Get Paid Cash For Your Laptop or Macbook

If you want to get fast cash, you can sell your laptop, macbook or IPad to A to Z Pawns today.

Dear Penny: I’m Debt-Free! But What Should I Do With All My Money Now?

Getting out of debt feels great — until you have to decide where you should put your money as you conquer your next goals. This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which helps millions o

5 Strategies to Consolidate and Pay off Your Credit Card Debt Faster

Personal loan, balance transfer or HELOC? Credit card debt consolidation can save you some serious money, and we’ll help you decide which of these five ways is best for you. This was originally pu

Cash for Your Valuables at a Dallas Pawn Shop | February 2019

Looking to get rid of a few things? It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to offload your items to make space or if you’re selling to get some needed extra cash. Regardless of the reason you’re

Tips for Preventing Theft of Laptops and Personal Electronics | mpdc

Why Do Crooks Steal Laptops and Other Electronics? Laptop computers, tablets, cellular phones, and other personal electronics have become a target of choice for thieves all over the country. Why? Beca

This All-in-One Banking Account Will Let You Close Your Other 382 Accounts

Here’s how to declutter your money accounts — and merge them into one. The Aspiration account does saving, spending and investing. This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which helps m

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44 Legit Ways to Save Money Fast (Even if You’re Awful at Saving)

Learn how daily spending changes, re-evaluating your budget and shifting your mindset can help you save money fast. This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which helps millions of readers

Here’s the Skinny on Filing Bankruptcy and How it Affects Your Life

What is bankruptcy? For some people, it’s the only way out of debt. Here’s what to know if you’re considering filing for bankruptcy. This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which he

Make the Most Cash at Oakland Pawn Shops | February 2019

About 55 million Americans don’t have anything saved up for emergencies. What do you do in an emergency if you fall into this category? Visiting a pawn shop can be an excellent way to get the cash y

Sell Your Stuff at a Pawn Shop in San Francisco | February 2019

Have you been noticing a bit more clutter lately? Trying to find a pawn shop in San Francisco to sell your unwanted belongings isn’t hard. But how do you get the right money for your stuff when you

How to Sell Items at a Pawn Shop in Phoenix | February 2019

Your car payment, your rent, and your cable bill are all late! Money is tight and your paycheck didn’t quite cover it all. You just watched an entire season of the show where people bring in their b

Make the Most From a Pawn Shop in Washington DC | February 2019

These days, it seems like there are more options for selling your stuff than ever before. You can list it on eBay, post it on Facebook Marketplace, turn your gently used clothing into cash on ThredUp

Sell Like a Pro at a Pawn Shop in San Antonio | February 2019

Need to get rid of a few things? Rather you are looking to get rid of a Fendi bag of a tuba, offloading your items to a San Antonio Pawn Shop can get you cash for your unused items! Want to know how

How to Save for Your Kids’ College Years Without Bankrupting Yourself

College is expensive. If you have children, you’re probably already thinking about how to save for college. Here’s how to get started. This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which hel

Freelancing? Here are 4 Banks That Can Actually Keep Up With You

The freelance life requires a bank that offers technology and convenience to help manage your money. These are the best banks for freelancers. This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, whi

Attention, Teachers: Need Cash This Summer? Try One of These 26 Side Gigs

Did you know that one in 10 teachers works a summer job? We found 26 ways for educators to earn extra money during their vacation. This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which helps mil

Free software increases chance of recovery if your devices are stolen | UCLA

UCLA is making available free software to the campus community that downloads in seconds and increases the chance that campus police or other local law enforcement agencies will be able to reunite own

Turn Your Laptop or IPad into Cash – Fast! | AtoZPawns

Are you in a financial bind? Strapped for cash for the basics? Need money for the kids? Sell your laptop or iPad to a reputable pawnshop and get value for…

Can’t Qualify for a Cash-Back Credit Card? Try This Instead

Have trouble qualifying for a cash-back credit card? Try the Aspiration account, which gets you 0.5% cash back on debit card purchases. This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which helps

This Actor Is Saving More Than $1,100/Year — Just by Switching Car Insurance

When Kevin Gerdes’ car insurance rates climbed from from $186 per month up to $240, he knew it was time to find a better insurance company. Was finding cheap auto insurance with great coverage like

Michael Mack Interviewed on Asian TV Home Sweet Home

HomeSweetHome2.0_ed38 from ACTV on Vimeo.

“Doggie Date” Pre-Valentine’s Party

It’ll be a A tail-wagging good time at Max Pawn, Las Vegas, NV.

Sell at a Pawn Shop in Baltimore | February 2019

In 2012 there were over 10,000 pawn shops in the United States. Pawn shops still get a bad rap in the financial world. But since they’re the most regulated financial services sector, you’re actua

Make the Most Money at a Boston Pawn Shop | February 2019

Pawn shops are one of the best ways to make some quick money when you need it now. It’s a $6 billion industry for a reason. They don’t require you to wait for sales to be processed or items to be

How To Israeli Carry If You Absolutely Have To...Which You Shouldn't

By Sam Hoober | Contributing Editor One of the occasional debates when it comes to concealed carry is so-called Israeli carry, in other words carrying with an empty chamber. The Israelis didn'

Get Value at Pawn Shops in Philadelphia February 2019

More than 9 million households (7.4% of all U.S. households) have worked with pawnbrokers. Even with the stigma surrounding them, the fact is, they offer quick and safe financial relief. In fact, pawn

Sell Your Valuables at a Pawn Shop in Chicago February 2019

Pawning or selling your items at a pawn shop can be a great way to make some quick money. There are a few things to know if you want to make as much money as possible at pawn shops in Chicago. Dealing

You thrift, bro? Here are some tips for smart secondhand shopping!

MAX PAWN LAS VEGAS (KSNV) Whether you’re looking for the latest trends at low prices, updating your wardrobe with some vintage fashion or taking advantage of the latest Marie Kondo trend, there are

Valentine’s Day shopping can be daunting, expensive: Tips to find gifts

Max Pawn offers designer handbags, electronics up to 75 percent off retail LAS VEGAS – Max Pawn, located at 6040 W. Sahara Avenue in  Las Vegas, is the best place to find discounted designer han

Max Pawn Offers 5 Tips for Purchasing Secondhand Items

  LAS VEGAS – If you’re looking to save money, buying a Valentine’s gift at a pawn shop or other resale shop can be a good option. Max Pawn offers luxury goods including jewelry and designer h

5 10mm Handguns For Those Who Want A Semi-Auto Powerhouse

By Sam Hoober | Contributing Editor Some people like a bit more firepower, which is why some people swear by 10mm handguns as a good all-around caliber. The 10mm actually has a lot to offer, as

At Max Pawn’s Valentine’s Day Doggie Date February 13, You Can Say, “I Woof You, Too.”

  Vegas News Max Pawn wants to share the love, for people and their pooches, this Valentine’s Day (Pictured: Celebrity dog Bark Andre Furry)  Fluttering hearts and wagging tails make for a hap

ABC Action News: James McCracken Talking About Doggie Date Valentine’s Event At Max Pawn

James McCracken of Max Pawn talking about the upcoming Doggie Date Valentine’s Event on February 13th at Max Pawn.  Additional information.

Furloughed Government Workers Heading to the Pawn Shop

7:59 AM PST, January 23, 2019 – Inside Edition Staff The owner of a Las Vegas pawn shop says he’s seen a surge in customers bringing in personal items amid the partial government shutdown. Mich

5 Reasons Why .45 ACP Is A Little Overrated

By Sam Hoober | Contributing Editor Read comments on websites or on social media, and there seem to be a bunch of people convinced that .45 ACP is the ultimate man-stopper. Even if you miss wi

Federal Employees Turn to Pawnshops Amid Shutdown’s Financial Pinch

Michael Mack Quoted in New York Times Article:  Michael Mack, owner of Max Pawn in Las Vegas, said he is seeing a similar uptick in federal workers in his store. Mr. Mack said he was offering to waiv

Myths About .380 ACP Busted

By Sam Hoober | Contributing Editor There are a whole bunch of myths about .380 ACP and the guns that shoot it. While this seemingly small round is thought of as the bare minimum caliber of de

Is Plus P Ammo Necessary?

By Sam Hoober | Contributing Editor When it comes to ammunition for defense purposes, one of the most constant recommendations is to use +P ammo.

How To Sell A Gun

By Sam Hoober | Contributing Editor Selling your gun for a new or different model is a sad parting, knowing the "how" of it will make the heartache not also be a headache.

What You Need To Know About Tannerite

By Sam Hoober | Contributing Editor There's all sorts of fun to be had, and something that a whole lot of people like doing is shooting Tannerite. Watching stuff go "boom!" is a great American

5 Compact Single Stack 9mm Pistols For Less Than $600

By Sam Hoober | Contributing Editor The king of the modern concealed carry guns is the compact single stack 9mm auto. A smallish 9mm puts an effective caliber in a package small enough for virt

Speedloaders vs Moonclips: Which Are Better For Use With Your Wheelgun

By Sam Hoober | Contributing Editor There are a few methods for reloading a revolver in double-quick time, the two most dominant forms being the speedloader and moonclips. Both are easy ways t

What Happens to Unclaimed Pawned Items and Tips on Redeeming Your Items

Pawning items of value is a good way to get quick cash for emergency needs. In these cases, the people taking out pawn loans are often not all that ready to part with the items that they are pawning.

7 Great Concealed Carry .45 Pistols

By Sam Hoober | Contributing Editor Concealing a big-bore pistol is not a challenge at all. Here are 7 fantastic concealed carry .45 pistols that you can easily use for every-day carry.

Different Ways on How a Pawn Shop Can Help You

A pawn shop has a reputation for being the go-to place of some people in need of instant cash. While there are also negative perceptions about it, many customers attest that such a business is helpfu

Tips to Find Some Like-New Home Improvement Equipment for Dad for a Birthday or Fathers Day

Home improvement tools and equipment can cost quite a lot of money and men who love to tinker around in their workshops or home often build their collection of tools over time. If your dad is one of

Negotiating at a Pawnshop: Tips to Keep in Mind

If you are in need of money for an emergency, selling a valuable item to a pawn shop or borrowing some cash against it is a good idea. However, you have to make sure that you get the most money out o

Saving Money On Your Next Gun Purchase

People make the decision to purchase a gun for a variety of reasons. This can range anywhere from the desire to protect themselves and their family to simply desiring to begin or build on a collectio


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