How to enable SEO friendly URLs in WordPress

With wordpress it is very easy to setup user friendly SEO URLs. This is the procedure: login as administrator into the “Settings” menu (the submenu at the bottom) choose the “permalink” item choose “custom structure” and input “/%postname%/” save the settings and voilà now you have you’re friendly SEO URLs in your WordPress blog. In latest WordPress version this seems the default when installing via the provider’s automated setup tool like on BlueHost. However if you website contains more then 50 articles and many categories with at least 10 articles within you may consider using “/%category%/%postname%/” instead, in order to make the keyword of the category more relevant. For very busy website you should start using %year% and %month% in your permalink structure, i.e. “/%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/” Some people says that using %category% slow down your wordpress performance. I say that if you really care about performance then you should not use wordpress at all

How to Display Random Posts in WordPress

Want to add a list of random posts in WordPress? Having a list of random posts helps some of your older content gain exposure with your site's visitors. In this video, we will show you two different

How to Display Popular Posts by Day, Week, and Month in WordPress

Are you wanting to display your most popular posts by day, week, month, and all time in WordPress? Popular posts allow your visitors to quickly discover your top content to help improve user engageme

How to Redirect Users to a Random Post in WordPress

Do you want to show random posts on your WordPress site? Displaying the random posts gives your users a chance to view more of your content on your site that they normally may not have. In this video

How to Put Your WordPress Site in Maintenance Mode

Are you looking to put your WordPress site in maintenance mode? Having your site in maintenance mode allows you to display a notice to your site's visitors while you update or fix any issues rather t

How to Create a Table of Content in WordPress Posts and Pages

Do you want to add a Wikipedia style table of contents to some of your longer articles? Tables of contents make it easy to jump to a specific section that they want to read. In this video, we will sh

How to Notify Users Only On Replies to Their WordPress Comments

Looking to improve user engagement by sending a notification to users only when someone replies to their WordPress comments? There is not a built-in method in WordPress for letting users know there i

Experts Answer: Your Most Burning Questions About WordPress Plugin

  WordPress plugins make life smooth. There are different types of plugins which are available. However, picking the best one among the bunch becomes a bit of a challenge. In the below article, Radom

How to Import External Images in WordPress

Do you have external images on your WordPress site that you want to import? This can happen when you move your site from one platform to another this is a common occurrence to have them embedded on y

How to Add a Cookies Popup in WordPress

Wanting to add a cookie consent popup to your WordPress site? The European Union's cookie law requires website owners to get consent before they can set any cookies on your computer. As a site owner

How to Add Click to Tweet Boxes in Your WordPress Posts

Have you seen the quote boxes on some of the popular sites that encourage their users to tweet? These click to tweet quotes are great for increasing site engagement and for shares on Twitter itself.

A WordPress SEO Plugin to [Supercharge Your SEO]

The Ultimate WordPress SEO Plugin to Get More Traffic, Visibility and Sales from Search Engines. Get SEO Ultimate+.

How to Fix Broken Links in WordPress with Broken Link Checker

Trying to fix 404 errors on your WordPress site? Broken links are annoying for your site visitors and can ruin the experience of your site but are difficult to notice when they happen. We've helped t

What to Do When Your Content Doesn’t Get Hits

  There can be numerous reasons as to why your content is not getting desired results. In today’s article, we will look at various reasons for not getting shares and what type of articles should be

Why an SEO Content Audit Is So Important?

It is important to gauge and evaluate the kind of response your content is getting from your target audience. The best way to do it is through SEO Content audit from time to time. A content Audit can

The Most Common SEO Errors to Avoid

There are times when we don’t get the expected traffic or engagement. It is probably due to certain errors which have happened unknowingly during SEO. In today’s article, we will discuss some of t

Different Ways to Earn Links Naturally

Link Building is an integral part of SEO. Links are of two types 1) Inbound and 2) Outbound. In today’s article, we will discuss how to earn links naturally without spamming. In the below article, C

How Good SEO Can Ease Your Pain

  We all know that WordPress is one of the most preferred CMS platforms in the world, and we know that SEO plays an important role in creating visibility for our business. In WordPress, SEO or Search

Top WordPress Plugins You Should Know About

The beauty of WordPress is that it makes complex things simple with the help of plugins. In this article, we will talk about some of the Top WordPress plugins which one should know about. In the foll

The Semantic Web: Why You Should Pay Attention

What is the Semantic Web? Simply put, the Semantic Web is a more intelligent version of the web as we know it. Instead of just focusing on the structure of online data, it is more concerned with the s

Search Engine Optimization And Digital Marketing Both Go Hand In Hand

In today’s time, SEO is not the only thing that matters. Digital marketing plays a very important role along with Search Engine Optimization. SEO provides the much-needed platform whereas digital ma

The SEO Starter Pack

You don’t need a huge budget or years of experience to get started with SEO. Dominating the top rankings for general keywords related to your brand may be out of your reach, but even a slight invest


HANGOUT DI NATALE del Gruppo Facebook dei Nomadi Digitali: mentre tutti vi inviano i loro markettari Auguri di Natale ingessati e foto-copia-i


Con +Gianni Bianchini di +Nomad is Beautiful e con il gruppo facebook dei Nomadi Digitali Italiani ...ORGANIZZIAMO il primo...HANGOUT TRAVEL BLOGGER

Come Trovare Clienti Online #2 | LA LANDING PAGE con Luca Orlandini

Secondo Hangout della serie "Come Trovare Clienti Online" del gruppo dei Nomadi Digitali Italiani ( parla di LANDING PAGE PER TROVARE CLI

Wordpress come ordinare le immagini di una galleria in wordpress

Come ordinare le immagini di una galleria in un post in Wordpress. Naturalmente il codice nel front-end del sito deve supportare questo tipo di modifica.Per ulteriori informazioni:

HANGOUT SEO NOMADE DIGITALE con Francesco Margherita

2° HANGOUT SEO NOMADE DIGITALE del gruppo Facebook dei Nomadi Digitali Italiani ( Margherita...- sociologo, scrittore, musicista, consulente

Hangout Nomade Digitale #10

10° Hangout dei Nomadi Digitali Italiani:

Come Trovare Clienti Online #1

Questo hangout è dedicato a quei professionisti (in fase di avvio o meno) che possono vendere i propri servizi online.Ma questo è anche un hangout/laboratorio, il che significa che vi potreste aspe

Intervista a Eli Sunday Siyabi []

Leggi l'articolo riassuntivo dell'intervista a Eli Sunday Siyabi qui:

Austin Search Engine Optimization and Web Marketing

In today’s digital age, it’s vital your Austin business has an online presence. If you don't, or what you do have isn’t very good, it's going to be very difficult to grow your brand, increase p

Slow Motion Fireworks in Austin on New Years Eve

Shot from across Town Lake in Austin on New Years Eve 2013A test of the fast frame rate on the Canon 5dMarkIII, then scaled to 24 fps in Adobe After Effects. Footage is free to use distribute, whatev

Professional SEO Services

Professional SEO Services: optimal visibility on the web is critical for any business in even remotely competitive verticals. As

SEO Services for Small Business

Small Business SEO Services: all small businesses benefit greatly from even a small infusion of effective marketing strategy. From website optimization cons

Post Page Specific Social Shares Wordpress Plugin

Instructions and how to for the WordPress plugin that allows you to have social share buttons at the top of individual posts or pages that you select. More info at:

Format and Upload Optimized Images to WordPress

This tutorial describes how to upload search engine friendly (optimized and correctly sized) images to a WordPress website via the media uploader through a post or a page or through the media tab. Fr

Install a Custom WordPress Theme Via FTP

This tutorial describes how to install a custom WordPress theme to a WordPress site or blog via FTP by using FileZilla. You need to extract the files from your downloaded theme and then move them ove

Installing Essential SEO Plugins for WordPress

This tutorial walks through installation and basic setup of the best and most important plugins for WordPress when it comes to optimizing your site for search engines. http://www.completewebresource

Set Up WordPress to Automatically Ping Search Engines

This tutorial shows you how to set up a WordPress blog or website so that it automatically notifies search engines when you've added new content, by sending a notice to a large number of ping service

How to Change the WordPress Permalink Structure

A quick tutorial on how to change the WordPress permalink structure with search engine optimization best practices in mind. From


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