Electrical Inspection Basics In Houston

An electrical inspection will be required not only when a new building is constructed, but in several other cases as well. Adding a new addition on to a building that will be serviced by electricity is another time when an inspection will need to take place. Some cities will also require an inspection if the electricity has been totally cut off from the building for a certain period of time.

Electrical Safety Inspection

  Electrical Inspection Basics In Houston An electrical inspection will be required not only when...

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Electric shock and electric fires are the main accidents that occur in laboratories.

Why PLC Plays an Essential Role in Machine Control

A programmable logic controller (PLC) can be elaborated upon as an electronic appliance, primarily used across a host of industries to regulate and monitor building systems, production processes, and

Non-contact voltage testers: tips and tricks for home inspectors

Voltage tester, tick-tracer, glow-tip, non-contact voltage tester… whatever. Same thing. I call it a voltage sniffer, but the technical name for this device is a capacitive voltage sensor. That’s

Taking Heart, My Meaningful Purpose at Schneider Electric

Written by guest blogger Jessica Staggs Most people remember important dates in their lives; birthdays, wedding anniversaries, work anniversaries, the birth of their children, etc.  One day that cha

Getting up to Speed on 5G Strategy and Micro Data Centers with Steven Carlini of Schneider Electric

Everywhere I go, it seems that people are talking about 5G. I wanted to find out more about the specific role of micro data centers in 5G so I sat... Read more » The post Getting up to Speed on 5G

Downstream Evolution: National Oil Companies and US Players Going Big

The recent oil crisis accelerated the focus on the downstream value chain. National Oil Companies (NOCs) are rapidly adapting their strategy by investing in refining and petrochemical complexes both

How microgrids can create carbon-neutral buildings and reduce energy costs

Digitally driven energy management initiatives are allowing companies to operate sustainably while gaining the rewards of reduced energy costs and a smaller carbon footprint. Microgrid adoption, incr

Eligible K-12 Schools/Libraries: Take Advantage of DCIM as Part of the United States’ E-rate Program

The digital classroom is becoming the norm in K-12 schools in the US. That means the Federal E-rate program, which provides affordable telecommunications, internet access, and internal connections to

Spring Cleaning Time, Houston

It’s that time of year again and we need to get ready for the warmer weather. We should open the windows, get busy with ridding our homes of the dusty musty winter air and start our spring cleaning.

Style and Design your Home Online With Schneider

Over the years, Schneider Electric has established itself as one of the leading businesses in the domain of Digital Transformation of Energy Management and Automation in Homes, Buildings, Data Center

Decoded: Arc Flash in the National Electric Code

Installation standards and work practices complement each other.  Before any arc flash discussion can be made about the National Electric Code (NEC), it’s important to realize that NFPA 70E, Stand

Electrical Industry and its most Important Equipment Explained

The Indian electrical industry is multifaceted, assembling an array of items which run from powerful innovation equipment to low innovation electrical parts. After all, the electrical business is a w

Expert Recommendations: Approaching IIoT for Developers and Installers

Developers and Installers are embracing the IIoT trend as the market demand for IIoT-based solutions continues to grow stronger. End Users are expecting their machines to be more connected and... Re

Introducing the Sense Home Energy Monitor

The Sense home energy monitor is possibly the coolest tool ever invented to track home energy usage. One of the inspectors in my company, Joe, told me about this device a few months ago. He installed

Home inspections for first-time home buyers (video post)

I’ve helped teach dozens of first-time home buyer seminars over the years, and it’s typically the same stuff covered during every seminar. What’s a home inspection, when does it happen, what do

Houston, Only YOU Can Prevent Wildfires

Did you know, May 4th Is Wildfire Community Preparedness Day? Most people don’t. Just like they don’t know that wildfires can affect their homes in our Houston communities. Most people think that

Hazards with aluminum wiring

Buying a home with aluminum wiring? The seller will probably tell you it’s perfectly fine, has never been a problem, and there’s nothing to worry about. We’ve heard this story many times. I blo

Exploring Houston This Weekend

The sun is shining on the Gulf Coast this weekend. But, that may change in the coming days. It’s a great time to get out and explore Houston this weekend. Exploring the city you may think you know a

How to replace a hardwired smoke alarm

Replacing a hardwired smoke alarm is a piece of cake. If you purchase a smoke alarm from the same manufacturer, you might be able to use the same wiring harness. You simply disconnect the existing s

Which smoke alarm to buy

Shopping for a new smoke alarm? Stop. Don’t even go to the store until you know exactly which smoke alarm you want. I know the ins and outs of smoke and CO alarms, and I’m still overwhelmed by th

5 Tips for Downsizing When Moving to a Smaller Place After Retirement

Many of us have accumulated impressive quantities of what we adoringly call “stuff,” and we probably have a story that surrounds each item. We like our things and don’t want to part with them, b

Carbon monoxide alarm requirements for Minnesota

Carbon monoxide alarms are required for most dwellings in Minnesota. I get a lot of questions about the little details, and today I’m going to cover them all. General Carbon Monoxide Alarm Require

Kura: helping you win at homeownership

Your home inspector probably gave you a big list of things to maintain when you bought your home. Have you stayed on top of it? All of it? When stuff gets neglected, stuff breaks or stops working.

Trade tip: make your ladder scratch-free

We do our best to leave houses in the same condition that we found them in, and that includes the gutters. If I lean an aluminum ladder up against a gutter, I’m going to scratch it up. I’ve never

Automatic water leak protection

This is a guest blog post by Joe Westerlund, a home inspector at Structure Tech. “Is there water pouring through your ceiling?” When I was working as a plumber, this was my occasional attempt at

Companies Unite For Better Products

Before You Remodel, Know Your Options When you start to consider remodeling your kitchen or bathroom. most of us go to our home improvement stores or go online to check out the options for our plumbin

Thanks For Your Help, Abacus!

Go ABACUS ARBORS! 100 trees planted in 1 hour and 14 minutes! A team from Abacus braved the cold weather on Saturday to take part in the Houston Area Urban Forestry Council tree planting competition.

Get Smart: 6 Tips to Upgrade to a Smarter Home or Apartment

There’s a lot of talk about smart devices, smart apps and smart homes, and these new innovations can allow you to control many of your home’s functions remotely. Let’s look at some of the best p

Abacus Earns 2018 Angies List Super Service Award

ABACUS Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electrical Earns 2018 Esteemed Angie’s List Super Service Award HOUSTON, Friday, February 8, 2019 — ABACUS Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electrical (Abac

National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

Houston, did you know that January 10th was National Cut Your Energy Costs Day? Well. It was. There are many, many ways to cut your utility bills. National Day Calendar has a few suggestions. NATIONAL

Thank you, Houston. Our JuCan Toy Drive Was a HUGE Success.

The JuCan Foundation toy drive is was a great success. Abacus Plumbing, Air Conditioning and Electrical wants to thank everyone who donated and promoted our JuCan toy drive in our community for this s


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