Floor Scrapers And Tile Removal Machines

There are many different brands available to purchase in the USA for floor scraping and tile removing machines. Check out some of these.

Your Guide To Utility Trailer Weights

When it comes to trailer construction, trailers made from aluminum tend to be lighter than those made from steel. Additionally, utility trailers designed to carry heavy loads will generally be heavie

Our Buyers Guide For The Best Jointers For DIYs And Professionals

Our Buyers Guide For The Best Jointers For DIYs And Professionals Woodworking is only sweet when the process is streamlined, and every project has a perfectly smooth wood. Probably the most crucial t

FLOORING: Tile, Resilient, and Other Non-carpet | US EPA

Recommendations of Specifications, Standards, and Ecolabels for flooring, including tile, resilient, and other non-carpet.

How To Use A Floor Scraper - Removal Tiles The Right Way

Removing tiles with a floor scraper and using the tool correctly is simple, but you do need to know what you're doing. This article provide our tips!

The Ultimate Guide to Table Saws: What Table Saw Should I Buy?

Table saws are excellent tools for a range of purposes. Professional tradespeople and contractors use them daily for various jobs, just as home-based hobbyists and DIY fans use them on personal proje

Folding A Band Saw Blade The Right Way

The bandsaw is the most versatile saw in the shop in many ways. With the ability to resaw, curve, and cut a wide variety of materials, a bandsaw is a must-have for any woodworker.  One thing that ca

What Are The Best Utility Trailers On The Market In The USA?

One of the many functions of a utility trailer is to make sure your items reach their destination in perfect shape. Whether it is transporting firewood from your garage to the lawn or a piece of furn

Lightning Derecho 25hp Ride on Floor Scraper

The Lightning Derecho floor scraper is the latest high performance floor scraper offered by OEM products in USA. Built on the success of the Lightning this machine is perfect for those large, time s

Table Saw Or Portable Saw Rip Capacity - Factors To Consider

What is rip capacity on a table saw? One of the most vital elements to consider when using a table saw is the rip capacity when cutting wood. The table saw's price is also affected by a larger rip ca

Floor Sanders and Finishers

An official website of the United States government Here is how you know

A Price Guide To Purchasing A Car Lift For Your Garage Or Workshop

Whether it is your 1st or 10th time, buying a car lift continues to be a challenging process. The dynamics keep changing, and you'll likely find yourself reading through hundreds of reviews. But it d

What Is The Best Small Table Saw For Your Workshop?

Any woodworker will tell you the vital role of a table saw in virtually all projects. Even if you're an enthusiast or DIYer, a table saw provides you with many advantages. Small shop owners may think

What Height Does Your Garage Need To Be For A Car Lift?

A general two-post lift requires 11-12 feet of clearance, while four-post lifts have a higher garage ceiling requirement. However, there are lots of different lifts which could be designed to fit a l

Choosing Between The 3 Main Types Of Automotive Lifts

Having the right tools comes a long way in getting the job done. When it comes to your home or garage, one such piece of equipment is the auto lift. Whether you’re a mechanic or a car enthusiast at

Beaver HD Hand Floor Scraper Pole

Beaver HD Hand Floor Scraper Pole The post Beaver HD Hand Floor Scraper Pole appeared first on Floorex Products.

Stairs Derby

Bespoke Staircases Derby Welcome to Wonkee Donkee Tools, offering services in  Derby where we have industry leading, high quality Bespoke Staircases with over 100 years experience and 1000’s

Storm SS Battery Powered Floor Scraper

The Storm SS floor scraper has been developed by experts in the field of floor scrapers for may years and designed to go all day while be able to perform. Meeting the needs of the most demanding cont

200mm Floor Scraper with extendable handle

CVL-03-0016 200mm Floor Scraper with extendable handle The post 200mm Floor Scraper with extendable handle appeared first on Floorex Products.

Twister 55hp Ride on Floor Scraper

RTR-55-Twister The Twister is a powerful, amazingly compact floor scraper that allows you to remove a huge variety of floor coverings, fast! The post Twister 55hp Ride on Floor Scraper appeared first

Lightning 25hp Ride on Floor Scraper

RTR-25-Lightning The Lightning floor scraper is perfect for those large, time sensitive projects. meeting the needs of the most demanding contractors. It is powered by a 25 hp engine and hydro-static

Easy Hammer Trolley – Universal

KE-JHT-U-2 Easy Hammer makes using a jackhammer and your demolition job easier, faster and safer. (Trolley only) The post Easy Hammer Trolley – Universal appeared first on Floorex Products.

Beaver 240 Floor Scraper 230v 50hz

The Beaver 240 can remove glued down floor coverings, commercial carpet, gummy adhesives, vinyl tiles, solid vinyl, radial rubber-tile, sheet rubber, indoor and outdoor sport surfaces, roofing materi

Beaver 300 Floor Scraper 230v 50hz

Beaver 300mm Floor Scraper, 230v Self Propelled The post Beaver 300 Floor Scraper 230v 50hz appeared first on Floorex Products.


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