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Transmissions today are extremely complex and require the expertise of highly trained professionals who are trained to pinpoint and diagnose transmission problems. Tranco offers a free 21 multi-point transmission check that will detect the slightest problems - something as simple as a poor electrical connection. A few of these items checked are transmission fluid level and condition, roadtest your vehicle, check the under carriage of your vehicle for leaks as well as electrical connections. We will also evaluate your vehicle's electrical and computer systems - free of charge. Contact the experts at Tranco Transmissionfor all your transmission needs

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Regulations


Automotive Technology - Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana

Ivy Tech offers affordable associate degrees and certificates in Indiana; transfer or begin an in-demand job in health, technology, business or public service.

21 Multi Point Transmission Check

All transmissions especially computer controlled transmissions require the expertise of highly trained technicians to accurately diagnose transmission problems. With a FREE 21 MULTI POINT TRANSMISSION

Tranco Transmission Repair Company Celebrates Its 23rd Anniversary This Year

Tranco Transmission Repair is celebrating their 23rd Anniversary, which commemorates twenty-three years. The 23 years have been a wonderful growing period and at times quite challenging for the busine

ECPRA072 Project Light | Snap-on Tools

The ECPRA072 Project Light is not just the brightest in its class, but also the toughest light we've ever made. With a small profile design, a magnetic bottom, a variable brightness button, and USB -

Got a Minute? How to Check Tire Tread Depth with a Penny

Shallow, worn tire treads can make driving dangerous. Not sure if your tires need replacing? Grab a penny and we’ll show you how to check!

Ray Peterek Teaching Transmission Training Class

In this video Ray the owner of Tranco is teaching a high school class about the ins and outs of transmission repair. The kids were really into this and found it facinating. They appreciated the inform

10 Reasons to Invest Your Tax Refund in a Car Tune Up

It's tempting to spend your tax refund on new tech or clothes…but it might not be the best use of your funds. Here's why you should consider a tune-up instead.

EEWH331A Heavy Duty Tilt Back Tire Changer | Snap-on Tools

Snap-on Tool's versatile EEWH331A Heavy Duty Tilt Back Tire Changer can mount almost every tire and rim combo needed. The tilt back tower and larger cabinet size allow for faster operation and ample

The Best Oil in Winter

If the engine is the heart of your car, the oil is its lifeblood. Especially in winter. The season’s single-digit temps can cause your motor oil to flow either too slowly or not at all – which can

Is Your Car Getting the Preventative Maintenance It Needs?

You expect your car to get you safely and smoothly from Point A to Point B, but there are a few things your trusty car needs in return. Like what? Like the right preventative maintenance services, at

How to Stay Warm When Your Car Heater Not Working

Car heater not working? Bring your car to the nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care and in the meantime, keep warm with these ideas for a cozy car!

Double Play 2017 EPIQ Giveaway...Could This be You?

This could be you in to your Snap-on franchisee or other representative for more information. Snap-on Double Play runs January 8 - April 13, 2018WATCH MORE: SUBSCRIBE:

Diagnostic Quick Tips - FIAT® 500 Throttle Body Relearn

Many replacement parts have to have a relearn performed with a scan tool before they'll function properly. In this Diagnostic Quick Tip, National Field Trainer Jason Gabrenas shows you how to perfor

Snap-on® Double-Play is back!

Get your scratching coin ready: Snap-on® Double-Play is back! Earn game cards from your Franchisee and enter for a chance to win a Traxxas® X-MAXX® Snap-on Tool Truck, a $5,000 shopping spree or a

10 Tips to Master Summer Road Trip

Here are some tips for your family and best summer road trip. This can be so much fun for everyone. Take the time to check out the tips we gave you.

5 Car Books Every Weekend Mechanic Must Read This Year

Are you a weekend mechanic? Or do you love to work on cars on the weekends? Is your free time spent on learning about the latest repair jobs or taking apart an old engine just to rebuild it again? If

Pikes Peak Race Won By 1368BHP Electric Car

2017 Pikes Peak car race is won by an electric car with almost 1400 BHP. Just amazing.

How to Protect Your Car’s Interior in Summer

Source | Christopher Windus Summer is upon us, and the streets are heating up. That means it’s time to prep your car for the hottest time of year. Of course you should perform all the regular summer

Forefixers: The Innovators Who Brought Air Conditioning to Your Car

Source | Mike/Pexels Unless you’ve owned a car with a broken air conditioning system, it’s hard to imagine having to slog through the long, hot summer in a vehicle that’s just as hot inside as e

The Difference Between Ceramic and Semi-Metallic Brake Pads

Source | William Clifford/Flickr Brake pads are the unsung hero of modern motoring, able to stop your heavy vehicle by converting kinetic (motion) energy into heat. It’s simple, yet brilliant techno

Crucial Cars: Chevrolet Camaro, Part Two

Back when the Chevrolet Camaro debuted, the Beatles were making albums, color TV was a new novelty and the Vietnam war was escalating. Chevy’s sleek new number, an answer to Ford’s super successfu

Crucial Cars: Ford Bronco

Source | Andrew Duthie/Flickr Over the last 50 years, dozens of SUVs and off-roaders debuted only to become stuck in the ruts and mud holes of history, forgotten. There are very few legends in this ar


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