Progesterone Suppositories Are Helping Women

Progesterone suppositories assist in helping women hold their pregnancies to term. Low level progesterone can cause miscarriages and this helps avoid that.

Progesterone Suppositories Assisting In Holding Pregnancies To Term - Dr Thomas Lodi

Progesterone suppositories are helping many women with their pregnancies! At our healing center, we give progesterone suppositories to women struggling to hold their pregnancies to term.  We have the

I accidentally gave my dog my 100 mg capsule of Progesterone.

Worried about side affects and vet is closed. Any advise?

Cooked Versus Raw Food

There is a tremendous difference in cooked versus raw food from a nutritional perspective. It’s important that people eat lots of raw vegetables. Your salad should have lots of broccoli, cabbage, ca

Banish Bloat, Clear Your Skin, and Feel Amazing This Summer

Summer’s almost here and it seems like every magazine, blog, and social media post is featuring images of the “perfect” bikini body—and trying to sell...

Massive plummet

Hi, I was drinking some nettle tea, using natural progesterone cream (stopped abrubtly after a couple of weeks..I think because I was getting my period),

Premature ovarian failure

At 22, I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure. I am now 46, and have taken birth control since 22 to help. I believe I've been estrogen dominant

Is it ok to use an SSRI and Progesterone cream?

Unfortunately I had a miscarriage with my twin boys at 14.5 weeks. It was the most physically and emotionally traumatic thing I have ever experienced.

This is How Long It Really Takes to Achieve Hormonal Healing

You’re making the move from conventional to organic, you’re synchronizing your workouts with your cycle, and you’re taking the necessary steps to get your gut...

Progesterone bad effects?

Hello, I was placed on bio-identical progesterone (troches) about a year and a half ago. I took it for the two weeks leading up to my period for three

Problems with nausea and month long period

Hello, I started using NatPro after reading Dr. Lee's book What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Pre-Menopause. For many years, I've had severe PMS...mood

Progesterone After Confirming Pregnancy

Hi, I have experienced a miscarriage and after doing some research, based off the symptoms I had, I have reason to believe my levels of vitamin D and

Why Do We Need Plants To Live?

Why do we need plants to live because everything starts with them! Plants like what humans don’t. They like it when we die because they love our corpse. They love when we have a bowel movement. So,

75 yr. old Male with sudden increase of estradiol and breast increase.

My estradiol went from 48 to 462 in a short time. I have a strong reason to believe it was the pregnenolone I started taking. My doctor said it was from

So confused, need help with progesterone dosing

I'm so confused. Im 42 and have been using 20 mg of progesterone cream, days 7 - 14 and 40 mg days 14-28. My doctor had me start using it for pms and

Histamine Intolerance and a Brand New Way of Treating PMS or PMDD

Here’s something important about PMS or PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder): At least some of the time it’s caused or worsened by histamine intolerance. Histamine intolerance is the condition o


I'm a healthcare provider. I'm interested to learn why your recommended Progesterone cream, NatPro, contains XANTHAN GUM, which is a source of PROCESSED

Want To Become a Mom Someday? You’ll Need These 5 Micronutrients First

If you’re a woman living in today’s crazy world, chances are you’re pushing yourself to the limit in a lot of ways that can affect...

Best Intermittent Fasting Method

The best intermittent fasting method is simply called healthy eating. Healthy eating is when one eats once a day. And, it’s always beneficial to skip a day or two of eating every now and then for th

How to Treat Uterine Fibroids Naturally

Believe it or not, the majority of women will develop uterine fibroids at some point in their lifetime. Crazy, right? But it’s true — a...

Banish Hormonal Acne For Good With These 5 Supplements

Is there anything crueller than adult acne? You’ve suffered through the skin issues of adolescence only to discover that adulthood comes with its own host of...

Is Adding Oil To Juice Beneficial?

Is adding oil to juice beneficial in any way? Many people are apparently advocating this practice. So, is adding oil to juice beneficial, it is if your goal is to decrease glucose absorption. Let’s

The Must-Read Guide to Boosting and Preserving Your Fertility

Making a baby may seem straightforward, but if you’ve ever tried and struggled to conceive—or witnessed one of your girlfriends endure the experience—then you know...

The 5 foods to avoid if you have PCOS

If you’re dealing with a hormonal condition like PCOS, you’ve probably tried every health trend on the planet. Juicing, fasting, low-carb, , vegan diets —...

The Myth Of Disease

The Myth of Disease is perpetuated by the medical industry! The myth of disease will be explained in this article because I want people to truly understand there is no disease. The body does only what

The Little Known Issue Almost All Menstrual Problems Have In Common

Have you ever wondered about the cause of all your hormonal problems? Every thought about the origin of the miserable symptoms affecting your weight, skin,...

If You’re Not Thinking About Ovulation, You’re Not Thinking About Health

This is my open letter to every clinician, personal trainer, and blogger who offers health advice without thinking about periods. Dear Sir, Your health advice may cause your clients to stop ovulating.

What Is The Function Of Receptors In Our Body?

What is the function of receptors in our body and are there different types? We have different receptors on our cells for different reasons. For some receptors, the body makes that chemical and it fit

3 secret reasons women shouldn’t drink coffee

Plus I share my thoughts on the Bulletproof/Upgraded Coffee trend, How Women Need toBiohack their Energy Levels Differently than Men,  and How to Heal from...

Benefits Of Bacteria For Humans

The benefits of bacteria for humans are essential for good health! Fungus is really good for the planet. Their job is to turn dead matter back into the soil. The benefits of bacteria for humans should

5 Natural Ways You Can Beat The Winter Blues

Living in New York City, when the seasons change, boy do we know about it! If you’ve not experienced it, then I know you’ve definitely...

EMF Measurement And The Unknown Dangers

EMF measurement is something that needs more attention as it relates to our health. Today we have to deal with something we can’t detect, EMF’s or electromagnetic fields and frequencies. EMF measu

Natural Human Instincts No Longer Exist

Natural human instincts have vanished from humanity. No creature on this earth or flying above the earth ever asks the following question but humans do. You will never see a dog asks its mother, is th

Do You Have PCOS or Hypothalamic Amenorrhea—or Both?

If you’ve lost your period, you may have noticed that it’s tough to get the right diagnosis. First, you’re told you have the hormonal condition PCOS, and then you’re told that maybe you don’

Rescue Prescription for Menopause and Perimenopause. Feel Better in 3 Easy Steps

Here are the symptoms you don’t want to talk about. Heavy, flooding periods. Mood swings. Insomnia. Hot flashes. They’re not nice symptoms because, well, it’s not fun to bleed through your cloth

Calling All Vegans. Please Tell Me About Your Periods

If you follow my blog, then you know how much I care about women and women’s health. I want women to be fully nourished and to eat in a way that supports ovulation and hormones. I am, therefore, con

Pain Is Not a Symptom of PCOS

Pain can be the symptom of several different gynecological conditions including endometriosis, adenomyosis, and ovarian cysts. Pain is not a symptom of the hormonal condition PCOS. But what if you hav

Do Women Need Periods?

This post is my rebuttal to all the doctors and scientists who have stood at the podium and tried to explain to a room full of women that menstruation is not natural. Because, they say, our ancestors

The 5 Best Types of Natural Birth Control

Had enough of the side effects of hormonal birth control? You do have other options. Here are my top 5 picks for the best methods of non-hormonal natural birth control. 💮 Daysy and other fertility

Why I Ask Some Patients to Quit Sugar (and What I Mean by Sugar)

If you are perfectly healthy and rarely eat anything sweeter than a peach, then please keep doing what you’re doing. You don’t need this post. If on the other hand, you have insulin resistance or

The 7 Best Natural Anti-Androgen Supplements for Facial Hair (Hirsutism)

Natural anti-androgen supplements reduce testosterone or block its effects. In women, androgen blockers can improve the symptom of unwanted facial hair (hirsutism), usually associated with PCOS. Anti-


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