Thailand Budhist Celebrations

Thailand is an interesting place to learn about Budhist Traditions.

Leicester City owner King Power to face £327m corruption charges in Thailand

• Judge rules criminal allegations presented in July should go ahead

Thailand: thousands to attend extravagant cremation for King Bhumibol

Artisans finish 50-metre three-tiered golden royal crematorium for ceremony for world’s longest-serving monarch

Catalan human towers and painted horses: best photos of the day

The Guardian’s picture editors bring you a selection of photo highlights from around the world, including a huge flower exhibition in Thailand, water cannon in Jerusalem and animal selfies in Wester

Thailand Mourns King Bhumibol in a Solemn Spectacle

The pomp and pageantry of Thailand’s monarchy were on display for the cremation of King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

Where to eat on Thailand’s islands

So many delicious places to eat on Thailand's islands, the experts at Expedia Australia put together this list to help you narrow down your choices.

Thailand Prepares for a King’s $90 Million Cremation Ceremony

In Bangkok, residents have folded more than 10 million flowers made of sandalwood to help guide the king’s soul to the afterworld.

How a Thai King Made Wealth Seem Sacred

The Thai monarchy became fabulously rich by casting King Bhumibol as a Buddha-like figure.

Monocle: you've seen the magazine – now buy the apartment

Tyler Brûlé’s luxury lifestyle brand plans to launch properties in 10 to 12 cities across the world

How ESL Teaching is Unique

For those of us who have worked with kids, we think we know what we are doing, but most of us don't understand how ESL teaching is unique until we start.

How Not to Talk to an Ape Smuggler

On the trail of real wildlife smugglers, our correspondent finds himself in a journalistic pickle.

Thailand grieves over former king at lavish cremation ceremony

Funeral of King Bhumibol Adulyadej ends a year of mourning and sets the stage for King Maha Vajiralongkorn’s era

Populism and immigration pose major threat to global democracy, study says

Inequality and vulnerability of technology-based voting systems to corruption also identified by researchers as factors in slowing spread of democracy

Why Thailand Takes Pride in the Vietnam War

While the conflict is remembered rightly as a tragedy in both the United States and Vietnam, Thai soldiers are remembered as heroes.

A green tree frog and an erupting volcano: Friday's best photos

The Guardian’s picture editors bring you a selection of photo highlights, including a baby elephant and Melania Trump on the Great Wall

Thailand bans smoking on 20 popular tourist beaches

Those caught lighting up could face a year’s imprisonment as the government seeks to end pollution and drain damage on Thai beaches caused by discarded cigarette butts

Holy khao! The battle for the future of Bangkok street food

Authorities have tried to get rid of the wonderful stalls blocking pavements around the Thai capital, citing safety concerns. It doesn’t seem to have had much effect, but just in case, here are thre

Thailand travel advisory on The Royal Cremation for the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej

The Royal Thai Government has announced that the Royal Cremation for the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej is scheduled for 25-29 October, 2017.

Phuket with Kids – 7 reasons to have a family holiday in Phuket

Phuket with kids – is it overrated and to be avoided or a great family holiday destination? Travel blogger Rene Young, decides to find out for herself.

The Road to Mandalay review – intensely moving drama about Burmese migrants

Midi Z offers no happy endings in this compassionate, ripped-from-the-headlines story about a couple determined to make a better life in Thailand

Yingluck Shinawatra, Ex-Leader Who Fled Thailand, Gets 5-Year Sentence

Ms. Yingluck, who is said to be in Dubai, was convicted of negligence over a rice-subsidy program. The verdict bars her from politics for life.

What Suits You? Taiwan or China?

What suits you? Taiwan or China? Read about the differences between both countries. While both countries have similarities, they can vary in lifestyles.

Taking the Battle Against Malaria to the Mekong

Drug-resistant malaria strains often develop in the region, then spread elsewhere. Eliminating it there will require all the weapons we have.

Remains of 10 Sailors Who Died in Navy Collision Are Found

The remains were recovered in the crushed and flooded compartments of the destroyer John S. McCain a week after it collided with an oil tanker near Singapore.

Thailand’s Ex-Leader Leaves Supporters in Limbo After Disappearing During Trial

Yingluck Shinawatra, the former prime minister, is believed to have gone into exile rather than face a possible 10 years in prison on negligence charges.

Former Thai Leader Yingluck Said to Have Fled Country After Failing to Appear for Verdict

Yingluck Shinawatra was a no-show in court and may have fled the country. Her prosecution reflects a deep political divide in Thailand.

Ultimate Guide to Hiking in Koh Samui

Whether by boot or by bike, you’ll enjoy hidden waterfalls, secret gardens, and incredible views when you follow this guide to hiking in Koh Samui.

How to Pick Your Perfect Thai Island

Deciding between a getaway to the island of Phuket or a trip to Koh Samui? Here are some tips to help you choose from the experts at Expedia.

Saying Goodbyes – Goodbye Korea!

Saying goodbye is always hard. How do say goodbye to people you know you will never see again? You say good-bye and hope that you do see them again soon.

Ethical elephant encounters win Julie Miller an award for Best Travel Writer

Julie Miller won Best Travel Writer at the National Tourism Industry Awards gala event. Her winning story is about ethical elephant encounters in Thailand.

The Key To Your ESL Students’ Success

The Key To Your ESL Students’ Success - An ESL teacher’s job is more than just going through lessons and making sure students turn in their assignments.

Tutoring vs. Classroom Teaching

Teachers ask about tutoring versus classroom teaching in Asia. Here's some extra information that might be helpful in making the most of your time abroad.

Cruising the Mekong to the Golden Triangle

Award-winning travel writer John Borthwick muses on cruising the Mekong River from Lao to northern Thailand with Pandaw Cruises.

Cruising from Phuket: the mysteries of the Andaman Sea with Silversea

Phuket is fast becoming a popular hub for luxury cruise ship departures, and cruising from Phuket makes perfect sense for lovers of luxury travel.

Your guide to Island hopping in Koh Samui and Phuket

Check out this guide from Expedia Australia to find out which spots you should definitely put on your Thai island to-do list.

Taiwan Firsts – What To Expect When You Visit Taiwan for the First Time

Taiwan Firsts – What To Expect When You Visit Taiwan for the First Time As my parents are getting ready to return to the U.S. from their trip to Taiwan, they reminded me what it’s like to not only

Escaping Phuket to discover dreamlike diving in the Similan Islands

Diving Similan Islands, some of Thailand’s best scuba diving, Kara Murphy discovers that the trick is in finding the lesser-known spots.

7 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Teaching Abroad

Typically we all have our pre-determined ideas of what teaching abroad will be like but here are 7 surprising things you didn't know about teaching abroad.

Joys of Free Time

Ah! The joys of free time! A year ago, I was a busy beaver. There was so much to do back then; documents after documents needed to be filled, apostilled, signed- a long list of tasks needed to get don

Making Your Schedule Work For You While Living Abroad

Making your schedule work for you while living abroad is crucial to life abroad. It’s important to manage your time to take advantage of all possibilities Although a year sounds like a long time, it

Last Week of School Experiences in Korea

Guest post by Willynn Thompson - The 2016-2017 school year came to an official close in February, when I had my last week of school experiences in Korea.

Thailand’s Buddhists Celebrate Visakha Bucha Day

This important day, a national public holiday, is the day that marks three important events, the birth of the Lord Buddha, the enlightenment of the Lord Buddha, and the pass away of the Lord Buddha. T


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