11 Advantages Of Using Social Media

Learn the 11 advantages of using social media for your business.

11 Advantages Of Using Social Media - LocalVideoPros.com

A Quick Rundown Of 11 Advantages Of Using Social Media Recently I talked to a friend who is thinking of taking over a small online business startup. She said, “if I do this startup thing, I need to

Social Media and Newsletter Directory | Harvard University

Browse a directory of social media accounts from around Harvard University.

Global Social Media Presence

The U.S. Department of State's social media presence extends around the world – including U.S. embassies, consulates, and other missions. The list below represents official social media accounts a

Mumsnet reports itself to data regulator over transgender rights row

Parenting site confirms paid intern posted IP addresses of forum users on Twitter

Zelda? Pokémon? Spyro? Gamestruck players tweet their defining games

Under the trending Twitter hashtag #GameStruck4, video game fans have spent the day listing the four titles that defined their love of gaming. Some are predictable, others not so much

How Europe's 'breakthrough' privacy law takes on Facebook and Google

Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation is forcing big changes at tech’s biggest firms – even if the US isn’t likely to follow suit

Fake it till you make it: meet the wolves of Instagram

Their hero is Jordan Belfort, their social media feeds display super-rich lifestyles. But what are these self-styled traders really selling? By Symeon Brown

Facebook is a tyranny – and our government isn't built to stop it

America’s founders didn’t envision the power of the corporation. We need a new structure for self-governance that can counter 21st-century monopolies

The Guardian view on Facebook’s business: a danger to democracy | Editorial

The conceit of data mining firms is that they could win elections by moulding electorates based on new identities and value systems – a process accelerated by the echo chamber of social media

EU to force tech firms to hand over terror suspects' messages

Plan to gather evidence of crime and terrorism ‘quickly and efficiently across borders’

Far more than 87m Facebook users had data compromised, MPs told

Former Cambridge Analytica employee gives evidence before parliamentary committee

Facebook may have to register as agent of 'foreign influence' in Australia

Labor warns bill designed to deter foreign agents could catch unwitting social media users

The Guardian view on artificial intelligence: not a technological problem | Editorial

The dream of a computer system with godlike powers and the wisdom to use them well is merely a theological construct


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