Six Sigma Tutorial

Six Sigma Tutorial examines the basics of Six Sigma (6 sigma) and why it is an important Business Analysis tool.

Lean Six Sigma

Master Black Belt workshop is now being offered live online

Six Sigma Tutorial

This Six Sigma Tutorial gives you a working knowledge of this gold standard of business analysis.

California Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development > Programs > Permit Assistance > Lean Six Sigma Program

In 2014, The Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) and the Government Operations Agency (Gov. Ops.) partnered together to offer a Lean  Six Sigma implementation program t

Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Plans $157M Project With Lean Six Sigma

Envisioning 50 more years of supporting the community, Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare (TMH) embarked on a $157M project towards a new hospital using Lean Six Sigma to streamline cycle time for patien

Lean Six Sigma Is Everywhere

Do you ever walk into a store and know at a glance where to find what you need? Do you notice that seemingly long lines can often move really quickly? Do you find yourself wondering why things don&rsq

B2B Financing

B2B financing is the lubricant between businesses doing business with each other. Without that lubricant much less business would be done. Cash on the barrel head slows your business's growth rate. Th


Decision making models are all about making good judgements. There are judgements that are emotional, spur of the moment, horseback or back of envelope - a quick decision. There are also the rational

Quarterly Free Green Belt Giveaway

Every quarter, you’ll have a chance to win your Green Belt Certification ($699 value) for free! How? Enter the contest by following the simple instructions on this post. Come back each quarter t

“If you insist on waiting for certainty, you will paralyze yourself.” – J.P. Getty

The post “If you insist on waiting for certainty, you will paralyze yourself.” – J.P. Getty appeared first on

Expert Excerpts: Thomas Bertels on Process Improvement in Pharmaceuticals

Whether you’re just starting your Lean Six Sigma journey, or you’re in the middle of improving a process, guidance from Experts can help make your efforts easier – and more successfu

How do you gain the support of a project leader who feels the data collection is tedious and unnecessary?

That sounds like a tough one. When a person in a leadership position is not supportive there may not be a lot of options. Being unfamiliar with the situation I’ll make a few suggestions to see w

How do you keep people motivated to collect data over a time period of a year?

There are a few things to try when dealing with long-term data collection efforts. First, if you can automate it, go for it. This is not always an option, but it never hurts to ask. The next step is t

What is a good way to figure out what data to collect?

The first step is to clarify what issue you are trying to understand (i.e. The problem of breaking dishware). The next step is to list all the questions you want answered in order to conduct proper pr

Is the Green Belt and Black Belt recognized by other organizations?

Green Belt and Black Belt, and for that matter Yellow Belt and Master Black Belt are all recognized levels of competence around problem solving skills. These terms have been in use since the mid &rsqu

Is a sample size of 50 sufficient to perform a capability study?

Sample sizes are dependent upon the data type (discrete data requires more than continuous), the desired precision (+/- 2 minutes or =/- 2%, etc.) and the variation in the data (measured as standard d

What is NPV

Find out what is NPV or net present value and learn how to calculate it


Use 3 different economic measures to really understand your project.

Invention Idea Patent - Money barriers to Getting a Patent

Invention Idea Patent - How to get and invention patent by eliminating the money barriers

Interest Rates or Intrest Rates

Interest rates determine the price you have to pay for the money you borrow.

Make A Pie Graph | Free Pie Charts

Make A Pie Graph is a tool for making pie graphs.

Make A Line Graph | Line Chart

Make A Line Graph is an example and a tool for making line charts.

Correlation Defined - Provides a definition and an example of correlation.

Correlation Defined - What correlation is and how to calculate it.

Six Sigma Tools

Six Sigma Tools are the techniques that text make Six Sigma work.


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