Bitrates, Color Grades and Cameras

Bitrates and how they affect video quality and file size, color grading tips and an iPhone Red Camera comparisons.

RED Digital Cinema | 8K, 6K, 5K, & 4K Professional Cameras

RED is the leading manufacturer of professional digital cinema cameras. Explore RED's modular camera system and groundbreaking image quality.

A Quick Way to Enhance Textures With Color Grading - DaVinci Resolve Tutorial

Heres a lil tip on how to enhance parts of your image using the curves adjustment and windows!

Colton + Kylie Sandoval Wedding Highlights

Click here to watch the behind the scenes: on: 1dx Mark 2 with Canon 24-70mm 2.8 L Series IIRED Weapon 6k with 12mm Laowa 2.8Glidecam HD 4000Movi M5Rhino SliderSee ht


Announcements included the new iPhone X and iPhone 8, Apple Watch with cellular connectivity, Apple TV 4K, and much more.

Resolve 14 Crash Course! - DaVinci Resolve Basics Tutorial 2017

Basics of Color Grading Course:'s a freaking massive tutorial on the

Using A LUT to Stylize A Whole Project - Resolve Color Grading Tutorial

Vengeance II LUTs for Blackmagic:'s how to add a stylistic LUT to multiple kinds of camera formats to give a project-wide look.

Farmlands - Color Grading Practice Footage

GET IT NOW: is a royalty-free, ungraded, sequence of aerial footage that you can use to craft your color grading skills. Try your hand at ma

The Friday Roundup - Bitrates, Color Grades and Cameras

This week we have an explanation of bitrates and how they affect quality and file size, color grading tips and an iPhone Red Camera shootout.

How To Film a Wedding Ceremony | Job Shadow

Click here to watch the main video: 10% any purchase here: to watch dozens more job shadows like this

Match-Move Drone Shots in Resolve! - Resolve 14 Tracking Tutorial

Here's a simple way to stick graphics and titles to moving footage right inside of Resolve 14!

More DJI Spark Dynamic Range! - DJI Spark Color Correction Tutorial

Spark Editing Course:'s a little trick to help squeeze a little more dynamic range out of the standard color profile of the DJI Sp

DJI Spark Editing Tips! - Drone Editing Tutorial

DJI SPARK EDITING COURSE: are some of my favorite tips for making your DJI Spark footage work well in your edits.

4 Ways to Keep FOCUS While Filming Moving Subjects

Visit to see PART 2 of this video and 80+ other filmmaking tutorials! :)Get 10% any purchase here: used:Canon 1dx Mark 2Canon 24-70mm 2

GEAR REVIEW: Logickeyboard Resolve 14 Beta Keyboard

Here's my review of the Astra Keyboard from Logickeyboard with shortcuts for Resolve 14. Enjoy!Link To The Keyboard:

Best Mavic Sharpness Settings - Updated DJI Mavic Pro Sharpening Tutorial

Here's my updated recommendations for sharpeness settings on the DJI Mavic Pro to get the best looking aerial images. The in camera Noise Reduction makes the footage muddy at certain settings, here'

How to Shoot a Music Video | The Piano Guys

Visit to see my FREE 1-hour filmmaking class!Get 10% any purchase here: here to watch the final music video:

How to Shoot Real Estate Videos | Job Shadow

Visit to see my FREE 1-hour filmmaking classGet 10% any purchase here: used:Canon 1dx Mark 2Laowa 12mm f2.8Glidecam HD 4000Visit https:

Best Video LED Light Kit | Westcott Flex Kit Review

To see more videos helping you know what to look for when buying professional camera gear, visit fulltimefilmmaker.comYou can purchase the Westcott Flex Kit here:

How to Shoot a Commercial with ONLY 2 Lights

Check out to see a dozen more virtual job shadows like this one.Full 4-Minute Commercial: se

How to Film A Wedding | Job Shadow

The full virtual job shadow, along with many other job shadow videos can be watched at see my FREE one-hour training sharing my TOP 10 Secrets to Achieving Cinemat

Salt Lake Temple Wedding // Chase + Jenessa

LDS Temple Wedding shot at Salt Lake Temple of Chase and Jenessa Loftin on March 31, 2017.Shot on:1dx Mark 2 with the 24-70mm 2.8 II L Series with Glidecam HD 4000RED Weapon 6k with the Venus 12mm 2.

Color Grading with LUTs | Orange & Teal Look Explained

To watch My TOP 10 Secrets to Cinematic Shots click here: buy the whole pack of 30+ Orange/Teal LUTs you can purchase them here:


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