Car Keys for Car Dealers Minneapolis St Paul

The Key Guys are Minneapolis St Paul Auto Locksmiths who service Twin city area Car Dealers with mobile car key locksmithing services, key cutting, programming and more.

3 Tips for Navigating the Pre-Owned Market in the Wake of Hurricane Season

September was quite the month. In just a handful of days, the automotive industry went from the acceptance of its downward spiral to a new reality of increased demand, higher

LotLinx Continues Growth, Adds Two Seasoned Automotive Executives

Chicago — November 14, 2017 — LotLinx, the industry’s #1 automotive AI, today announced the addition of two new members to its executive staff. Bob Sherman, formerly of R.L. Polk

Acceleration Awards Winner Spotlight: Client Command

Throughout November, we’re spotlighting the winners of Dealer Marketing Magazine‘s first-ever Acceleration Awards, which recognize automotive vendors that stand out by offering unique products and

4 Tips for Turning Digital Reviews into Customer Service Wins

  For nearly every business, online customer reviews are a fact of life. Ubiquitous across the web and available to anyone to read and contribute to, businesses like your car dealership, are constant

Duplicate Car Keys Made & Repaired Burnsville, Apple Valley & Lakeville Minnesota

We created a new version of our video and targeted it to three south of the river communities we serve with our mobile vans: Burnsville, Apple Valley and Lakeville. These communities have grown dramat

New Video for St Paul, West Saint Paul, and South St Paul

We Love the St Paul’s… Whether you live in Saint Paul proper, South St Paul or West St Paul, you can count on The Key Guys for all your car key needs. We have been celebrating our being names Lock

Car Keys Lost or Stolen Call The Key Guys St Paul & Minneapolis Area 612-333-7677

Nothing is more frustrating than lost or stolen car keys Especially since such events occur just when you need to go somewhere quickly. But do not panic. In the Minneapolis St Paul Metro are you have

New Ads Demo File

We are in the process of working up some new visuals. Below is our first batch which we are posting as an experiment to see what they look like online.                                

Car Keys Lost, No Spare? Minneapolis St Paul Metro Solution

Lost Car Keys? No Spare? Oh that Sinking feeling when you realize that you have lost your car keys, and have no spare key.  It may be of little consolation, but if you live in the Minneapolis St Paul

5 Ways Digital Retailing Can Future Proof Your Business

  The car dealership industry has experienced profound change over the past two decades. We’ve seen market growth, plateaus, and declines. In addition, shrinking margins and market disruption as a

Fed Trade Commission Warns About Scam Auto Locksmiths

Buyer Beware! When It Comes to Selecting an Automotive Locksmith for Your Car As reputable bonded and insured Car Key Locksmiths with a long history of reputable business in the Minneapolis St Paul Me

Suburu Keyless Entry System Security Flaw

We have learned of a security issue with Subaru’s Keyless Entry System.  Their Key Fob can be hacked. Subaru key fobs can be ‘hacked’ and used to unlock cars for just $25 – Gears Of Biz A com

Car Shopping Tells Us a Lot About Natural Disaster Impacts on the Local Economy

  In the wake of three of the most devastating hurricanes our country has endured, the team wanted to take a look at the link between these events and car shopping behavior. It turns out t

Taking Care of Your Car Keys

Taking Care of Your Car Keys It goes without saying that car keys are important to most people. With cars becoming an extension of people’s lives, key safety and security are a necessity. Here are s

It’s Time to Get Personal: 3 Ways a Tailored Website Experience Fuels Results

  One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to the vehicles people drive so why should your dealership website experience be that way?   We’re in the age of the consumer; today’s shoppers expect

Replacing Broken Car Keys

Broken Car Key? Like other equipment, car keys can get damaged or broken. It is normal. Getting replacement keys for today’s sophisticated programmed keys can be very challenging at first. With a nu

VIDEO: Digital Dealer 23 Wrap Up, Selling Cars to Millennials, and Engaging Shoppers Online

AutomoBuzz September 28th – In this week’s video we do a brief wrap up of Digital Dealer 23, and touch on a couple recent webinars going on at DealerRefresh – the ‘myth’ of selling cars to

Broken Car Keys, Broken Key Fobs Fixed Fast in the St Paul Minneapolis Area

Get Your Broken Car Keys Fixed Fast If you are in the St Paul, Mn or Minneapolis area, the easiest way to deal with a broken car key is to call The Key Guys. Like other equipment, car keys can get dam

Why Your Car Dealership Should Be Advertising on Facebook

  Simply put, if you aren’t advertising on Facebook you’re missing out.   Let’s start with some staggering numbers. There are approximately 1.71 billion monthly active users on Facebook1. That

Discerning the Real Value of Google PageSpeed Insights Test Results

  We all know from experience how important website speeds are, especially when using a mobile device over a mobile network. As technology advances, the importance of delivering a convenient and str

VIDEO: Drive Motors raises $5.2M, Sh*t Sandwiches, and AI for Auto Dealers

AutomoBuzz: August 7th – In this week’s edition of AutomoBuzz I announce the success of Drive Motors raising an additional $5.2M in incubator funding. This leads into my declaration on the use of

What Happens When Display Advertising Gets Even Smarter

  It’s not that Display Advertising was lacking intelligence. It’s just that now Display has grown even smarter.   Let us explain.   In early 2017, we launched nGauge, a

How to Determine Mobile Website Load Times with Accuracy

  You may have noticed more industry buzz surrounding mobile website loading speeds. For this, we can thank Google and its update to the “Test My Site – Think With Google” tool.   Test My Site

VIDEO: Attacking Website Visitors, Online Vehicle Checkout, DealerRefresh Podcast, and more…

AutomoBuzz July 13th, 2017 – In this week’s AutomoBuzz video I introduce the latest the Mini-Webinar we produced for DealerRefresh. I also announce two of the upcoming Refresh Fridays for July 21s

6 Ways Digital Retailing Can Power Your BDC Performance

  It doesn’t take much digging to uncover what’s the big story in automotive retail these days: online car shopping. For the last two years, there’s been plenty of industry chatter about the di

Mining for Quality: How to Refine Your Marketing Efforts Using Attribution

  Quality over quantity. Substance over matter. However you want to think about it, it’s a concept that applies to just about every facet of our lives. Automotive retail is no exception.   Car dea

VIDEO: Will Uber Fail? All-New Mini Webinars, Social Incentives, and more…

AutomoBuzz June 16th, 2017 – In this week’s AutomoBuzz Video, I introduce the new mini webinars we’ve been rolling out on DealerRefresh, among which this week includes Four Elements to Running


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