What's New in Home Automation Tech at CES 2017

Check out what's new in home automation tech with Smartbeing Inc.'s WooHoo, which was presented at CES 2017.

9 Smart Home Devices That Prevent Fires and Save Lives

At least 13 people died as the result of a devastating fire in a Bronx apartment building last week. Could simple IoT (Internet of Things) devices prevent such disasters in the future, or at least s

What Is Causing Cracks In My Drywall

How Serious Are They When you see cracks in your drywall, there are a number of reasons that could be causing them…but most are not good news. If left unattended, these cracks can grow into a major

LG Unveils Its First 4K Projector, And It’s Portable

When LG Electronics  prepared to release its first 4K UHD video projector, the company was not content to compete on the usual features, such as resolution, brightness, screen size and price. Instea

How to Extend Your Home’s WiFi by 2,500 Square Feet

If you like to surf the Internet, stream music and watch TV outside, there’s nothing worse than dealing with a spotty wireless Internet connection. That’s why Netgear has developed a new product,

Alert management for home healthcare based on home automation analysis. - PubMed - NCBI

Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. 2010;2010:2128-31. doi: 10.1109/IEMBS.2010.5627249. Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't

Polk Audio Launches Command Bar Soundbar with Alexa

The 40-plus year-old audio manufacturer Polk Audio is merging state-of-the-art Amazon Alexa voice assistant technology with a soundbar through the introduction of its new Command Bar. Announced a

CES 2018 and Home Security

One of the top events of the year for upcoming tech trends is CES in Las Vegas, Nevada. Running from January 9 – 12, 2018, there are hundreds of booths showcasing their tech goods and this year’s

What's New in Home Automation Tech at CES 2017 - Commercial Roofing Pros

Check out what's new in home automation tech with Smartbeing Inc.'s WooHoo, which was presented at CES 2017.

Alarm.com Offers Smart Thermostat that Protects Home From Flooding, Mold, HVAC Issues

The claim to fame of most smart thermostats is the ability to efficiently heat and cool and home. A new smart thermostat from Alarm.com does this plus a much more. Unveiled at CES 2018 recently, the t

Vivint Smart Home Launches Networked Neighborhood-Watch Security System

Security cameras do a good job of keeping watch over your home, but what if you could see things unfold throughout the entire neighborhood. Vivint Smart Home offers a solution that lets you link to a

Samsung Unveils 146-inch MicroLED TV Dubbed ‘The Wall’

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has introduced “The Wall,” a self-emitting MicroLED 146-inch TV display that can be customized to any size, resolution or form factor.  “The Wall,” with MicroL

August Home Launches New In-Home Delivery Service; How Does it Compare with Amazon Key Delivery?

The big news around the holidays was a new delivery service offered by Amazon called Amazon Key. Although innovative in its approach, it stirred up plenty of controversy, as some consumers expressed c

Smart Bathroom: Kohler Debuts Alexa-Controlled Bathroom Products at 2018 Consumer Electronics Show

Cold toilet seats, lukewarm showers, and clutter on the vanity—annoying features of most bathrooms that Kohler is helping put to an end with the introduction of a suite of voice-controlled faucets,

Automated Shading From Lutron Preserves Privacy and Panoramic Views

When your penthouse apartment boasts an uninterrupted river view from St. Paul’s Cathedral on one side to Big Ben on the other side, maintaining that magnificent vista is of upmost importance. But w

Cold Weather Roofing

When Is It Too Cold To Shingle? I just walked my dogs and wow…it’s cold! December in Colorado tends to be a little hard to take if you have to be outside, for work or for fun. When the barometric

Amazing Synchronized Christmas Light Displays

Because it is only 3 days until Christmas and most people are spending time with family and friends, I wanted to share something with a holiday theme. The colder weather in Colorado this time of year

Heating Options for a Commercial Building

Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings Heating and cooling a large building in a state like Colorado can be expensive. According to the Department of Energy (DOE), 7.5% of total expenses for the av

Checking Your Property For Termites

Can You Get Rid of Termites? When a wooden structure is in contact with the ground, there’s always a chance for termites to infiltrate. Termites eat wood to derive the cellulose and nutrients they

Best Fasteners for Various Roofing Materials

Buying The Appropriate Roofing Supplies Choosing the correct fastener for your roof to assure it will stay solidly in place no matter what Mother Nature throws at you is a significant part of the proc

The Best Roofing Material for Wind

Factors for Evaluating Your Roof If you live in an area that tends to have a lot of wild weather, there are numerous considerations when it comes to choosing the best roofing material for wind. How lo

Protecting Your Foundation

Got Foundation Issues? A foundation carries the weight of the whole house. There are various types of foundations, but no matter what they are all the “Atlas” of your home. Because it is such a cr

Benefits of a Prefabricated Home

When you are ready to make the leap and become a homeowner, choosing the type of home construction you want to have is the first step. For example, you can have the house be traditional custom built h

Top Automated Home Thermostats for 2016

By Bryn Huntpalmer Home automation is becoming more and more practical with every new product, but none are as practical as the smart home thermostat. It self-adjusts to precisely meet your family’s

Insteon On/Off Outlet

The World’s First Remote-Controllable Dual Outlet With the Insteon On/Off Outlet, you can control either the upper or lower outlet independently – from a wall switch in the same room – or from

Insteon Hub

Control Insteon light bulbs, wall switches, outlets, and thermostats at home or remotely and receive instant email or text message alerts from motion, door and window, water leak, and smoke sensors wh

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MOSS Zombonitron Basic Robot Builder Kit

If you remember how much fun it was to build with toys like LEGOS as a kid then you remember sitting around for hours letting your creativity run wild as you create all types of…

Vacu Vin Snap-On Bottle Thermometer

Whites and reds, 90 point or 2 buck chuck, not all wines are meant to be treated the same and that also means serving temperature. The Snap-On Bottle Thermometer by Vacu Vin is the perfect…

iDevices Bluetooth Kitchen Thermometer

Cooking a perfectly prepared chicken, steak, burger, etc. is not only a delicious achievement but a great feeling of accomplishment. For those of us that aren’t avid cookers it’s hard to know when

EnerPlex Backpack with Solar Panel

The PACKR Solar Backpack might seem gimmicky and over the top but don’t let your imagination paint the picture of some goofy over-the-top product before seeing it. The integrated solar panel is flex

Rogue Wallet Cherry Wood with Birdseye Maple Inlay

A part of style and fashion is finding something that can make a statement. Be that trend setter every time you pull out your wallet MADE OF WOOD! This item by Rogue Wallet is the…

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