Car Keys for Car Dealers Minneapolis St Paul

The Key Guys are Minneapolis St Paul Auto Locksmiths who service Twin city area Car Dealers with mobile car key locksmithing services, key cutting, programming and more.

Honcker Is the App That’s Revolutionizing Automotive Leasing

New York — September 22, 2017 — Honcker, Inc. is the only app and car leasing marketplace that allows consumers to lease a car in three easy swipes and have

Pricing: No One Wins a Race to the Bottom

If the extent of your future marketing plan and strategy is to see how much money you can lose advertising both new and pre-owned vehicles below your net cost—hoping to

Keynote Speakers Announced for NADA Show 2018 in Las Vegas

Tysons, VA — September 21, 2017 — NADA Show 2018 returns to Las Vegas for four days running from Thursday, March 22, to Sunday, March 25. Keynote speakers are Mark Scarpelli,

Back to the 50’s Minnesota State Fairgrounds

Back to the Fifties Weekend, Minnesota State Fairgrounds Cool Cars, Cool Duds, and Cool Dudes & Dudettes. Thousands of classic cars, including hot rods, led sleds and cruisers, will line the stree

State Fair Lost Keys The Key Guys to the Rescue

Lost Car Keys Replaced We had several calls to help people who lost car keys at the Minnesota State Fair again this year. seems to happen every year. What with digging in the pockets time and time aga

Discerning the Real Value of Google PageSpeed Insights Test Results

  We all know from experience how important website speeds are, especially when using a mobile device over a mobile network. As technology advances, the importance of delivering a convenient

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The Key Guys seek to share their skills with all the car dealerships, auto repair facilities, rental agencies and the general public. Our market area includes the entire Minneapolis St Paul metro area

Broken Car Keys Replaced – Minneapolis St Paul Metro Area

Break your Car Key or Key Fob? Call The Key Guys in the Minneapolis St Paul Metro Area Is your key fob acting up? Maybe it needs new batteries. Has you car key gotten bent out of shape? Perhaps it is

Car Keys – Specialty Car Key Locksmith Minneapolis – St Paul Metro

Car Keys – Made, Fixed, Programmed, Re-Created, Whatever… At first it may seem strange that a locksmith could build a niche business around just car keys. But that is what Brian Nystrom h

The Key Guys Offer Key Duplication Service Throughout The St Paul MN Area

The Key Guys Are the #1 St Paul Key Duplication Service for Car Keys. Getting a new car key cut is not as simple as it once was.  While you can still get your house key duplicated at the corner h

Car Key Google Slides

We have recently added five slides to our Google Drive highlighting our services with links to some of the videos we have created to market our services. We started by thinking about the types of ques

VIDEO: Drive Motors raises $5.2M, Sh*t Sandwiches, and AI for Auto Dealers

AutomoBuzz: August 7th – In this week’s edition of AutomoBuzz I announce the success of Drive Motors raising an additional $5.2M in incubator funding. This leads into my declaration on the

Getting New Car Keys Made in Minneapolis St Paul Area

Need New Car Keys Made? In the Minneapolis St Paul area you can get new car keys made quickly and efficiently by calling on The Key Guys. They are the first dedicated car key locksmiths serving the Tw

What Happens When Display Advertising Gets Even Smarter

  It’s not that Display Advertising was lacking intelligence. It’s just that now Display has grown even smarter.   Let us explain.   In early 2017, we launch

How To Replace Car Keys in the Minneapolis St Paul Region

Here is How to Replace Car Keys in the Twin Cities Go to the hardware store Go to the auto parts store Go to the corner service station Go to the car dealer Go to a lock smith Have The Key Guys come t

Help! I Lost My Car Keys: in Minneapolis St Paul Metro Area

Lost Car Keys? Bummer!  Here is Who to Call in the Twin Cities If you have ever lost car keys, you know the panic.  The search and researching of every possible place you may have left them.

How to Determine Mobile Website Load Times with Accuracy

  You may have noticed more industry buzz surrounding mobile website loading speeds. For this, we can thank Google and its update to the “Test My Site – Think With Google” tool.

VIDEO: Attacking Website Visitors, Online Vehicle Checkout, DealerRefresh Podcast, and more…

AutomoBuzz July 13th, 2017 – In this week’s AutomoBuzz video I introduce the latest the Mini-Webinar we produced for DealerRefresh. I also announce two of the upcoming Refresh Fridays for

6 Ways Digital Retailing Can Power Your BDC Performance

  It doesn’t take much digging to uncover what’s the big story in automotive retail these days: online car shopping. For the last two years, there’s been plenty of industry chat

Mining for Quality: How to Refine Your Marketing Efforts Using Attribution

  Quality over quantity. Substance over matter. However you want to think about it, it’s a concept that applies to just about every facet of our lives. Automotive retail is no exception. &n

3 Steps to Fuel Summer Sales Success with a Tailored Advertising Strategy

  Summer and car shopping go together like the Fourth of July and fireworks. It’s practically tradition.   Our data shows that over the past three years, shopper visits to our network

VIDEO: Will Uber Fail? All-New Mini Webinars, Social Incentives, and more…

AutomoBuzz June 16th, 2017 – In this week’s AutomoBuzz Video, I introduce the new mini webinars we’ve been rolling out on DealerRefresh, among which this week includes Four Elem

The Truth About Responsive Web Design for Auto Dealerships

  Let’s clear this up, once and for all.   Misconceptions about device-optimized web design continue to run rampant within the automotive industry. Which web design is best: responsive

VIDEO: Why Carvana Will Fail, Goes Public, and Experian Acquires String

AutomoBuzz June 2, 2017: In this episode of the AutomoBuzz Casual Video Series, I summarize the latest Refresh Friday on DealerRefresh with Steve Stauning where we talk about his article ser

3 Steps to Jumpstart Your Summer with Digital Retailing

  The summer selling season is here and so, too, is the pressure to hit sales goals and capture as much margin as is possible in this changing automotive marketplace.  During crunch time, it

Why Your Digital Marketing Provider Should Partner with All Major Search Engines

  Add Bing’s 2017 Channel Partner of the Year North America award to our trophy case.   The award is recognition of our long-standing collaboration with Bing – a relationship we

3 Ways Social Media Can Help Your Dealership Increase Search Ranking

  It’s not news that social media and SEO are invaluable to every dealership’s marketing strategy today. SEO has long been a critical element of search engine visibility, while social


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