10 Home Remedies to cure sinus

Suffer from sinus infections? Find out the 10 home remedies to cure sinus.

Black People Underrepresented in Cancer Trials

The study found that many drug trials did not include very many diverse patients.

What Jobs Are Toughest on the Knees?

Based on a review of 71 studies that included nearly one million workers, the riskiest occupations include agriculture, construction, mining, service jobs and housekeeping.

Tough Decisions as COVID Delays Cancer Surgeries

Specifically, a 30- to 40-day delay in surgery was associated with worse survival odds.

Why Obesity May Stack the Deck for COVID-19 Risk

It has become clearer that people who are obese are one of the groups at highest risk from the disease, regardless of their age

What If COVID Vaccine Arrives and Many Say No?

Exactly how Americans will greet a COVID-19 vaccine is unknown, but polls have suggested many will be wary.

Squirrel With Bubonic Plague Found in Colorado

Humans can be infected through flea bites, the cough of an infected animal or through direct contact with blood or tissue from an infected animal.

Prisoners Nearly 6 Times More Likely to Get COVID

The COVID death rate was 39 deaths per 100,000 prisoners, compared with 29 per 100,000 in the general population.

Protein From Plants a Recipe for Longevity

Every 3% of a person's daily energy intake coming from plant protein instead of animal protein reduced a person's risk of premature death by 10%, the results showed.

Do COVID-19 Patients Really Have to Die Alone?

Some experts are arguing hospitals need to come up with plans that allow dying people the emotional solace of a loved one as they pass.

COVID-19 May Spike Blood Sugar, Raising Death Risk

Bodies stressed by severe COVID-19 could produce abnormally high blood sugar levels, even in people without diagnosed diabetes.


This green, white, or purple vegetable come in spears, is packed with nutrition, and is low in calories. There are plenty of reasons to consume this veggie. With only 90 calories in one cup, it’s p

What foods have the best nutrients?

First and foremost, plant based foods are more loaded with nutrients than anything else.  Putting that in its proper perspective, what the body needs to function without any problem are the nutrient

Stop riding the hormonal roller coaster

The hormonal roller coasterride, otherwise known as hypoglycemia is probably one of the most widespread disorders in America and the civilized nations today. It is not a disease as such, but rather

Say ‘No!’ to the Covid-19 Vax

In early June the mega-corporation, Johnson & Johnson, announced that they are making great progress on their much-anticipated Covid-19 vaccine. Initially, testing wasn’t expected to begin unt

Hemorrhoids: Uncomfortable bowel movements

Swollen veins near the rectum and anus are called hemorrhoids. The walls of the blood vessels have been stretched so thin that the veins start to bulge, become swollen, and cause irritation. This unc

The “liquid fat” nightmare

The dairy industry has spent billions of dollars convincing us that milk is healthy, all the while pumping chemicals into cows and the milk itself that makes it deadly. Not only that, but now all dai

Dried Fruit: The pros and cons to packaged sweetness

Part of a healthy, balanced diet includes the consumption of nutrient rich fruits and vegetables. Dried fruit might seem like a handy snack to meet this dietary recommendation. This snack consists of

Nausea & Vomiting: The exit route

Vomiting is the body’s way of getting rid of something it does not like. It is a natural, protective reflex. Nausea is the feeling right before the body does this release. This is an unpleasant fee

Keep ’em fat and we score big time

With obesity being a nightmare, the alleged “cures”, although good, are shortsighted. The mainstream focuses on a societal issue and not just a children’s issue. One of the greatest influences

Mediterranean Diet 101: Benefits, Drawbacks, Myths and More

The Mediterranean diet emerges from the kind of foods eaten in countries situated along the Mediterranean Sea. These include France, Greece, Southern Italy, and Spain. The diet consists of whole food

Neem Oil for Hair and Skin: 9 Benefits and How to Use It

Neem is often referred to as Indian lilac as it is endemic to the Indian subcontinent, but its medicinal virtues are recognized the world over. The therapeutic properties of neem leaves and oil have

Facial Tingling: Causes, Diagnosis, Natural Treatment

A sudden tingling sensation overtaking your hands, feet, or face is a fairly common complaint reported by people in the United States. It may be a result of either sleeping for prolonged hours on eit

Depression 101 with Dr. Douglas Moll (Clinical Psychologist)

Is It Possible to Have Anxiety and Depression at the Same Time? Yes, it is not only possible but very common. Anxiety and depressive disorders have a high rate of comorbidity; this means they often e

Keto, Paleo, and Mediterranean: Choose the Best Diet for Your Body

While keeping a check on your portion sizes, following any healthy, balanced diet can help you achieve your desired weight, physique, and any other health goals. Some diet regimens eliminate certain

Forehead Wrinkles: How to Minimize and Reduce Their Appearance

There is no magic formula to turn back the clock on aging. As the years roll by, the steady onslaught of time is perhaps most noticeable on your skin. Besides being the largest organ of the body, you

All About the Keto Diet, How It Works and Should You Try It?

Everyone seems to be swept away by the wave of this latest dietary fad-the ketogenic diet. Although it has been used since as early as 1921, it seems to have surged in popularity quite recently. The

Acupressure for Neck Pain: 4 Points to Try, Why It Works, and More

Pain, whether sensory or emotional, is an unpleasant or discomforting experience that is generally associated with potential or actual tissue damage.[1] Perhaps one of the most common musculoskeletal

Cluster Headache Relief: Tips and Remedies to Feel Better

Cluster headaches are a rare form of headaches that are marked by a debilitating one-sided pain. Cluster headaches derive their name from their occurrence in groups (clusters). They are also known as

Pegan Diet 101: What to Eat and What to Avoid

The pegan diet is an eclectic eating plan that includes the healthiest elements of both the paleo diet and veganism. With the world becoming increasingly health conscious, people are willing to try o


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