems?

Car Brakes Rule The Day Car Brakes Rule The Day As many of my readers will know then Saturday is my favorite day of the week. So the rest of my week is spent working on my computer trying to figure ou

Leisure Batteries Connected-How to Connect 2 or More Leisure Batteries? / Car & Leisure Battery …

Leisure Batteries Connected Connecting two or more leisure batteries is entirely possible, but it should be undertaken with caution. To connect the batteries, you’ll have to have enough space in the

Apollo Winter Tyres to the Rescue in Yorkshire Crematorium for Halifax Funeral Company

Apollo Winter Tyres to the Rescue   In early November we received a phone call from a local undertaker, Melia Funeral Services,here in Halifax, West Yorkshire in England UK. No problem there, because

Batteries charged by Solar Panels-Toyota’s vision for the future – Drive

Batteries charged Toyota‘s vision for the future Drive Toyota’s Smart House uses solar panels and Batteries charged for all electricity, and the system can also power any plug-in hybrid and electr

Top Air Tools Needed For Auto Body Work

Air tools have made our lives easier and can make a lot of jobs go quicker. Auto Body work can be a slow process and definitely takes time and patience. We decided to put together our must-have list o

How to Clean Air Tools

Just like your car you need to keep your tools clean and maintained. Hand tools can be easy to keep up with as they just take a wipe down and maybe an occasional drop of oil here and there. Your air t

Two Person Car-The world’s most aerodynamic two-person car achieves 110km/hr on batteries … – Quartz

Geeky gadgets The world’s most aerodynamic two person car achieves 110km/hr on batteries …   eric roberts‘s insight: Two Person Car-New car project will play a big part This new car design is c

Signs You Need An Expert For Automobile Repair

The Times That You Need An Automobile Repair! Being knowledgeable of automobile repair is always an obvious remedy. Learning basic automobile repair can give you the confidence you need to handle mino

How Much Does Car Painting Cost?

Car Painting Is A Fine Art! The world of car painting is exciting, engaging, and holds up the process of creative thinking and application. The first thing that determines the cost of car painting is

How to Improve Fuel Consumption

Improve Fuel Consumption Now! One of the most important ways to improve fuel consumption is to implement economic driving as best you can. The demand for a low-rolling resistance tire which helps impr

How to Choose The Correct Type of Compressed Air Line For Your Shop

When setting up your shop air the second most important thing to what compressor you pick is what type and size of air line that you choose to plumb your shop with. If the lines feeding your tools are

Save Money By Restoring Car Headlights

What Benefits Does The Car Headlights Have? Car headlights are one of the most important things of any cars. Car headlight can also give rise to decreased night-time vision and ultimately effect perso

Different Kinds of Tire Wear

Best Styles Of  Tire Wear! Most tire wear is caused by either by overloading, incorrect toe settings, incorrect chamber or a combination of any of the three. Uneven tire wear is without doubt due to

Senior Drivers Traffic Safety Tips

A Best Senior Drivers Safety Tips! Factor affecting senior drivers is an increase in medications that may affect their ability to drive. The myth that the roadways will be safer without senior drivers

What is an Inline Air Compressor Filter?

Clean compressed air is key in the health of your pneumatic tools and they can be the final barrier before a paint gun to save that paint job. We ALWAYS suggest to use one inline when painting or spra

Car Safety Considerations: What You Need To Know

A Car Safety Considerations Is A Must! Car safety considerations are very important to reduce the occurrence of vehicle accidents and its consequences. Car safety is ranked as the sixth most important

How to Reduce Moisture in Your Air Compressor Lines

Using Pneumatic pressure to operate tools is an absolute must in your garage, but most of these tools DO NOT like excessive moisture mixed into the air. Moisture in the air lines can cause rust inside

A Road Traffic Accident Knowledge

Be Aware Of A Road Traffic Accident! Being in a road traffic accident is emotionally stressful and can cause long-lasting injuries. Being involved in a road traffic accident is a sudden and often frig

Can Air Compressor Tanks Be Connected Together?

One question we get from customers is if they can hook their air tanks together in tandem to get more air output from their shop. Often times this is when a person has a small air compressor in their

Is Your Car Finish Being Eaten Away?

Protecting Your Car Finish Is Necessary! Caring for your car finish can actually improve the overall life of the vehicle while saving you some money at the pump. Paint nicks or chips along your car fi

Can I use an Air Compressor to Clean?

Air compressors are most commonly used to run pneumatic tools and to put air into an object like a car or motorcycle/bicycle tire, sports ball, kids toys, etc. We often get questions about using the a

How to Paint An Engine Block

The biggest hurdle with getting an old or used engine painted is getting it CLEAN. Years of oil, grease and road grime can make it difficult to get paint to stick to your engine. If you're having the

Can I Use Auto Body Glue to Repair My Car?

Initially adhesives were used in auto body manufacturing to overcome an issue or weak spot in the construction of a car. As time has gone on auto body glue has become more and more beneficial. First t

How Do You Repair a Damaged Alloy Wheel?

How To Repair Damaged Alloy Wheel? Every damaged alloy wheel is different so it’s impossible to give an exact repair time.  A light alloy wheel is a key factor in defining the appearance of a vehic

How Does A Plasma Cutter Work?

Plasma Cutters are sort of like metal cutting wizardry the first time you use one. With recent improvements in technology plasma cutters the size of a lunch box can cut through incredibly thick pieces


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