Operational Management Tips for Manufacturing

Tips for operational management regarding administrative, inventory, purchasing, management, or sales & marketing

Thiel: “What aspects of technology are actually charismatic?”

Peter Thiel spoke at the Economic Club of New York yesterday. Super insightful, contrarian, clearly an original. If this is a name that is new to you, here is a refresher blog post from 2017. Co-fou

SMB Roadshow Goes to Hawaii in April

Join me in Honolulu or Maui - April 24th or 26th.The 2018 SMB Roadshow will head to Hawaii. The topic isThe Killer Combo: Managed Services and Cloud Services.Details at http://www.smbroadshow.com/haw

SOP: Sell Only Good Equipment

I'm a big believer that you should only sell business class equipment. So many people assume the client wants to cut corners and buy junky stuff because it's cheap. Some people are willing to put up

Dave Sobel Looks at the Future

Interview with Dave Sobel, Senior Director of MSP Evangelism at SolarWinds MSP. We cover a broad range of future-looking topics.More info and links at http://www.smbcommunitypodcast.com

Recruiters speak: 17 things all college graduates need to know

At the Goizueta Business School we offer a 3 week business boot camp for non-business majors here. The idea goes that there are a few dozen core business concepts that any graduate should know (e.g.,

NBA Golden State Warriors: Amazing 17min video of the last 8 years

The post NBA Golden State Warriors: Amazing 17min video of the last 8 years appeared first on Consultant's Mind.

Satya Nadella advice: bring energy and clarity

Big fan of Satya Nadella, current CEO of Microsoft. Take a look at this 2 min video. I showed this to 200+  business school students recently. Completely worth your time. Energy and Clarity.  Boom.

Only 38% of US publicly-traded companies are profitable

Finviz is a great way to filter stocks. It’s free. It’s like Bloomberg-lite for the non-investment bankers. It shows all the stocks traded in the US (including foreign ADRs like HMC, PHG etc). H

Read this Book: Anarchy, Inc.

I love Patrick Schwerdtfeger's new book Anarchy, Inc. Obviously, it's interesting to me as a nerd and computer consultant. But it's also intriguing from the perspective of a business owner. Assuming

Michael Siggins - What's New at ChannelPro?

In this interview, Michael Siggins from ChannelPro talks about the great variety of things they do, and what makes ChannelPro SMB Forums such great events for VARs and Managed Service Providers.Lots

SMB Community Meeting February 2018

A while back I called for a community meeting for SMB (small and medium business) IT consultants. The meeting was held live online February 26, 2018. As promised, here is the recording. PLEASE leave

Olympic medals: apples-to-apples comparison

Who doesn’t love the Olympics? It’s a chance to see the world’s best compete in a safe environment, free from politicians’ rhetoric and jingoism. It’s inspiring to hear athletes’ stories.

Josh Liberman Interview - Selling Security

In this SMB Community Podcast, I talk with Josh Liberman of Net Sciences, Albuquerque, NM.Josh has a specialty in network security. We talk about what he offers and how it fits with his managed servi

How to download Linkedin data

Huge fan of Linkedin. It’s the primary way I stay in touch my friends and work colleagues from the last 20 years. Barely use Facebook, but use Linkedin daily. So, when I was trying to filter some of

SOP: Don't Make it Personal

SOP: Don't Make it Personal. When you create standard operating procedures, it's important that you put the focus on roles and departments - not individuals.

Jennifer Fields and Elizabeth Vanover on IT Marketing Strategies

I had a great chat with Jennifer Fields and Elizabeth Vanover from EMC - Executive Marketing Collective - on IT Marketing Strategies. Each of them had a successful marketing business. Then they merge

Why roses? They’re the toughest

Happy Valentine’s. For those of you who gave / received roses, bravo. Life is short, enjoy. Indulge yourself and make others happy. So do you know why roses are so popular? B2C: It’s the epitome o

Intro to SOPs Webinar

Recorded webinar - Intro to Standard Operating Procedures.Handout mentioned is here: http://sop4smb.com/images/Palachuk-Building-Your-SOP-Folder.zip

Strategic Management in 20 Icons

The post Strategic Management in 20 Icons appeared first on Consultant's Mind.

What Business Travelers Want Most From Loyalty Programs: Stealthy Luxury

I guess I sounded like a dick in my last post,


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