The Right Mindset for Making Money Online?

Making money online doesn't have to be hard but you do need to focus your attention on specific activities. This article shares some essential tips that are nuggets of gold for someone just starting out.Don't miss this expert advice for one of the top internet marketers who earns a living online!

Forwarding this; 8 Years Making Money Online

I was thinking about what lesson I could share with you in today's post, reflecting on what I've

The State of Video Marketing in 2021 [New Data]

It's well established that video has been one of the breakout trends in the marketing world for the past decade.

Why You Might Want to Be More Negative in Your Marketing

Ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Of course you have. We all have. Ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed, and then have to be cheery? Like, interact in social media? Write

How to Do a SWOT Analysis [With Template & Examples]

As your business grows, you face more obstacles, challenges, opportunities, and projects in general. It's a good and natural part of scaling an organization, but how do you determine your

19 Brilliant Examples of Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Every year, as soon as Halloween is behind us, it seems like the floodgates open. Without warning, there are holiday marketing campaigns everywhere, with countless businesses rushing to c

How to Get on Board With the Digital Transformation [+ Examples]

Ten years ago, I couldn't have cared less if the new burger place downtown had a website. Now, I don't trust one that doesn't. If your business is online, you're a part of the digital tra

How to Use Schema Markup to Improve Your Website's Structure

Just like when I first watched The Matrix, when I initially heard the term "schema markup," I was intimidated by the technical know-how I felt I needed to understand it.

How to Run Marketing Team Meetings That Don't Suck

Meetings suck. They're time for people to avoid doing actual work, stare blankly at each other, throw in generic comments to look like they're paying attention, and if you're lucky, maybe

How to Leverage Sensory Language in Your Blog Posts [Data + Expert Tips]

Check this out: "You're sitting in the creaky, mesh-backed, black ergonomic desk chair you bought at a discount off Amazon — hunched over, eyes reluctantly wide open, staring intently

You have WAY more value than you know.

Today: 1. An unusual discovery while talking to venture capital people and some folks who sold their businesses for a fortune.2. A blatant pitch for the FREE branding challenge at LetsLaunchYourBrand

How HubSpot's Report-Based Acquisition Campaign Hit 150% of Our Lead Goal in 30 Days

This post is a part of Made @ HubSpot, an internal thought leadership series through which we extract lessons from experiments conducted by our very own HubSpotters. Acquisition marketin

7 Best Event Registration Tools

When it comes to event marketing, there are many tasks that need to be completed prior to (as well as during and after) your event. This can become overwhelming, especially if you're on a

These two skills will get you farther than anything else.

Last night someone asked what the top 5 skills are that can lead to the greatest success in marketing.I couldn't think of five because I was put on the spot and didn't just want to make stuff up.And

Is Clubhouse Worth It?

In this short episode I'll share what's probably the MOST valuable thing you can do on Clubhouse in terms of building your brand. (It's not what you think.)Speaking of building your brand - I'm hosti

Behind The Scenes Of

Here's what we'll cover:1. Split test results (early but interesting).2. Why is free. 3. One thing to do NOW to start building your own personal brand. (Or build the one you a


The events of the past few days CLEARLY point to an overwhelming lack of LEADERSHIP in our society.People need (and more importantly) WANT to be led.Today I'll walk you through a simple three-part m

UPDATE: Behind The Scenes SALES Numbers From Organic Content

A week ago, I started tracking sales that came specifically from organic content ...wanting to answer the question about whether or not its worth it to do all this "content marketing" stuff

Does this content stuff really work? (Numbers)

The short answer is YES. Today I'll show you some numbers from a recent experiment. http://www.frankkernpodcast.comhttp://www.franksnewoffer.com

Why you should NOT worry about Facebook and the new Apple Update

We'll cover:1. Answering a reader question about "up-leveling" up your thinking.2. How I'm STILL getting sales from an article I wrote in 2015 or something. (Behind the scenes ad stuff).

OMG I Can't Believe This Works (And Answering Your Question)

We'll cover:1. Answering a reader question about "up-leveling" up your thinking.2. How I'm STILL getting sales from an article I wrote in 2015 or something. (Behind the scenes ad stuff).

Take 2 LOL: I Need your help! (Plus some cool updates)

Hey - aside from actually doing your marketing FOR you ...what can I do/teach to give you the most VALUE possible. Forget about money or the cost or anything like that. What could I do for you that w

Survey of 100 Inbound Marketers: 73% Say Their #1 Blog Metric Is…

Want to learn what 73% of inbound marketers say their #1 metric is? Or do you want to find out if you fall into the same categories as a typical inbound marketer? Well, you’re in the right place.

5 Copywriting Techniques That Affect SEO

It’s easy to make the mistake of thinking copywriting and search engine optimization (SEO) are two separate things. Copywriting is for the user; it’s all about getting them to take action. SEO i

114+ Copywriting Formulas to Get Traffic & Leads

Copywriting formulas are an easy and effective way to write great copy without having to start from scratch every time. That’s why copywriters have been using them for years. Why wouldn’t you us

62 Experts Share Their #1 Actionable SEO Technique

Looking for the best ways to improve your SEO? Yes, it can feel overwhelming when you have to sort through the mountains of SEO techniques out there… So, before you use a technique, you want to kn

Case Study: How to Drive 300+ Backlinks to 1 Blog Post

Today I will explain step by step how to write a blog post that will drive 300+ backlinks. Let me introduce you to one of my favourite strategies – The Stats Post formula. I love it because of its

1000+ Power Words That Sell to Maximize Your Conversions

Are you struggling to find the right words to sell your product or idea? Do you want to find better words that sell to maximise your conversions? All writers know how important word choice is, and t

Blog Writing: 29 Experts Share Their Top 3 Must-Follow Rules

Writing a great blog involves doing many different things well. You need to do your research, know your audience, be interesting, write compelling headings, keep it simple, write actionable content,

77 Blogging Stats to Improve Your Blogging Strategy

Still not sure whether your business should be out there blogging? Check out this list of blogging stats we curated for you. Blogging & Lead Generation 1. Businesses using blogs are known to gen

25 Experts Share Top 3 Content Marketing Trends for 2017

Content marketers who keep track of the current trends will have an advantage when it comes to planning for the future. Isn’t it great when you know which way content marketing is heading in the

29+ Actionable Content Writing Tips [+Examples]

With so much content already out there, content writing that stands out and convinces readers to read your blog over someone else’s is difficult. Not only do you need to engage them so that they s


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