High vibration water to hydrate your cells

You can drink as much water as you want, unless it is high vibration coherent water, Energized Water, your cells won't get hydrated and you are drying out

The empath's guide: Want to be high vibration? Leave the basement of your being… get well.

I woke up this morning. For the second day in a row, I am bursting of energy, more energy than I know what to do with. I have been sorting my laundry. I have

Water & Nutrition | Drinking Water | Healthy Water | CDC

Education and information about camping water, hiking water, travel water, backcountry water treatment, safe drinking water, safe recreational water, drinking water treatment, emergency disinfection,

Starbucks & McDonald's Are Joining Forces To Reimagine The To-Go Cup

The unlikely pair is teaming up in the name of the environment.

Riding The Waves Of The Eclipse Roller Coaster

by Kim Semetis, Guest writer, In5D.com The Eclipse Season is Upon Us This can already be felt by those that are sensitive to energy and consciously ascending, actually this can be felt by all but they

These Are mbg's Food Director's 5 Must-Have Pantry Staples For Easy Weeknight Meals

Including a genius hack for making greens taste AMAZING.

4 Rules To Live By That Help Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage

The must-haves to prevent your skin from damage.

6 Things You Need To Know Today (July 18, 2018)

Including how hot weather affects our brain power.

The Wisdom Of The Lotus Flower

by Bren Palad, Guest writer, In5D.com About an hour ago, I had an image of the Lotus Flower popped out in my mind.  I was meditating and reflecting for the day. The Lotus Flower teaches us many thing

Here’s What To Do When Your Dog Is Super Stressed Out

The best ways to help your pup cope

How To Be Woke In The Matrix

by Morag, Guest writer, In5D.com We are energy. Our bodies vibrate energetically, this frequency is our signature wavelength. Our cellular vibration rolls out to our energy field. Our energy field ext

Puzzle: Which of these two need a higher TLB?

Puzzle: Which of these two need a higher TLB? 1. Make do vs 2. Make it work Please vote in the comment section and if you do, explain why you said what you said. Thank you.

Angel Message For The Week #26

by Elise Cantrell, Guest writer, In5D.com Unlimited mercy is yours. You live in a merciful universe. You receive as much empathy from higher beings as you show towards others in need of your compassio

Weaponized Hive Minds

by Mike Diaz, Guest writer, In5D.com Have you heard that your mind is more powerful than you give it credit? It is true. Your mind literally has the power to manifest stuff into your life like people,

31 “What If’s” That Question Our Reality

by Gregg Prescott, M.S. Founder, Webmaster, & Editor, In5D.com We are taught to assume that everything we have been taught is the truth, but what if it wasn’t? What if our educational system is

Fear Is Your Worst Enemy

by Adeana M. Slater, Guest writer, In5D.com I’ve been guided to talk about fear because this seems to be the biggest collective hold-up. The fear of change. How can you desire change? You are unsure

Super New Moon/ Partial Solar Eclipse In Cancer / Anchoring The Divine Feminine / Staying Light To Ease The Load

by Matthew John, Guest Writer, In5D.com Happy Super New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer! The Super New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse became exact at 10:47 PM EDT on Thursday, July 12 (02:47 GMT on F

TELOMERES: Age Reversal Effects Of Deep Breathing & Meditation

by Nicole Frolick, Guest Writer, In5D.com I am fascinated by our bodies and how everything works on a cellular level but one topic that truly interests me the most these days is the role of telomeres

Weekly Planetary Astrology Forecast July 12-16 2018

by Hillory Skott, Guest writer, In5D.com The pace of change is accelerated. Expect the unexpected to come along and alter the landscapes of our lives. This can be easy or difficult, it depends which w

Earth Chakra Points and Vortices

Chakra points and vortexes/vortices reflect the full spectrum of possibilities for humans to align and expand.

How to Raise Your Consciousness & Vibration Through Diet

A high vibrational diet consists of foods that are ALIVE and that positively benefit the person, as well as the planet as a whole.

Breasts Health & Women’s Sensuous and Life-Giving Gift!!

Breasts are receivers and givers of energy and information, making them very receptive and vulnerable amplifiers of a woman’s experience of this world.

Experience The Magic ~Beyond The Veil~ This Halloween!

You have likely heard that the veil is thinned on October 31st, which is true. What is not said, is that means that supportive love and inspiration can pour in from other dimensions that you may not b

The Death of Martyrdom & the Rebirth of My Natural Self

With the end of “The Span” on Summer Solstice 2015, I wondered if I was on the right train and on the right timeline. I was curious about what else was needed for me to be in full alignment, aft

Let Food Be Thy Medicine: Making “Cooked” Food Purposeful & Medicinal

I just returned from the Pure Living Expo in Sedona, where being Raw and Vegan was praised from the stage as THE way to eat. I find myself going to extremes in many areas of my life and pushing the m

Bimini Road, The Spotted Dolphins & Atlantean Integration

By: Bridget Nielsen I got the call to the Bermuda Triangle just under a year ago. I felt compelled to explore that area for the adventure, and to receive any downloads and frequencies that are require

About Me, My Incarnation Theme for this Life

My Title – Gift – Talent Connective Assimilator ~ Inter-dimensional Bridge ~ Midwife Creator ~ Artistic Ambassador (for Earth & Beyond).Description of My Gift I am Bridget, the Patron Saint

The Art of Simplicity & The Barnard Star System

By Bridget Nielsen: Artist, Intuitive, Eco-Pioneer & Galactic Ambassador The Barnard Star System: One note, one stroke. The endless beginning… We will one day be the “aliens” and first conta

Cherished Spark ~ The Poetry of Winter Solstice

By Bridget Nielsen In the darkness of womb, I am again shown. The abandoned Whole, its nature unknown. Golden initiates anointed with Myrrh to Earth Forgotten, sacred alchemy the stars and soil births


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