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JPMorgan Chase says it's running out of branches to close

The nation's largest bank has already completed many of the branch closures that can boost its earnings, leaving it with "less and less accretive opportunities to consolidate," a top executive said Tu

How one bank uses generative AI to fight domestic abuse

Commonwealth Bank of Australia has developed an advanced artificial intelligence tool that can spot harassment in transaction messages.

With McHenry to exit House, financial panel will lose its dealmaker

Rep. Patrick McHenry, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, says he won't seek reelection next year. He is known for collaboration with Democrats on stablecoin and other issues.

LAC Breaks Ground on 142-Unit Boston-Area Affordable Project

The property will come online in 2025. The post LAC Breaks Ground on 142-Unit Boston-Area Affordable Project appeared first on Multi-Housing News.

MHN’s 2023 Excellence Awards

The annual awards program honors the multifamily industry's top projects, transactions and people. The post MHN’s 2023 Excellence Awards appeared first on Multi-Housing News.

Banks warned about risks in offering buy now/pay later products

The OCC, part of the Treasury Department, said Tuesday the products present credit, compliance and reputation challenges for the banks.

Truist mulls a restructuring of its underwater bond portfolio

The North Carolina-based bank is considering the idea of selling a portion of its securities portfolio as a way to build capital, CEO Bill Rogers said Tuesday. At the end of the third quarter, Truist'

FedNow is a huge improvement in payments, but it could be better still

FedNow will transform payments in the U.S., but its adoption might speed up if the Fed adopts some of the strategies Brazil used to roll out its Pix platform.

ECI Group Sells 318-Unit Houston Property

Mosaic Residential has acquired the community. The post ECI Group Sells 318-Unit Houston Property appeared first on Multi-Housing News.

The danger of kneecapping the CFPB's small-business data rule

The passage of a Congressional Review Act resolution to rescind the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's small-business data collection rule may be only symbolic, but the rule is designed to detect

Trademark, SCOA to Develop 321-Unit Fort Worth Community

First United Bank provided $61 million in construction financing for the project. The post Trademark, SCOA to Develop 321-Unit Fort Worth Community appeared first on Multi-Housing News.

Tishman Speyer to Break Ground on Jersey City Waterfront Tower

The 58-story property will offer 1,000-plus units and a quick commute to New York City. The post Tishman Speyer to Break Ground on Jersey City Waterfront Tower appeared first on Multi-Housing News.

Pilot Extended, Lending Caps Lowered

Columnist Lew Sichelman on Fannie Mae's positive rent payment pilot program and the multifamily loan ceiling. The post Pilot Extended, Lending Caps Lowered appeared first on Multi-Housing News.

Poll Results: Assessing the Fed’s Policies

A majority of respondents believe the policies have been successful, though some express caveats. The post Poll Results: Assessing the Fed’s Policies appeared first on Multi-Housing News.

Top Marketers: Keeping Pace With Virtual

Tune in to hear how Daphne Corbin, vice president of marketing for The Life Properties, utilizes all things virtual and AI to help brand an entire portfolio. The post Top Marketers: Keeping Pace Wi

What’s on the Horizon for the SFR Market?

Industry specialists discuss market trends and challenges for 2024, in the third installment of our outlook series. The post What’s on the Horizon for the SFR Market? appeared first on Multi-Housin

Credit Suisse reinstates independent overseer for Nazi-account probe

Barofsky, a former inspector general of the Troubled Asset Relief Program and frequent Wall Street critic, was removed as ombudsman by Credit Suisse in November 2022.

Assumable mortgages are having a moment. Will it last?

The number of government-backed home loans transferred from one borrower to another is up significantly this year as prospective buyers look for ways to avoid elevated interest rates. Some say this is

CB Financial joins parade of banks divesting insurance units

The Pennsylvania bank has agreed to sell its Exchange Underwriters subsidiary to World Insurance Associates for $30.5 million, saying that the deal will help pad its capital and liquidity.

University of Memphis to Develop 540-Bed Student Community

This project is slated for completion by fall 2026. The post University of Memphis to Develop 540-Bed Student Community appeared first on Multi-Housing News.

CrunchedCredit Says Good-bye

I regret to inform you, my loyal readers and particularly those who regularly take the time to send me notes telling me I’m being ridiculous or agreeing with my dyspeptic bloviations, that CrunchedC

Why Are We So Calm?

This is just a short note, with little actual utility, but it’s about something that’s really bothering me.  Why are we so calm?  What has anesthetized us?  I’ve had numerous conversations wi

Winter Is Here:  Buy a Snow Shovel

Winter is surely coming.  One might hope it will arrive without the sorcery, murder, mayhem and intrigue of that memorable HBO show, but surely it will be freighted by its own quantum of trauma and a

Welcome to the New Normal – Funny Times Revisited

Several weeks ago, I wrote a commentary called Funny Times in which I bemoaned the complete lack of coherent data, making the process of predicting the course of interest rates, cap rates and transact

The CRE CLO is Coming Back Soon:  Who You Gonna Believe, Me or Your Lying Eyes?

I’ve written extensively about the CRE CLO technology for a long time and why it is the best leverage technology across securitization markets.  With the sponsor typically holding up to 20% of the

Funny Times

What funny times in which we live; an observation perhaps highly dependent upon your notion of fun.  Maybe curious is the better description.  Daunting?  Frightening?  Opaque and unknowable?  All

The CRE CLO Repurposed: Part II

I wrote about the disconnect between our CRE CLO technology and the task at hand (finding acceptable lever in an expanding leverage desert) in my last commentary.  While the CRE CLO remains the best

Fix the CRE CLO, Mr. Market:  Tear Down This Wall!

CRE CLO technology is languishing in the toolbox.  A combination of high interest rates, a mispriced legacy book, an anxious investor base and no real need to refresh capital until borrowers start bo

Sometimes, It Really Is a Duck: What If Things Are About to Go Bad?

Conspiracy theory fans, tin-foil hat wearers everywhere, Nostradamus wannabes, the broadly unhinged and, of course, our professional purveyors of doom and gloom roosting on evening cable news see patt

Opportunities in a Time of Broken Banks

Well, it’s been an interesting week and a bit. First Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank were closed by their respective State banking authorities with the FDIC stepping in as receiver and then


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