Car Keys for Car Dealers Minneapolis St Paul

The Key Guys are Minneapolis St Paul Auto Locksmiths who service Twin city area Car Dealers with mobile car key locksmithing services, key cutting, programming and more.

Goodway Group Launches Proprietary Auto Purchase Attribution, Connecting Online Advertising to Offline Auto Sales for Regional Advertisers

Philadelphia — September 18, 2018 — Goodway Group, the digital partner advertisers trust to deliver campaign performance and media efficiency, today announced the launch of Auto Purchase Attributi

Virtual Reality App RelayCars Enhances Car-Buying Experience With Range of New Updates

Los Angeles — September 12, 2018 — RelayCars, the virtual reality automotive experience that puts users in the driver’s seat of thousands of vehicles, today announced a series of updates

Affinitiv Completes Acquisition of Caldwell & Kerr Enterprises to Create a Full-Service Automotive Marketing Platform

Chicago — September 17, 2018 — Affinitiv announced today the strategic acquisition of Caldwell & Kerr Enterprises. Affinitiv, an industry leading provider of customized, omni-channel owner ret

New Years Resolutions for Car Owners

What Is The Value of a Spare Car Key? When my friend Carl, bought his new used car, he received just one set of keys. “All we have,” the dealer told him.  When he went to get a price on getting a

Car Key Locksmiths for Minneapolis St Paul Metro Area

Do You Need a Car Key Locksmith? Most people don’t think about it this way, but when you buy a new car or a used one for that matter you get two things, the car and a set of keys. For most of us, th

The Key Guys Publish Videos

The Key Guys have created a series of videos to promote our services to the community. This first batch of videos is targeted to the five biggest cities in our market area, Minneapolis, St Paul, Bloom

We Make and Repair Car Keys for People in Roseville, Aden Hills and Falcon Heights, Mn

We Make & Repair Car Keys for People in Roseville, Arden Hills & Falcon Heights, Mn The Key Guys are proud to have won the 2015 Thumbtack Award as the #1 Locksmith in Minneapolis. However, we

Twin Cities: This is How to “Replace Lost Car Keys Near Me”

Lost Car Keys? What’s Worse Than Lost Car Keys When You Have No Spare? If You Lose Your Car Keys or Get Your Car Keys Stolen Don’t Despair! Call The Key Guys In Minneapolis, St Paul or Bloomington

Suburu Keyless Entry System Security Flaw

We have learned of a security issue with Subaru’s Keyless Entry System.  Their Key Fob can be hacked. Subaru key fobs can be ‘hacked’ and used to unlock cars for just $25 – Gears Of Biz A com

How and Where to Get a Auto (Car) Key Cut

How to Cut Car Keys? The simple answer to that question in the Minneapolis St Paul Metro Area is to call The Key Guys at 612-333-7677.  We are specialty auto locksmiths who can cut a car key for you

Car Key Won’t Turn? Get Broken Car Keys Fixed

Keys Break and Get Bent. When They Do They Can Get Stuck in Doors and or Your Ignition. The Key Guys are experts at removing car keys that get stuck in car ignitions and doors.  This is most often ca

Broken Car Keys, Broken Key Fobs Fixed Fast in the St Paul Minneapolis Area

Get Your Broken Car Keys Fixed Fast If you are in the St Paul, Mn or Minneapolis area, the easiest way to deal with a broken car key is to call The Key Guys. Like other equipment, car keys can get dam

Car Keys for Car Dealers

The Key Guys Service Many of the Twin Cities Top Car Dealers The constant churn of vehicles in and out of your lots leads to the frustrating but not uncommon problem of lost and misplaced car keys. Cu

What Dealers Need to Know About Google’s Mobile Page Speed Announcement

  Google recently announced that in July 2018, the mobile algorithm* for ranking websites will start using page speed as a ranking factor.   While this news isn’t a shock to the industry or most d

A Strategic Approach to Facebook’s Algorithm Change

  Over a decade ago, Facebook launched the News Feed with the purpose of connecting people with friends and family. Since then, business pages and advertising efforts have exploded into the Facebook

5 Google Posts Best Practices for Automotive Dealers

  With increasing competition in the digital marketing space, it is more important than ever for dealerships to make the best first impression with shoppers. Google recently released Google Posts for

Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool: Now Updated with Real User Data

  Google recently made a welcomed update to their PageSpeed Insights (PSI) tool so that it includes actual user data about how fast pages load.   I wrote a post about this tool last year (“Discern

3 Tips to Create an Efficient Advertising Strategy Smart Enough to Tackle 2018’s Challenging Marketplace

  Stop us if this sounds like you:   “Overhead is up 40 percent this year, and now you’re telling me shoppers are going to buy three percent fewer cars in my local market next year? Something’

4 Tips for Turning Digital Reviews into Customer Service Wins

  For nearly every business, online customer reviews are a fact of life. Ubiquitous across the web and available to anyone to read and contribute to, businesses like your car dealership, are constant

5 Ways Digital Retailing Can Future Proof Your Business

  The car dealership industry has experienced profound change over the past two decades. We’ve seen market growth, plateaus, and declines. In addition, shrinking margins and market disruption as a

Car Shopping Tells Us a Lot About Natural Disaster Impacts on the Local Economy

  In the wake of three of the most devastating hurricanes our country has endured, the team wanted to take a look at the link between these events and car shopping behavior. It turns out t

It’s Time to Get Personal: 3 Ways a Tailored Website Experience Fuels Results

  One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to the vehicles people drive so why should your dealership website experience be that way?   We’re in the age of the consumer; today’s shoppers expect

Why Your Car Dealership Should Be Advertising on Facebook

  Simply put, if you aren’t advertising on Facebook you’re missing out.   Let’s start with some staggering numbers. There are approximately 1.71 billion monthly active users on Facebook1. That


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