Healthy Breakfast Recipes

A healthy, balanced breakfast in the morning can help improve behavior and school performance, as well as foster a healthy weight. On the other hand, when skipping breakfast, children’s brains and bodies suffer all day long.

Navigating infant formula shortages

Infant formula shortages in the U.S. have occurred in the past two years largely due to widespread pandemic-related supply-chain problems. A national shortage of infant formula is undoubtedly alarming

Healthy Winter Recipes

Winter is finally upon us, and it’s here to stay for the next few months. When the cold weather comes, it’s important to take advantage of some of the in-season veggies. As you know, variety is t

Healthy Living Guide 2021/2022

A Digest on Healthy Eating and Healthy Living Over the course of 2021, many of us continued to adapt to a “new normal,” characterized by a return to some pre-pandemic activities mixed with hobbies

Educational Holiday Gift Ideas 2021

Toys: the silly four-letter word parents cringe at when they come between a clean room, a sibling argument or a holiday wish list that seems to be overflowing with all things T-O-Y. Although, as pare

Understanding Anxiety Disorder in Children

Just like adults, a certain level of anxiety is normal. Whether they’re anxious about starting a new school or visiting the dentist, anxiety is a part of everyone’s life to some degree. From smal

Understanding a Nut Allergy

Whether your child has been diagnosed with a nut allergy or you’re just hoping to better understand one of the most common allergies among children, we are here to teach you some of the most releva

Responding vs. Reacting

We’ve all been there, during a particularly rowdy game of tag something in the house shattered. Now your child is staring at you in tears. Now what? Do you react or respond? While we may want to sa

Healthy School Lunch Ideas

It has long been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but when we think about nourishing our children, one fact trumps all else: feeding your child a healthy and balanced diet w

Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

With Halloween just a few short weeks away, it’s the perfect time to reflect on some of the most important safety tips for this candy-filled and costume-doning holiday. With the COVID-19 pandemic s

Standardized Reference Diets for Zebrafish: Addressing Nutritional Control in Experimental Methodology

Annual Review of Nutrition, Volume 41, Issue 1, Page 511-527, October 2021. <br/>

Vitamin A and Vitamin E: Will the Real Antioxidant Please Stand Up?

Annual Review of Nutrition, Volume 41, Issue 1, Page 105-131, October 2021. <br/>

Cardiometabolic Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Annual Review of Nutrition, Volume 41, Issue 1, Page 333-361, October 2021. <br/>

Metabolic and Signaling Roles of Ketone Bodies in Health and Disease

Annual Review of Nutrition, Volume 41, Issue 1, Page 49-77, October 2021. <br/>

The Influence of Front-of-Package Nutrition Labeling on Consumer Behavior and Product Reformulation

Annual Review of Nutrition, Volume 41, Issue 1, Page 529-550, October 2021. <br/>

Sleep and Diet: Mounting Evidence of a Cyclical Relationship

Annual Review of Nutrition, Volume 41, Issue 1, Page 309-332, October 2021. <br/>

Microbial Flavonoid Metabolism: A Cardiometabolic Disease Perspective

Annual Review of Nutrition, Volume 41, Issue 1, Page 433-454, October 2021. <br/>

Ins and Outs of the TCA Cycle: The Central Role of Anaplerosis

Annual Review of Nutrition, Volume 41, Issue 1, Page 19-47, October 2021. <br/>

Nutritional Qualities and Enhancement of Edible Insects

Annual Review of Nutrition, Volume 41, Issue 1, Page 551-576, October 2021. <br/>

Adverse Effects of Medications on Micronutrient Status: From Evidence to Guidelines

Annual Review of Nutrition, Volume 41, Issue 1, Page 411-431, October 2021. <br/>

The Most Important Meal of the Day: Nutritious Breakfast Ideas for Kids

There may be no better way to start each day than by enjoying a delicious and nutritious breakfast. Setting the tone for the rest of your day, consuming breakfast every day, is the most efficient way

Fall Activities that Keep Your Child Moving

Motivating your child to stay active can seem challenging when the weather cools down and the holiday season abounds. With school in full swing and extracurricular activities are added to a mile-long

Coping with Back to School Anxiety after the Pandemic

A new school year is anxiety-provoking in the best of times.  After the last year and a half of the Pandemic with shutdowns, lockdowns, restrictions, and virtual learning, it is not surprising that

Healthy Living Guide 2020/2021

A Digest on Healthy Eating and Healthy Living As we transition from 2020 into 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect nearly every aspect of our lives. For many, this health crisis has created

Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2020 released

The 9th edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2020-2025 is out, with the tagline to Make Every Bite Count. Intended for policy makers, healthcare providers, nutrition educators, and Federal

Pregunte al Experto: El rol de la dieta y los suplementos nutricionales durante COVID-19

El distanciamiento social y el lavado de manos son los métodos más eficaces y comprobados para reducir el riesgo y la propagación de la enfermedad del coronavirus (COVID-19). Sin embargo, junto con

Ask the Expert: The role of diet and nutritional supplements during COVID-19

Social distancing and regular handwashing are the most effective and proven methods to reduce risk and spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). However, along with general questions on how to saf

Seguridad de los alimentos, nutrición, y bienestar durante COVID-19

Esta página se actualizará conforme más información esté disponible. Última actualización: 4 de mayo del 2020. Según navegamos estos tiempos nunca vistos, muchos(as) se preguntan cómo comprar

Food safety, nutrition, and wellness during COVID-19

This page will be updated as new information becomes available. Last update: 5.29.20 [En español] As we navigate these unprecedented times, many are wondering how to safely shop, order, and prepare f

New “guidelines” say continue red meat consumption habits, but recommendations contradict evidence

A controversial “dietary guidelines recommendation” published in Annals of Internal Medicine suggests that adults can continue to consume red meat and processed meat at current levels of intake. [

Ask the Expert: Popular plant-based meat alternatives

Plant-based alternatives to animal-based foods are not a new phenomenon. Tofu, for example, has often been treated as an alternative to meat for centuries. In more recent decades, food companies have


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