Operational Management Tips for Manufacturing

Tips for operational management regarding administrative, inventory, purchasing, management, or sales & marketing

Swimming with the Whale Sharks

OK. This had nothing to do with IT services - except to encourage you to take a day off and have fun.I went swimming recently with the Whale Sharks and giant Manta Rays at the Georgia Aquarium. Amazi

Business Books – Video Hacks

What business books have you read recently? When I ask this of friends and colleagues, I usually get this guilty look of someone who hasn’t read a book in year. Honestly, who has time

SOP: Avoid HIPAA Headaches

Why don't airplanes fall out of the sky every day when there are over 100,000 flights every day? Because they have a zero tolerance policy about safety. Why are there HIPAA breaches nearly every day?

SOP: Work ON Your Business

Michael Gerber, in the EMyth Revisited, gives the advice to work ON your business. What does that really mean?More SOPs at http://www.sop4smb.com

“If you want something done, give it to someone busy.”

I find this to be incredibly true. People who are busy (and effective) can really cut through the clutter, and get the most important things done. They don’t try to do everything, they do what i

Make the Move to Cloud Service Provider

Now's the time to make the move from Managed Service Provider to Cloud Service Provider. Some insights from Karl Palachuk, author and trainer.More info at http://www.smbroadshow.comEmail me at karlp@

SOP: Managing Time in Blocks

If you schedule the "big blocks" first, you can manage your time more effectively. You have (or should have) a ticketing system. Use it to block off important tasks.More info at http://www.

Strong opinions, loosely held

Love this expression. I first heard this in a Tim Ferris interview of Marc Andreessen here (min 6:10). Andreessen created the Netscape Mosaic browser (making the internet easy to navigate), sold it to

SMB Roadshow Heads to Australia!

Karl Palachuk's 2017 SMB Cloud Roadshow heads to Australia in October. Cities include Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. Find out what's included in this 6-hour live training.More information

Consultants are like physical trainers

Mondays 440am wake up. My wife and I have a love/hate relationship with Mondays and Wednesdays because they start with a 440am alarm. Massive coffee. 515am we are at the gym with a physical train

Career opportunity: Swing like Tarzan

Swing like Tarzan. A consulting partner gave me this advice (hat tip: AG) when I asked him how to navigate my consulting career. At the time, I was staffed on the same project for a while and did

SOP: Front Office Responsibilities

The owner wears many hats. The first three hats you should give up are Administrative Assistant, Bookkeeper, and Office Manager. With luck, you'll hire someone to wear all three . . . for now.More SO

Stuart Has No Fear About Starting a New IT Business

Stuart attended the SMB Roadshow in Edinburgh and says he no longer has any fears or concerns about starting a new IT consulting company.

Steven from Edinburgh Loved the SMB Roadshow

Steven says he learned a lot that will help his business.More information at http://www.smbroadshow.com

Saying “yes” to clients can get you in trouble

It’s easy to say YES.  Perhaps too easy. When the client asks for something – new research, some ad-hoc analysis, an extra workshop – it usually seems like a reasonable request.

SOP: Documentation Pouches

Here's a great tip: Use "pouch" type file folders to store all the information for specific hardware and software. In addition to being well organized, it make clean-up and end-of-life go s

Amy Trask: Cold call to internship to CEO, LA Raiders

In 1983, Amy Trask USC (So Cal) law student makes a cold-call to the LA Raiders looking for an internship. Dialogue goes like this: LA Raiders switchboard operator: “What’s an internship?&

BMI: Bureaucracy Mass Index?

I first read this catchy acronym in the Harvard Business Review here. It’s not a subtle metaphor, but very easy to understand. Apt. Vivid. In the United States, we have a huge obesity 

Watch this: The Defiant Ones (HBO)

The Defiant Ones: For those who (like me) signed up for HBO Now for just 2 months to watch Game of Thrones season 7 (affiliate link), please spend the 4 hours to watch The Defiant Ones (affi

Implementation takes guts

James McKinsey, the founder and namesake of McKinsey & Company, discovered this the hard way when he was recruited by one of his clients to be CEO.  After many years consulting, he now had th

Colour Code Your Way to Success

The post Colour Code Your Way to Success appeared first on Pro-B Management | Business Management Consultant.


The post TOP FIVE PRODUCTIVITY KILLERS appeared first on Pro-B Management | Business Management Consultant.

How Personality Types Affect Bottom Line

In order to drive discussion on this question, we first need to understand what personality is and what are the different traits that individuals’ personality can have. It is possible to define

Inefficiencies That Cost you Big Time

Employee Communication Poor communication in business whether written or oral can obstruct the efficiency of your organization or a specific department. For instance, vague email messages that require

Accounting Inefficiencies That will Bog your Company Down

Limited Understanding on What Core Products and Services Create the Numbers Although few companies have zeroed in on customer experience, many have been trying to measure customer satisfaction and hav

Business Management

Business Management | Brent Trenholm Knows What He’s Talking About Are you a successful business owner, professional or entrepreneur who is looking for ways to take your company to the next leve

The 5 Classic Mistakes in Organizational Structure

The 5 Classic Mistakes in Organizational Structure: Or, How to Design Your Organization the Right Way Posted on January 9, 2012 by Lex Sisney Is your organization designed like a parachute or a rocket

Operation Efficiency & Effectiveness

Operation Efficiency & Effectiveness Remaining competitive in today’s global economy, it is essential for companies to boost their operational efficiency where ever possible. Sooner or later

The Three Biggest Problems Facing Productivity Today

Companies are made up of many intricate, sometimes complicated facets, and components. There are a lot of hopes, dreams, ideas and successes that go into making our visions come true. Without building

Reducing Down-Time

When workload increases, efficiency becomes essential to being successful. With added system efficiencies to increase production, we are better able to enhance our accuracy, overall consistency and ma

What Business Travelers Want Most From Loyalty Programs: Stealthy Luxury

I guess I sounded like a dick in my last post,


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