High vibration water to hydrate your cells

You can drink as much water as you want, unless it is high vibration coherent water, Energized Water, your cells won't get hydrated and you are drying out

The empath's guide: Want to be high vibration? Leave the basement of your being… get well.

I woke up this morning. For the second day in a row, I am bursting of energy, more energy than I know what to do with. I have been sorting my laundry. I have been cleaning the stove top, the sinks...

Water & Nutrition | Drinking Water | Healthy Water | CDC

Education and information about camping water, hiking water, travel water, backcountry water treatment, safe drinking water, safe recreational water, drinking water treatment, emergency disinfection,

I Committed To Going Tech-Free On Weekends. Here's How It Changed My Life

What started as a few hours become a whole weekend....

Planning To Move In With Your Partner? Keep This Decluttering Checklist On Hand

A pro explains how to know what to keep and what to leave in your single life....

The Top 5 Reasons People Don't Meal-Prep (And The Best Solution For Each One!)

You'll save so much money and eat so much healthier in the long run....

This Celeb Chef Created Vegan Cinnamon Roll Pancakes & It's Our New Favorite Weekend Breakfast

From the woman behind by CHLOE, the vegan restaurant New Yorkers are obsessed with....

A New Moon Ritual For Cutting The Cord On Limiting Beliefs

The Pisces new moon asks us to leave toxic thoughts by the wayside....

How To Jade Roll Your Face

The beauty trend that's taking over your Instagram feed....

How Telomeres Reverse Your Aging Process – When Science & Spirituality Merge

by Nicole Frolick, Guest Writer, In5D.com Last week I had Aage Nost guest on my podcast Enlighten Up and he certainly enlightened us with some powerful information…that the root cause of aging and h

Riding The Storm: Does The Sun Trigger Hurricanes And Social Uprising?

by Therese Wade, Guest writer, In5D.com What do the activities of our sun have to do with the increase in extreme weather, public scandals, mass tragedies and social unrest that we are experiencing he

A Simple Guide To Astrology

by Joy Jackson, Guest writer, In5D.com We Are All Astrologers We are all astrologers. Many of us just don’t understand the language yet. Astrology is as simple to learn as any spoken language, once

The Power Of Humility

by Athena Melchizedek, Guest writer, In5D.com These days I find I just cannot stop writing. I love to write! 
The inspirations to write just keep flooding in. It is like a constant flow of universal

New Earth News- Big Shift, Big Change, Big Happening!

by Candace Craw-Goldman New Earth News Correspondent Quantum Healers all over the planet have known for some time that a big change is coming for humanity and our earth, but it seems like things are r

What If I Fail?

by Summer Garner, Spiritual Coach, Mentor, Psychic Medium, Guest writer, In5D.com You become interested in a course, class, speaker, business. You feel the pull to experience something within this. 

Releasing Negative Emotions

by Lana Duncan-Hartgraves, Guest writer, In5D.com As you get older, it just seems to come up, FOR EVERYONE. You know, all those emotions that you’ve pushed down for so long; the hurt of a spouse’s

Light Bodies – The Volunteers Who Came Here To Unify Humanity And Raise Earth’s Consciousness

by Angel V. Ornedo Jr., Guest writer, In5D.com We have not realized that some of us, our brothers and sisters are volunteers from higher dimensions who came to earth and raise Gaia’s consciousness t

The Change, Transformation To The 5th Dimension, And Ascension

by Bartek Indygo, Guest writer, In5D.com If you are reading this article it means that you must have awakened, that after years of not seeing the world with your own eyes you have started using them n

New Earth News- The Ticket To The New World Is Transformation

by Sonja, New Earth News Correspondent The universe took on a new appearance recently as the flow of restoration began. This look resembles individualized osmosis as this process was installed into ea

Earth Chakra Points and Vortices

Chakra points and vortexes/vortices reflect the full spectrum of possibilities for humans to align and expand.

How to Raise Your Consciousness & Vibration Through Diet

A high vibrational diet consists of foods that are ALIVE and that positively benefit the person, as well as the planet as a whole.

Breasts Health & Women’s Sensuous and Life-Giving Gift!!

Breasts are receivers and givers of energy and information, making them very receptive and vulnerable amplifiers of a woman’s experience of this world.

Experience The Magic ~Beyond The Veil~ This Halloween!

You have likely heard that the veil is thinned on October 31st, which is true. What is not said, is that means that supportive love and inspiration can pour in from other dimensions that you may not b

The Death of Martyrdom & the Rebirth of My Natural Self

With the end of “The Span” on Summer Solstice 2015, I wondered if I was on the right train and on the right timeline. I was curious about what else was needed for me to be in full alignment, aft

Let Food Be Thy Medicine: Making “Cooked” Food Purposeful & Medicinal

I just returned from the Pure Living Expo in Sedona, where being Raw and Vegan was praised from the stage as THE way to eat. I find myself going to extremes in many areas of my life and pushing the m

Bimini Road, The Spotted Dolphins & Atlantean Integration

By: Bridget Nielsen I got the call to the Bermuda Triangle just under a year ago. I felt compelled to explore that area for the adventure, and to receive any downloads and frequencies that are require

About Me, My Incarnation Theme for this Life

My Title – Gift – Talent Connective Assimilator ~ Inter-dimensional Bridge ~ Midwife Creator ~ Artistic Ambassador (for Earth & Beyond).Description of My Gift I am Bridget, the Patron Saint

The Art of Simplicity & The Barnard Star System

By Bridget Nielsen: Artist, Intuitive, Eco-Pioneer & Galactic Ambassador The Barnard Star System: One note, one stroke. The endless beginning… We will one day be the “aliens” and first conta

Eco, Organic Clothing Tips For Health!

By Eco-Pioneer, Artist and Intuitive: Bridget Nielsen “ALL of my clothes must go!” I shouted from my heart, as I flung clothes like acrobats through the air.  For most people, their loads of clot


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