Bitrates, Color Grades and Cameras

Bitrates and how they affect video quality and file size, color grading tips and an iPhone Red Camera comparisons.

How To Color Grade LOG! - DaVinci Resolve Color Correction Tutorial

Here's a basic guide on making LOG look real nice!

Live Review! Color Grading With Palette Gear!

Support the stream: Today we'll take a look at using the Palette Gear to do some color grading in Premiere and explore other goodies that can be done with the hardwa

The Friday Roundup – Night Shooting, Audio and Split Toning

5 Tips For Filming at Night Given the fact that most people shooting video at the consumer level of the market are going to be doing so on the basis of auto settings in their devices, shooting at nigh

The Friday Roundup – Cinematic Lighting, Jumps Cuts and Camera Hacks

Cinematic Lighting Techniques One of the current catchphrases that seems to be circling around at the moment is “cinematic.” There has been a lot of talk about adjusting frame rates to shoot more

The Friday Roundup – Editing Work Flows, Hyperlapse and YouTube Tips

Prepare for Hyperlapse! Another post this week on taking your timelapse footage up a notch and turning it into hyperlapse! Ooh! Hyperslapse, it sounds so exciting! Anyway simply put, a hyperlapse is j

The Friday Roundup – Color Matching Cameras, YouTube Updates and Gimbals

Matching Shots in Resolve 14 Camera Matching Tutorial Late last year a few of the usual suspects in the world of consumer level video editing began introducing “shot match” modules into their resp


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The Friday Roundup - Bitrates, Color Grades and Cameras

This week we have an explanation of bitrates and how they affect quality and file size, color grading tips and an iPhone Red Camera shootout.

Cinematic Lighting Techniques | Part 1

To see Cinematic Light Shaping Part 1.2 & Part 2, along with 100+ other filmmaking tutorials, join us at see the FREE 1-Hour Filmmaking Training:https://events.gen

$14,000 iMac PRO! Is it Worth the Money?

The Fully Loaded $14,000 iMac PRO vs a Fully Loaded $6,000 iMac. Worth the upgrade?Watch my TOP 10 Cinematic Secrets in my FREE 1 Hour Training: 10% OFF an

Resolve Color Grading Q&A Live Stream Recording

A recording of you lovely people hanging out with me doing some Resolve Q&A

RED Digital Cinema | 8K, 6K, 5K, & 4K Professional Cameras

RED is the leading manufacturer of professional digital cinema cameras. Explore RED's modular camera system and groundbreaking image quality.

Matching Shots: The Ultimate Guide - Resolve 14 Camera Matching Tutorial

Here's the deal... I was gonna make an updated tutorial where I matched two different cameras together, but then... I went crazy and tried my hand at matching 10 different cameras together. Hope thi

Glidecam VS. Zhiyun Crane 2

Watch my TOP 10 Cinematic Secrets in my FREE 1 Hour Training: 10% OFF any purchase here: used for this video:Glide

The Friday Roundup – Storytelling, B-roll and Cinematic Tips

How To Get The Best B-ROLL One of the great advantages we have in living in the digital age of video is that we don;t have to worry too much about the quantity of footage we take. Battery life is alwa

How To Edit A Vlog In Resolve 14 - End To End DaVinci Resolve Editing Tutorial

Here's how to edit a vlog in Resolve 14!See the finished vid at 21:43

The Friday Roundup – Basic Editing, Setting Preferences and GIFs

How To Edit Videos – A Complete Beginner’s Guide For a couple of years now my recommended video editing software for people wanting something simple that is easy to learn and use has been Filmora

The Friday Roundup – Closed Captions, Audio Tips and Computer Specs

Buying a PC for Video Editing: What You Need to Know! On a pretty regular basis I get a lot of questions on this site regarding suitable specs for a computer editing videos. Just as often I get reques

The Friday Roundup – Software Downloading Tips and a Few Bits and Pieces

6 Video Editing Rules to Live By I found a great video (below) this week and just had to include it in the Friday Roundup. If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time you will probably alr

Color Grading Live Stream! Resolve Q&A and LUT Giveaways!!!

Support the stream: Join Casey on the Ground Control Live Stream!

Color Grading Community! - Let's Hang Out!

JOIN OUR DISCORD:'s a little tour of our brand new Ground Control Discord Server!Come hang out and discuss color goodness.

Best Vlogging & Youtubing Camera of 2017

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Product Tour - Spectre LUTs for S-LOG 3

Spectre LUTs - Stylistic Looks Designed for S-Log 3

FREE S-Log 3 to Rec.709 LUT: NOW:

The Friday Roundup – B-roll, Color Grading, Transitions and Low Light

Color Grading with LUTs – Orange & Teal Look Explained Now that we are mostly all big kids these days with editing software that can handle LUTs it is probably a good idea to work out how to use

Best Beginner Camera for Video

Watch my TOP 10 Cinematic Secrets in my FREE 1 Hour Training: 10% OFF any purchase here: used for this video:Canon SL2 St

Cyberlink Director Suite 6 Review

Before I get into the Director Suite 6 review proper I think it is important to understand where CyberLink are coming from in offering this product in the first place. Cyberlink Director Suite 6 is qu

Why Shoot Log?!?! - Color Grading Tip

What's the point of shooting LOG if you're just gonna up the contrast and saturation anyway? Here's a little tip to hopefully explain it good.

How to Shoot a Cinematic Intro // w/Brodie Smith & Shawn Johnson

Watch my TOP 10 Cinematic Secrets in my FREE 1 Hour Training: 10% OFF any purchase here: used for this video:RED Weapon 6

The LG V30 - Create Cinematic Videos On Your Smartphone

LG sponsored this entire episode, and all opinions are my own. Please do not perform any of the stunts you see in this video as they were performed by trained professionals.Here's a look at some awes

My Top 5 Cinematic Slider Movements

Watch my TOP 10 Glidecam Movements in my FREE 1 Hour Training: 10% OFF any purchase here: used for the music video:Rhino

LG V30 vs. $50,000 RED Weapon - Replicating the Walter Mitty Longboard Scene

To see the consumer friendly features of the LG V30 click here: (coming soon)Thanks to LG for sponsoring the entire video. Opinions are my own.It's that time again to compare a smartphone to my $50,

Colton + Kylie Sandoval Wedding Highlights

Click here to watch the behind the scenes: on: 1dx Mark 2 with Canon 24-70mm 2.8 L Series IIRED Weapon 6k with 12mm Laowa 2.8Glidecam HD 4000Movi M5Rhino SliderSee ht


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