Tips Every New Griller Should Learn

Every part of the grilling process is important, a new griller must choose the right tools to use to serve your grilled dishes.Through right time and practice, grilling can be easy even for first-time new griller. A new griller must Use a chimney starter to light up your grill. Tips Every New Griller Should Learn

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The foot warmer under the mattress cover can short circuit and overheat, posing a burn hazard.

Why You Should Grill Thanksgiving Dinner

It's tough to pull off Thanksgiving with one oven. We're going to teach you how to grill Thanksgiving dinner. It'll be like you've gained a second oven.

Why Fire Tables Are The Latest In Outdoor Patio Dining Furniture

Fire Tables Are Built To Last In San Diego! The magic of fire tables is that they are an intuitive gathering space. The current prominence of fire pits and fire tables is matched by a strong emphasis

Cider Brined Pulled Pork

This salty sweet apple cider brined pulled pork is made from pork shoulder that is brined then smoked and slow roasted to tender, fall-apart perfection. One of the reasons that I fell so hard in love

Turkey Recipes

All of my grilled and smoked turkey recipes in one place! It’s that time of year when the families start gathering and the food is plentiful! I dare say that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Not

Some Essential Preparations for the BBQ Feast

A BBQ Feast Is A Fun Time For All In San Diego! A BBQ feast is the best you can offer to your guests as you enjoy a good time. All equipment, transportation to and from the river and a grilled riversi

Simple Apple Spice Turkey Brine

Using my apple spice turkey brine recipe will add moisture, tenderness, and those amazing fall flavors of apples, fresh herbs, and spices to your turkey! There are several ways to brine a turkey, some

Cowboy Fire & Ice at the World Food Championships!

It’s that time of year again, friends! The time we celebrate the successful lady pitmasters of the Cowboy Fire & Ice Championships. The top 10 lady-led competitive BBQ teams are heading to Orang

Best Grills and Tools – What’s Available From the Best in Grilling

What Is The Best Grills In San Diego? The best grills are made of high-quality stainless steel or similar rust proof materials. The best grills are those that maintain the same temperature throughout

Grilled Asiago Cheese Pull Apart Bread with Tomato Leek Sauce

This is a sponsored post for HemisFares™ brand that is available exclusively at Kroger family of stores.  All opinions are honest and 100% my own. This Grilled Asiago Cheese Pull Apart Bread is the

Smoked Turkey Step by Step Guide

Smoked Turkey=Thanksgiving around here. Hopefully you’ve had to opportunity to try the tender delicacy that is the perfect smoked turkey. If not, let’s make this the year! This post will teach you

A Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Offers Some Special Advantages

The Best Features Of An Electric Smoker In San Diego! The strength of a good electric smoker is in its automation. Using an Electric smoker is definitely the most convenient way to smoke your foods. R

What Is a BBQ Chimney Starter?

A BBQ Chimney Starter Is A Must In San Diego! If you have a charcoal grill or smoker, then a chimney starter is a must have. Always check to ensure the chimney starter is completely empty. If you want

Cowboy Charcoal Highlights Female Pitmasters

Female pitmasters compete in the Cowboy Charcoal Fire & Ice Women’s Championship Barbeque Series.

Cocoa Chipotle Spice Rub

Cocoa Chipotle Spice Rub brings together amazing pantry ingredients for a cocoa powder based rub that complements rich meat with a warm, savory, and perfectly bitter flavor profile. It doesn’t reall

The 2017 Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue

Coverage of the Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitational Barbecue (AKA "The Jack") where 74 U.S. teams and 22 international teams will be competing in 7 categories for the coveted title of Grand

Simple Grilled London Broil Marinade

This London Broil Marinade is super simple and perfect for the grill! Loads of garlic, red wine vinegar, and Worcestershire round out the marinade for a steak that is both tender and flavorful! This r

Best Outdoor Grills: An Introduction to Barbecue Culture

Best Outdoor Grills Are Perfect In San Diego! In fact, choosing a good quality of best outdoor grills can help you with your cooking taste and safety level. Using best outdoor grills can let you cook

Honey Chipotle Country Style Rib Sandwich

Not all rib sandwiches are made equal. This country style rib sandwich features melt-in-your-mouth country style ribs, caramelized onions, and Sweet Baby Ray’s sweet and tangy Honey Chipotle BBQ sau

Let Your Barbecue Be As Safe As They Are Delicious

A Barbecue In San Diego! Barbecue is practiced in many areas of the world and there are numerous regional variations. The finished barbecue is then served with barbecue sauce on the side. The most wid

Kettle Brand Chip Crusted Chicken with Bacon and Cheese

This crispy Kettle Brand Chip Crusted Chicken is loaded with a creamy and cheesy stuffing studded with jalapenos and bacon. I’ve partnered with Kettle Brand chips to give you guys a heads up about a

The Best BBQ Island Design

A BBQ Island Design In San Diego For most homeowners, the smaller BBQ island design is perfectly suited to their outdoor cooking needs. BBQ island design will come out looking great and stay looking g

Grilling Accessories

Which Grilling Accessories Do You Need In San Diego? Perhaps the top reward of using these grilling accessories is that they can save you money. And using grilling accessories is the only way to make

A Charcoal BBQ Grill

Charcoal BBQ Grill Is Great In San Diego! Smoking on a charcoal bbq grill is really easy to do, especially if you are already comfortable grilling with indirect heat. Well-cooked meat is one thing, bu

INFOGRAPHIC: Three Ways to Cook Competition Ribs

Take your steak game to a whole new level by grilling on a Himalayan salt block.

Three Ways to Cook Competition Ribs

As a competitive barbecuer, I tested three ways to cook competition ribs to find out which method yielded the best results. See what I discovered.

REC TEC 680 Wood Pellet Grill Review

When I need to serve a crowd, I like cooking on my REC TEC 680. With 702 square inches of cooking space, I can smoke up 5-6 pork butts or 10 racks of ribs.

The Barbecue Sauce You Didn’t Know You Needed

There are three tasting notes that I look for, when I'm trying out new barbecue sauce, and this sauce has them all.

INFOGRAPHIC: Grilling on a Salt Block

Take your steak game to a whole new level by grilling on a Himalayan salt block.

INFOGRAPHIC: Fall-off-the-bone BBQ Ribs

Whether you prefer to barbecue baby backs or St. Louis style pork ribs, this infographic explains the traditional 2-2-1 and 3-2-1 cooking methods.

Tips Every New Griller Should Learn

A New Griller In San Diego! Every part of the grilling process is important, a new griller must choose the right tools to use to serve your grilled dishes.Through right time and practice, grilling can

How to Grill Crispy Chicken Wings

I love hot wings, but because they’re fried and tossed in hot sauce butter, they’re full of calories. The problem with grilling the wings instead of frying them is that they don’t turn out as cr


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