Operational Management Tips for Manufacturing

Tips for operational management regarding administrative, inventory, purchasing, management, or sales & marketing

Double Book Launch Sale Ends at Midnight!

Huge Double Book Launch Sale Ends at Midnight! Go to http://www.msiam3.com - and check out the offers for the big book launch. Managed Services in a Month 3rd Ed. and Service Agreements for SMB Consu

Why Your Administration is KEY and Effects from the Bottom to the Top!

The administration is the core of your business and as such needs to operate at the highest efficiency, because when that happens the entire business is more efficient. To do this we address some of t

Managed Services Book Launch Q&A

Just a quick Q&A session regarding the double book launch. See a 15 minutes video outlining the book launch options and addressing some questions at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdrTV-A7qn8&am

Big Managed Service Double Book Launch - The Offer

Step by step description of what you get in each of the five options available in the Big Managed Service Double Book Launch. The launch site is www.msiam3.com.Join me for a live webinar November 13t

Launch Information - Bundles Help Clients Make Good Choices

Lots of people have asked about how they can get more sales and more clients. I think bundling services is the key to making sales because the world is getting more complicated all the time. Help you

Coming Monday - Double Managed Services Book Launch!

Do you know one of the most important things that Managed Service Providers do wrong? I tell you in the middle of this video.More details on the NEW content you'll find in these new books. For exampl

US gun violence: Yes, we have a problem

I wrote this blog post almost 5 years ago after the Sandy Hook mass shooting of school children. Remember that? Horror. Additional comments in red color, but the sad fact remains that America has the

Announcement: Managed Services in a Month - 3rd Edition

Announcement: Managed Services in a Month - 3rd EditionStay tuned next Monday, November 13th for the presales launch of Managed Services in a Month - 3rd Edition.Subscribe to this channel and don't m

8 Reasons Why your Management is not Bringing your Team to the Next Level

Management is the lead which brings your team to success, so when you don’t see the results you want that’s the first place you look. Like anything there are many pitfalls that can befall your man

What is post-merger integration?

This 21 letter hyphenated-phrase generates $billions of management consulting work. With M&A booming the last few years, it’s no surprise that companies need lots of post-deal support. Whether

What is the elephant chart?

Thought-provoking. I first read about the “elephant chart” in Edward Luce’s The Retreat of Western Liberalism (affiliate link), where the author explained how income inequality was a key factor

7 Inventory Problems That Are Impacting Your Bottom Line

Your inventory 1.  Stock counts not being done or not completed on time Though less of an issue with digital inventory, manual inventory still faces issues with counting stock properly and on a sched

SOP: Document Those Hosted Services!

Hosted or "Cloud" Services are becoming more important. In fact, as I teach in my cloud services roadshow, we have lots of clients for whom virtually ALL of their technology is in the cloud

Top 5 Ways Your Sales Team is Failing You!

The sales team is one of the most important parts of a company and yours is no exception. They are the team that generates revenue, however there are many flaws they can fall into if you’re not care

BCG: Nine trends shaping Tech M&A

The BCG 2017 M&A report has a great subtitle here (3Mb pdf) called the Technology Takeover.  BCG notes that 30% of 2016 M&A involved the acquisition of technology companies (no surprise), o

Interview: Brooke Ferguson - Yes, You Can Have It All!

Brooke is a Lifestyle Coach. She moved to Thailand ten years ago to see if she could run her business from the road. Well not only did it work, but it has thrived - and so has Brooke. She's put toget

Are we less willing to listen to experts who disagree with our world view?

Yes, I think so, and that’s a bad sign. . . I saw this book at the library and was intrigued by the cryptic title: Death of Expertise: The Campaign Against Established Knowledge and Why it Matters

SOP: Most of the Time, You Don't Need Proposals

Some people prepare big, fat proposals for clients. Unless a client asks you for this (or it's required as part of the RFQ process), there's no real advantage to these documents. Point clients to a

Richard Thaler, Nudge, Nobel Prize

Richard Thaler, professor from University of Chicago, won the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel. Most people know him for writing the 2008 best-seller Nudge (aff

Case interview season begins

It’s case interview season. Seems like students just got to school.  Moving in, meeting a few people, and getting into an academic groove. Then, BBAM, time for case interviews. There is one huge up

Help Me Pick the Book Cover - Managed Services in a Month - 3rd Edition

Managed Services in a Month has been the best selling book for Managed Services on Amazon for almost ten years. And now there's going to be a *Third Edition* - coming very soon.Please help me pick a

Be likable, be yourself

This post is from 3 years ago, but more relevant than ever. Consultants are likable.  If you are not likable, uh, you have a problem. New comments in red color. Eager to hear your comments on this on

Business Books – Video Hacks

What business books have you read recently? When I ask this of friends and colleagues, I usually get this guilty look of someone who hasn’t read a book in year. Honestly, who has time to read? Af

Colour Code Your Way to Success

The post Colour Code Your Way to Success appeared first on Pro-B Management | Business Management Consultant.


The post TOP FIVE PRODUCTIVITY KILLERS appeared first on Pro-B Management | Business Management Consultant.

How Personality Types Affect Bottom Line

In order to drive discussion on this question, we first need to understand what personality is and what are the different traits that individuals’ personality can have. It is possible to define pers

Inefficiencies That Cost you Big Time

Employee Communication Poor communication in business whether written or oral can obstruct the efficiency of your organization or a specific department. For instance, vague email messages that require

Accounting Inefficiencies That will Bog your Company Down

Limited Understanding on What Core Products and Services Create the Numbers Although few companies have zeroed in on customer experience, many have been trying to measure customer satisfaction and hav

Business Management

Business Management | Brent Trenholm Knows What He’s Talking About Are you a successful business owner, professional or entrepreneur who is looking for ways to take your company to the next level, r

What Business Travelers Want Most From Loyalty Programs: Stealthy Luxury

I guess I sounded like a dick in my last post,


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