Need Some Help in the Yard? Robots at CES 2017

This article describes the chores the robots at CES 2017 can accomplish for your indoor and outdoor projects.

Do I Need To Amend My Soil For Spring Season?

Improving Your Soil Structure Spring is a great time to amend the soil in your Colorado flowerbeds and garden. Figuring out how to make your soil more rich and fertile for the upcoming season is the r

meet the maker: bruce blumberg

How would you describe your role at Rethink?  I’ve been at Rethink for 8 years and did a lot of the early work on the Baxter UI and UX, including train by demonstration. I also... Read More

NASA - Robotics Alliance Project

Martian Dust Storm Grows Global: Curiosity Captures Photos of Thickening Haze

“Blind” Cheetah 3 robot can climb stairs littered with obstacles

Improved design may be used for exploring disaster zones and other dangerous or inaccessible environments.

Personalized “deep learning” equips robots for autism therapy

Machine learning network offers personalized estimates of children’s behavior.

Simulation-based internal models for safer robots

Readers of this blog will know that I've become very excited by the potential of robots with simulation-based internal models in recent years. So far we've demonstrated their potential in simple ethic

Reasons to Mulch Your Trees in Sandy Soil

Managing Sandy Soil A few years ago, we had a client that moved to an area that is close to a river and the soil is predominantly sand. This can be advantageous in some respects, but when it comes to

the role automation plays in plastics manufacturing

Speed and efficiency in plastic injection molding equate to cost savings. So it is no surprise that robotics and automation play a significant role in improving the manufacturing process. From simple

Recommendations For Planting Flowering Trees

Best Colorado Flowering Trees There’s nothing that screams “spring” more than when the flowering trees start to bloom. In Colorado, springtime weather can be a little iffy, so if these fragrant

One-shot imitation from watching videos

Learning a new skill by observing another individual, the ability to imitate, is a key part of intelligence in human and animals. Can we enable a robot to do the same, learning to manipulate a new obj

collaborative robots offer numerous benefits for metal fabrication

Collaborative robots are versatile. They work in plastics, packaging, logistics, and electronics manufacturing. Cobots also support their human colleagues in the metal fabrication industry – where p

Robots in Depth with Spring Berman

In this episode of Robots in Depth, Per Sjöborg speaks with Spring Berman about her extensive experience in the field of swarm robotics. One of the underlying ideas of the area is designing robot con

What Are Pre-Emergent Herbicides?

Killing Weeds Before They Sprout A task that most property owners spend a lot of time managing in the summer months of Colorado is weed patrol.  Wouldn’t it be nice to preempt some of those pesky w

A robotics roadmap for Australia

VISION: Robots as a tool to unlock human potential, modernise the economy, and build national health, well-being and sustainability. Australia has released its first Robotics Roadmap following the exa

Is It Beneficial To Stake Trees

How to Protect Less Developed Trees If you live in a location that has a lot of wind, such as the Front Range of Colorado, where mountain formations cause rapidly descending air over the top of the Ro

when it comes to packing plastics, this cobot just works

“Attendance and attitude. I can teach the rest.” That’s how Gary Fox, plant manager at Cox Container, described what he looks for in an employee. You might think it would be easy to hire and...

Steps To Getting Your Lawn Mower Ready For Use

Tuning Up Your Lawn Mower Having that perfect lush lawn is something many property owners strive for. Whether it’s residential or commercial, attractive landscaping is not only more inviting by add

Distinguishing Between Types of Yard Grass

Identifying Common Grass Species A beautiful yard does more than increase your home’s curb appeal. It’s the special hangout for creating happy memories. From barbecues and parties to quiet moments

Musica Automata

Musica Automata is my new project and upcoming album, containing music written for the biggest robot orchestra in the world. These robots are more than sixty acoustic instruments (part of Logos Founda

The Robotics Institute Carnegie Mellon University : Robotics Education and Research Leader

Since its founding in 1979, the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University has been leading the world in robotics research and education. The Robotics Institute offers Doctoral and Master's Degr

5 Spring Lawn Care Tips

How To Ensure A Gorgeous Lawn After a long winter, it’s finally time to start getting the lawn ready for its reawakening. Spring has officially sprung and there are a number of tasks that will give

What is Hardscape with Landscaping

Hardscape vs Softscape When it comes to landscaping, a balance of hardscape and softscape is ideal. So what is the difference?  They are both a part of what a Denver landscaper does to make your yard

Need Some Help in the Yard? Robots at CES 2017

This article describes the chores the robots at CES 2017 can accomplish for your indoor and outdoor projects.

Fundings, acquisitions and IPOs, June 2018

Twenty-seven startups raised money in June to the tune of $2.1 billion, another great month for robotics! Also during June there were ten acquisitions and two IPOs. See below for details. The top fund

collaborative robots + people = competitive advantage

´╗┐Yanfeng (YFAI) is the global leader in automotive interiors, with 30,000 employees in 113 facilities in 17 countries around the world.  The company’s workforce also includes Sawyer collaborative

emerging trend: combining cobots with cnc machining

The global market for CNC machines is expected to grow to $93 billion US by 2024, highlighting a 6.3% CAGR. (Source) The reasons for this growth are easy to understand: a tight labor market, economic.

Installing A Drip Irrigation System

Low-Volume Watering One method of watering plants that is efficient and won’t waste water to evaporation is installing a drip line irrigation. It doesn’t matter whether you are growing trees, veg

by the numbers: the global state of labor in manufacturing

In the U.S., low unemployment hinders manufacturers At just under four percent, the national unemployment rate in the U.S. hasn’t been this low since 2001. The low rate combined with a growing numbe

closing the automation loop: cnc machining

CNC turning, vertical, and horizontal milling centers make up large part of machining operations in metal shops.  CNC machine tending burdens human operators with the highly monotonous, repetitive ta

cobots on the go: giving sawyer and researchers a platform for movement

To realize unlimited possibilities, a cobot needs to be free. Sawyer’s arm has seven degrees of freedom, enabling manufacturers to deploy the robot to a wide range of tasks. What if that same level

Innovative programming software used to generate robot welding programs

Since programming is an extremely time-consuming business, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) are often forced to manage without robots. Researchers from Fraunhofer IPA have therefore developed

#264: Bio-inspired Soft Robots for Healthcare, with Yong-Lae Park

Yong-Lae Park on the bio-inspired design and manufacture of soft robots and microrobots for healthcare.

cobots and job shops – a marriage that works

The first thing you notice when you walk into Fitzpatrick Manufacturing is the floor. Seriously. It shines. Throughout their factory floor in Sterling Heights there is coffee brewing, ample supplies o


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