How Do You Repair a Damaged Alloy Wheel?

Every damaged alloy wheel is different so it’s impossible to give an exact repair time. A light alloy wheel is a key factor in defining the appearance of a vehicle. A damaged alloy wheel can detract from the looks of your vehicle.

How Do You Repair a Damaged Alloy Wheel

Every damaged alloy wheel is different so it's impossible to give an exact repair time.  A light alloy wheel is a key factor in defining the appearance

Porsche 911 Michelin Pilot Sport Tyres-Great Looking Car-3.8 GT-3 for 4 Tyres

Porsche 911 Michelin Pilot Sport Tyres Porsche 911 Michelin Pilot Sport Tyres last Saturday saw another very busy day at Pellon Tyres, here in Halifax UK. Like most tyre centres we had the usual mix o

Power Storage Tesla battery could take your home off the grid with – Inhabitat (blog)

  Ever wish you could ditch your electric bill? Tesla is working on a house battery that could help you break up with your expensive utility company, essentially turning any home into an off-grid abo

Hybrid Battery-Toyota dealer wanted $4400 to repair, fix turned out to cost $10 – Geek

  Cars are a lot more complicated than they used to be with less modular designs and more technology under the hood. That makes repairs more difficult and expensive, and then you figure in […]   T

Car batteries the Cold weather and your car: How to keep your battery from dying

  AA is getting a record number of calls for storm-related problems with nearly half being for dead batteries.   Another warning to vehicle users to have their car batteries checked before the winte

Pirelli Tyres are joining in with the winter and all-season tyre popularity Boom.

  RT @MissEvans2010: Take me back! Exclusive development story on Pirelli’s new all-season rubber: #Pirelli #Tyres htt…   Pirelli tyres are grabbing a chance to supply the

Kumho Tyres-sponsoring two further German football clubs –

In addition to its newly-signed deal with Champions League and German Bundesliga team FC Schalke 04, Kumho Tyres has come on board as tyre partner for two further German clubs. Hamburger SV and Her…

Michelin Pilot Sports Tyres will be used on the next generation of performance tyres for BMW –

Michelin is the official tyre supplier for BMW’s new M3 and M4, marking the latest stage in a long and fruitful relationship   Michelin Pilot Sports  are becoming the dominant force to contend wit

Michelin Pilot Sports tyres-Performance is everything on –

  Michelin Pilot tyres reflect its continuing commitment to delivering the best possible handling, strength and durability   Great thumbs up for the Michelin Pilot Sports tyres used on this extreme

Motorcycle Battery season is almost here for you Bikers?

Motorcycle Battery choice could be very important When it comes into February, I know that certain groups of people, start to think about the spring arriving and in fact start to prepare for the new y

Mitsubishi Shogun with smell problems? Brakes blamed but were not the Culprit?

Mitsubishi Shogun with smell problems The smell problem that came into my garage was on a 1997 Mitsubishi Shogun 3500 petrol model. The owner said that he could smell odours that he thought were comin

How to Fill and Shave Chevy C10 Gas Filler Hole

When building a custom vehicle one of the most important things is cleaning up the original design of the vehicle and doing modifications that make it look better, operate safer, and perform better. B

Upside Down – Turned All Around – After An Auto Accident

Of Course, An Auto Accident Is Something You Never Want To Be In An auto accident is one of the most traumatic incidents a person can endure. The best way you can protect yourself after an auto accide

Common Signs Of Car Radiator Failure

Car Radiator Failure Can Be Indicating A Larger Problem Car radiator failure can cause your engine to overheat. A car radiator is comprised of an arrangement of tubes which pass through the engine. A

Types Of Vehicular Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

Vehicular Maintenance Is A Pretty Big Deal Vehicular maintenance is also an aspect of keeping a trusted car around. Vehicular maintenance is not a hard thing to learn, even on the fly. Safe driving p

Choosing The Right Tire For Your Car

Choosing The Right Tire Is An Important Decision Choosing the right tire is not as easy as it may first appear. The right tire is not by any means the most expensive, it’s a balance of all these fac

Fuel-Saving Solutions Aerodynamics Improvements Vs Cutting Weight

Fuel-Saving Solutions Is Key Achieved and potential fuel-saving is measured using first principle performance model. When the car is significantly becoming a popular transportation, fuel saving is ess

Bead Roller Buyers Guide

If you're considering buying a bead roller it's probably because you're doing some metal fabrication like making floor pans, wheel tubs, or bomber seats and want to add some strength and style to the

Why Are Headlight Upgrades Necessary?

A Headlight Upgrade Will Make A Significant Improvement Headlight upgrades are your best bet to improve your night vision without blinding anyone else on the road. One of the best types of headlight

Why Choose A Paintless Dent Repair?

You’ll Be Amazed By The Difference A Paintless Dent Repair Can Make A paintless dent repair is to mold the metal of your vehicle back to its factory-original shape. A paintless dent repair is gaine

The Best Winter Car Maintenance

Winter Car Maintenance Is Very Important Good winter car maintenance is the first line of defense in navigating snowy and icy roads, starting with inspecting your car’s tires. Winter car maintenance

Choosing A Superior Auto Glass Repair Company

How Can an Auto Glass Repair Help You To Keep Your Money Safe? Auto glass repair is a process that should be undertaken using high tech tools for it to be completed in the right manner. Auto glass rep

How to Check and Adjust Car Tire Air Pressure

Today we're going to talk about getting your tires properly inflated. This is going to give you the best fuel economy and it's also going to give you the best tire wear. Most vehicles are always going

Maintenance Tips What Makes a Car Overheat and How to Avoid It

Does Your Car Overheat Suddenly? You might think having your car overheat is the exclusive realm of the clunker. The only way that a heater hose can make your car overheat is if it is leaking coolant

How to Remove a Dent in A Car without Damaging the Paint

How confident are we in the Eastwood paintless dent removal kit? So confident that Ryan hit the quarter panel of his perfectly straight GMC Denali with a hammer just to show he could pull the dent out

How to Remove Paint Scratches in a 3 Step System

Here at Eastwood people often ask us what's the best way to polish a car so we asked an expert who laid out two methods using our random orbital polisher. Depending on how much time you want to invest

How to Polish Paint in 1 Step

Here at Eastwood people often ask us what's the best way to polish a car so we asked an expert who's laid out two methods using a random orbital polisher depending on how much time you want to invest

How to Make Door Jambs From Scratch- Eastwood Elite Shrinker Stretcher

In this tech article we're working on a Model T roadster project that started out as a pile of parts. With any type of project like this you're going to run into areas where there's just no metal at a

How to Do An Under Hood Restoration on A Classic Truck

If you’re looking for specialty paints and coatings you can probably get them at Eastwood. We’re going to show you we restored the entire engine compartment on a 1979 Ford Pickup Truck. We used Ea

Not all Spray Paints are created Equal- Radiator Black over Standard Spray Paint

For a long time the standard for a radiator in any production car was for it to be coated in a black paint applied at the factory. Over the years we’ve come to sort of expect the radiator to be hid

MIG Welder Comparison Buyers Guide

MIG welding is very easy to learn and a MIG welder is a must-have in auto restoration or any type of metal fab, which is probably why you’re considering purchasing a MIG.  If you’re not sure what

How Do You Repair a Damaged Alloy Wheel?

How To Repair Damaged Alloy Wheel? Every damaged alloy wheel is different so it’s impossible to give an exact repair time.  A light alloy wheel is a key factor in defining the appearance of a vehic


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