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Probation Officer Pleads Guilty to Assaulting Inmates at Juvenile Hall

Sexual abuse at the Santa Clarita, Camp Scudder Juvenile facility has been uncovered. Read part of a quote from the girl who was sexually assaulted by Officer Oscar Calderon at Santa Clarita.  Re

Your Neighbor, the Bail Bondsman

Many people, for whatever reason, have a negative opinion of bail bondsmen. Those people don’t understand the industry, or simply have no idea what a bail bondsman does. They feel it is unfair to fo

Sacramento to Pay Killers

According to Fox News U.S. writer, “how bad is gun violence gotten in Sacramento?” Really bad, and no this is not a riddle, it is reality.  Both Sacramento and the city of R

Pot, Pesticides, and Pollution

“You are what you eat!” Ever heard that saying before?  Now one could say, “You are what you smoke?”  Instead of ingesting fats and carbohydrates that cause diabetes

The Important Role of Bail Bondsman Associations

Associations play an important role in preserving the growing community of bail bondsmen, pushing for and fighting legislation changes and rallying support from community leaders. As bail bondsman ass

Prison Break on Camera

All righty, this is really one for the books! The title of this blog should be: “A Complete Guide to the Persuasive Mind of an Inmate.”  However, according to this glib inmate Hossein

O.J. Simpson Granted Parole: “All Bets Are On!”

“All Bets Are On,” he will be back in prison shortly, sites the media and most attorneys who know OJ. But moreover, the father of murdered Ron Goldman believes this idiom, “A leopard

5 Reasons Bail Agents Should Get To Know The Local Legal Community

Judges, criminal defense attorneys, prosecutors, paralegals and a host of other professionals can become allies for bail agents, and getting to know the community can have a positive effect when pushi

Making A Murderer

The Netflix ten part documentary (series) has produced a rash of armchair detectives to include the filmmakers, Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos who, in their college years, ran across Steven Avery&rsq

5 Ways Bail Bondsmen Can Get Good Leads from the Internet

What sets bail agents apart in the eyes of a consumer is marketing. Bail bondsmen are generally successful through pre-established connections and marketing, the latter of which must be accomplished o

The San Antonio Four : “A Grim Tale About Our Justice-Injustice System”

This is a tale that needs to be told, and it is being told. It is graphic, so proceed with caution. This is a tale of deception, of coerced witnesses, young children ages 7 and 9, testifying clearly o

Activist vs. Comedian: A Tale of Two

Who could not blog about the raging topic-of-the-week? Ms. Griffith, the outspoken, self-proclaimed D-List comedian, appears to have shot herself in the foot with this sick message.  In fact

Wrongful Convictions: America’s First DNA Exoneree

Most everyone knows about Murphy’s Law that states, “Anything That Can Possibly Go Wrong, Does,” and this is the start of a blog about wrongful convictions.  In a series ab

Bacteria, the New DNA

A new science, known as bacterial signature, may replace DNA science, and become “the leading contender for the next-generation investigations” according to forensic experts.  It has

Mandating Check-Ins for Your Bail Clients

The check-in can also be utilized as a gauge to let you know if your client is intent on failing to appear in court. You should effectively communicate to all of your clients that they must report to

How Bail Agencies Can Keep Up With Their Competitors

Similar to businesses in many industries, bail agencies will always have competition. After all, bail bondsmen make their living by working with accused persons, which there will never be a shortage o

Bail Bonds Enforcement Agents: Media Portrayal and The Perfect World

There are many misconceptions about bail bond enforcement agents. This article discusses the media portrayal of bounty hunters and the realities of the job.

The Cases That Got Me Hooked on Bail Bonds

I had a wild season opener for my introduction to the bail bonds business. I had just started working for this bail bonds company. The day after orientation, I was arranged to meet with a couple and a

Selling My Bail Bond Business

One of the hardest decisions of Joe Von Waldner's life was choosing to sell his family bail bond business. In this article, he shares firsthand what he went through and how the sales process works.

Looking for a Life Changing Experience? Try Buying a Bail Bond Business!

Unlike a traditional business, a bail bond business has some additional considerations which most would not even take into account if the business was of a different nature.

Brooklyn Judge Wants To End Mass Incarceration

Mass incarceration has become a hot button topic recently. The United States, reportedly, has the highest prison population in the world. Some think that the U.S has the highest prison population per

“The Night Of” And Bail

HBO has another brilliant turn-of-the-screw on their hands. The name is “The Night Of,” and it stars Naz, the son of Pakistani immigrants played by Riz Ahmed (“Jason Bourne,” &

Making Bail Quickly Relies On Many Factors, ABBA Can Help

There’s an old adage that says the quicker the better. They might as well have been talking about getting out of jail. It’s an unsightly experience, being in there, akin to feeling exposed

Three Top Moments Of Suge Knight’s Career Plus Two Bailouts

Suge Knight & Tupac Amaru Shakur By far, Suge Knight’s greatest accomplishment is winning over Tupac Shakur. Deep in his feelings (and rightfully so) after his blockbuster sexual abuse trial

3 Notable Republican Officials, Arrests & Bails

You may or may not have heard, but the RNC just shipped out of Cleveland, Ohio after a weekend filled with speeches, trumpets, and calls to bring America back. We’re still trying to figure out w

Who’s Underwriting Your Bond?

Bail bondsmen are restricted by law so that they can’t swindle you when you’re in a tough situation. But not all bail companies are created equal. Here, let’s talk about why you aren

5 Infamous Hip Hop Bails

  T.I. – According to Reuters, Clifford T.I. Harris almost got 20 years in prison for his illegal ownership of dozens of firearms after his home was raided by police. His sentence was reduc

Why Affordable Bail is So Important

Bail has come to be seen as something that his inherently unequal. But bail is just a way the jail system attempts to guarantee that a defendant makes it a priority to arrive at their court dates whil

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Bail Bond Reductions

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Hire a Private Eye

Need a Criminal Investigator to assist you and your Lawyer with your Criminal Defense? We are a General Private Investigator Firm, we also specialize in Locating Missing Persons and Process Serving.

Immigration Bonds

Nationwide Immigration Bonds by the Bonding Specialist. Free Consultation and Information provided by the Immigration Bond Professionals.


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