Get Paid Cash For Your Laptop or Macbook

If you want to get fast cash, you can sell your laptop, macbook or IPad to A to Z Pawns today.

5 Smart Ways Our Readers Spend Less Money on Their Groceries

Saving money on groceriesAfter your rent or mortgage payment, one of your biggest monthly expenses is likely food. Depending on the size of your family, weekly trips to the grocery store can easily

10 Employee Benefits by Top Companies That Put Real Dollars In Your Pocket

If you really want to accumulate wealth, don’t be fooled by a flashy salary alone. The lifestyle creep that comes with a higher paycheck often means that those who get a raise or higher starting s

Tips for Preventing Theft of Laptops and Personal Electronics | mpdc

Why Do Crooks Steal Laptops and Other Electronics? Laptop computers, tablets, cellular phones, and other personal electronics have become a target of choice for thieves all over the country. Why? Beca

Don’t Pack Lunch On Thursday: P.F. Chang’s Is Giving Out Free Sushi

Sometimes, deals can be a drag. That tempting freebie might come at a cost, and it’s not always obvious at the outset. Maybe your “free” meal requires you to purchase a beverage or even a whol

Are Bullpup Guns All They're Cracked Up To Be?

By Sam Hoober | Contributing Editor Is a bullpup rifle worth it? They definitely look cool, but can cost a pretty penny. Should you? Well, that depends...

Can I Sell My Motorized Wheelchair to a Pawn Shop?

You have a used motorized wheelchair for sale. Or, perhaps you want to pawn it. Maybe you’ve upgraded your mobility device, or you’ve fallen on hard times and want a quick payday because you can g

Aldi Instacart Delivery Is Almost Here — Save $10 on Your First 3 Orders

If the idea of spelunking through your car’s cup holders for a quarter or bagging your own groceries (gasp!) is too much for you, you may still be able to score some affordable groceries from Aldi

Wendy’s Is Giving Away Its Harvest Salad Every Day Through Oct. 7

I seriously love Wendy’s. I consider it one of the healthiest and cheapest of all fast-food restaurants. I can grab a large chili and a side salad for exactly $4.55 and actually be satisfied witho

9 Ways to Start Fixing Your Debt — Even If You Can’t Afford the Payments

OK. That vacation cost a little more than expected. And then the car broke down. Now you have debt starting to pile up. Yuck. Not only that, but you also don’t have any extra income right now to

How to Sell a Wedding Dress to a Pawn Shop

Although many pawn shops don’t take basic clothing, they will buy specialty clothing items off of you if they’re the right quality. Wedding dresses are one of those items. It makes sense that you

Turn Your Laptop or IPad into Cash – Fast! | AtoZPawns

Are you in a financial bind? Strapped for cash for the basics? Need money for the kids? Sell your laptop or iPad to a reputable pawnshop and get value for…

How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay for Coins?

Imagine all the jars you have filled with coins in your day. Think of all the times you emptied your pocket change out into the cup on your nightstand without taking the time to look at each one. If y

Yarr! Talk Like a Pirate, Get a Free Fried Twinkie at Long John Silver’s

Ahoy, matey! Talk Like a Pirate Day is back at Long John Silver’s, and that means free deep-fried Hostess Twinkies for the lot of you who speak the language — plus free fish and chips if you dre

Moe’s Is Celebrating World Queso Day With — You Guessed it — Free Queso

If eating more cheese is always at the top of your to-do list, get ready to visit your local Moe’s Southwest Grill on Thursday, Sept. 20. For the ninth year, the Tex-Mex chain will celebrate Free

Free software increases chance of recovery if your devices are stolen | UCLA

UCLA is making available free software to the campus community that downloads in seconds and increases the chance that campus police or other local law enforcement agencies will be able to reunite own

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Want to Sell Old Stamps to a Pawn Shop? 5 Things to Know

For many, their stamp collection is their baby. Unlike real children, however, there comes a time when you might have to part ways with your stamps. When that time comes, you want to get the best poss

What Questions Should You Ask During a Job Interview? Experts Weigh In

So it’s the night before your big job interview. You’ve done your due diligence researching the company, the position and the people conducting the interview. But how will you respond when the h

Popular Pawn Shop Items That Will Earn You a Cool $500 Cash

If you’ve ever been in a pinch and needed some extra cash, you might’ve thought about going to a pawn shop to sell some of your stuff. But you shouldn’t sell anything: certain items are going to

How to Pawn Your Used Adidas Sneakers

Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves and purchase a few pairs of sneakers. Maybe we already have a few that we bought recently. Maybe there were a few more before that. At some point, we have to cut th

7 Most In-Demand Items at Pawn Stores of 2018

Looking to get some extra cash? Thinking about pawning or selling some items at a pawn shop? While you can usually sell almost anything at a pawn shop, some items are in higher demand than others. If

How Do Pawn Shops Work? A Quick Guide for the Novice

Do you need fast cash? Are you thinking about pawning your items to get some much-needed cash? If you are new to pawning and have no idea exactly how it all works, then you might be a bit apprehensive

Pros And Cons Of A Backup Gun

div class="row"> By Sam Hoober | Contributing Editor Should you carry a backup gun? It's a good idea, but there are some good reasons not to as well. Read on...

Buying and Selling Class Rings

Pawnshops are excellent places to buy and sell jewelry of all different types. If you want to sell a class ring, bring it to A to Z Pawns and get the best deal. These types of establishments offer to

.44 Magnum For Self Defense?

By Sam Hoober | Contributing Editor Is a .44 Magnum for self-defense a good choice? It can be; it's a powerful, effective round. However, it isn't preferred by a lot of people for good reason.

How Much Is My Painting Worth? Your Guide to Selling Portraits

Do you know the most expensive painting ever sold at auction? The title was “Salvator Mundi,” and the artist was Leonardo da Vinci. It sold at Christie’s Auction in New York in 2017 for an incre

Out of the Wood: Your Guide to Pawning Wood Carving Art

If you’re in need of some cash, quickly, and you don’t have other sources to go to then you might be considering pawning some of your more valuable items. Although you might think that pawn shops

Buying A Gun – What You Need To Know

Firearms play a very important role in American culture. Guns and other weapons are popular gear for hunting and recreation; there are people who avidly collect them; and there are others that keep t

6 Ammunition Myths That Ought To Be Ejected

By Sam Hoober | Contributing Editor There are a whole lot of ammunition myths out there. Here are 6 that deserve to be sent to the brass pile.

A Brief Guide To The Ruger Blackhawk

By Sam Hoober | Contributing Editor The Ruger Blackhawk is a classic for good reasons. It's very affordable, but is also one of the strongest magnum revolvers available. Here's why...

When To Use A Muzzle Brake

By Sam Hoober | Contributing Editor A muzzle brake is a popular accessory for guns, especially rifles though they are also common on pistols. Should you use one? That depends...

3 Competitive Shooting Events Anyone Can Get Into

By Sam Hoober | Contributing Editor Competitive shooting doesn't have to be for master shooters or the rich. Anyone can get into it. Here are 3 events anyone can get started in.

5 Classic Pieces Of Gun Leather

width="150" height="100" /> By Sam Hoober | Contributing Editor If you like the old-school method, totin' a pistol means packing it with gun leather. Check out these 5 classic examples of figh

A Quick Guide To Pepper Spray

By Sam Hoober | Contributing Editor Pepper spray is generally held to be the most effective of the non-lethal or less-lethal alternatives to a gun. Here's everything you need to know...

Can I Pawn or Sell a Gun That’s Not in My Name?

When pawning off something, be it an antique or a gun, it’s always a good idea to make sure that you are the rightful owner of the item. It is only when you are the true owner do you truly have l

Just What Exactly IS A Carbine Anyway?

By Sam Hoober | Contributing Editor All sorts of guns get referred to as a carbine. Now that's supposed to mean a short rifle, but some of them aren't really rifles. What gives?

Industry adjusts to changing trends at Las Vegas Pawn Expo

It’s a game changer says Michael Mack, who spoke at the show and owns Max Pawn on Sahara Avenue in Las Vegas. By Todd Prince LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL Devin Battersby attaches a black-colored devic

Max Pawn Las Vegas Launches Credit Program, Earns Major Award

To better serve a wider audience, Max Pawn has partnered with Credova Financial LLC to offer lines of credit Max Pawn, which offers luxury goods including jewelry and designer handbags among its i

For Quick Cash Emergencies, What Are the Best Items To Pawn?

Pawn shops give you quick access to cash in case of financial emergencies. Unlike bank loans, pawn loans do not require a lot of documentation unless you’re pawning a gun. You are also not compelle

How You Can Save Money Buying Jewelry At A Pawn Shop

If you are looking to save money on your next jewelry purchase, there is no better way than to purchase your jewelry at a pawn shop. At A to Z Pawns, you will be able to purchase jewelry at a much lo


  Max Pawn Las Vegas store’s mascot Winston made it in the NEWS!

Max Pawn: A Day with a Vegas Golden Knights Super Fan

You might not think a pawn shop would be the place to go for Golden Knights gear, but Max Pawn Las Vegas is selling a special and affordable line of VGK Bracelets. For $30, you can choose one of sev

Max Pawn Buys Designer Handbags

If you are interested in selling your luxury handbag(s) to Max Pawn just fill out the below form. If we are interested in purchasing your item(s), we will make you an offer within 1-2 business days f

Max Pawn Las Vegas: Local Pawn Store Authenticates Items Bought from Online Sellers

Max Pawn Las Vegas also offers safe place for buyers to meet. Where Luxury Meets Value Feel SECURE When Purchasing from the Pre-Owned Luxury Market LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – A lot of us go online to find

Max Pawn: KVVU Las Vegas Valentine’s Day Interview with James McCracken

James McCracken of Max Pawn on KVVU Las Vegas Valentine’s Day gifts and tips all on a budget. Where Luxury Meets Value Feel SECURE When Purchasing from the Pre-Owned Luxury Market James McCracken

Max Pawn Las Vegas: Luxury Meets Value

At Max Pawn, we carry everything from Tiffany, David Yurman, Rolex, Breitling and many more high end designer jewelry and watches. People shop at pawn shops is to get the deals they can’t get at ret


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