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Many women suffer from thinning hair edges. This can take a mental toll on a woman self confidence. However, you should rest assured there are ways to grow your edges back and regain your self confidence. You will find how you can prevent and grow your edges back from various source in this feed.

Don’t Lose Your Locks Over the Holidays

For some, the holidays are a joyous time to be spent with loving families to make heartwarming memories. For others, it is very stressful as they run around planning parties, dealing with difficult fa

3 Hair Loss New Year’s Resolutions for 2018

New Year is a time for new beginnings and a fresh approach to life. For someone dealing with the emotional effects of hair loss, this time of year represents a great opportunity to become proactive ab

Beanstalk Hairgrowth - Google+

BeanStalk Hair Growth Products was started in 2012 by Master Cosmetologist Monique Deering and her hair enthusiast business partner. The company's focus is to create a solid organic hair growth syste

Start the New Year with a Clean Scalp

As the new year begins, resolve to start with a clean scalp to make your hair healthier and more attractive. Overall, it’s pretty easy to get your scalp clean. Most people will only need to choose s

Struggling with Alopecia: Alexis’s Hair Loss Story

When Alexis was about 15 years old she was diagnosed with Alopecia. Alopecia is a hair loss condition that millions of people struggle with worldwide. At this very young age Alexis and her mom decided

BeanStalk Hair Growth | All about beanstalk hair growth products

All about beanstalk hair growth products

Rock Alopecia with Style

Alopecia is a stressful hair loss disorder. There are a few different forms of alopecia. Some of them cause bald spots, while others cause the loss of all the hair on the body. It is actually somewhat

Is There a Connection Between Dandruff and Hair Loss?

There are many causes of hair thinning and loss and many more misconceptions about those causes. One of the most persistent is that dandruff, in and of itself, can cause hair fallout. Is there any tru

Here’s What You Should Know About No-Shave November

It’s November and many people are planning their Thanksgiving parties and Christmas wish-lists. But there’s another reason to celebrate the crisp, cool month: No-Shave November. Here’s what you

Thinning Edges Products Regrow Hair in 2 Weeks | BeanStalk Hair Growth

BeanStalk Infusion, Perfect for Traction Alopecia, Hair Loss, Heat Damaged & Natural or Permed Hair. Call 404-981-5380 an Use SAVE5 Discount Code at Checkout

Top 5 Hot Hairstyles of 2017

With 2017 coming to a close, and all of the holiday fun just beginning, isn’t it time that your current ‘do take on a whole new look? From wispy short and spiky to long, lush playful layers, dolli

Top Hair Loss Myths Busted

For centuries, myths regarding hair loss have been circulating in communities worldwide. While some may be true, others are completely false. Have you heard of these crazy hair loss myths? Find out wh

Celebrities Who Experienced Hair Loss and Did Something About It

Alopecia, more commonly known as hair loss, affects approximately 56 million American men and women, even celebrities. Although a large portion of the population will experience some form of hair loss


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