Progesterone Suppositories Are Helping Women

Progesterone suppositories assist in helping women hold their pregnancies to term. Low level progesterone can cause miscarriages and this helps avoid that.

Progesterone Suppositories Assisting In Holding Pregnancies To Term - Dr Thomas Lodi

Progesterone suppositories are helping many women with their pregnancies! At our healing center, we give progesterone suppositories to women struggling to hold their pregnancies to term.  We have the

Cancer Surgery Is Not The Answer

Cancer surgery is not the answer to healing from it! When looking at your treatment options, cancer surgery is not the answer! Removing a cancerous tumor is not the proper path to healing. I’ll use

Men need DHT, not progesterone ?

Men can take progesterone and benefit, however this article claims DHT is even better for the prostate and blocking estrogen

Estrogen Dominance or Adrenaline Dominance?

I'm 40 years old, and about 3 years ago I started to get IBS symptoms. I had a lot of stress going on in my life and it lasted for months on end. I went

Dolores from Toronto

Hi, I am at a loss ever since we lost Wray and I don't know who to address. I am enclosing an article and would really like to know your views on this

Best Ketogenic Diet Book For Cancer

The best Ketogenic Diet Book for Cancer will be available to the public soon. I’m currently completing what will be once published the best ketogenic diet book for cancer available on the market. Th

Cycle-Synching Your Workout: What’s The Best Time of Day For Women to Exercise?

  Break a sweat before dawn or bust a move after work? Lunch time lunges or late-night laps? It’s the age-old question that so many...


Hello, I just wanted to know if natural progesterone cream can cause swelling in the vagina? I have been using this cream for about 8 months and noticed

Weight gain/bloating since starting bio identical progesterone cream

Hi, I'm a 47 year old mother of three kids and I have just started taking progesterone cream for the luteal face to overcome my PMS (that I have battled

Have you purchased from this company recently?

I order a cream from this company and have not received it and no one answers my email. I just need to know if I need to dispute my purchase through paypal

Why you need to start a period journal

    When you are on your period, the hormones that are in play provide you with access to both heightened critical thinking skills and...

Vitamin D

Hello joy I wrote to you a month ago that my symptoms were creeping back in so I upped my progesterone to 600 mgs a day and finally stated to level out.

Pain Is Not a Symptom of PCOS

Pain can be the result of several different gynecological conditions including endometriosis, adenomyosis, and ovarian cysts. Pain is not a symptom of the hormonal condition PCOS. But what if you have

The prescription-free acne treatment

  If you’re experiencing acne and you go to your doctor for support, you are likely to come away with one of four prescriptions: antibiotics,...

Hysterectomy kept ovaries.

I had a hysterectomy I kept my ovaries, had my cervix, tubes and uterus removed about 7 months ago. I've recently had some blood work done and found

Severe pain in left breast

I've had severe pain in my left breast for a year now. I've seen my GP five time's and a breast specialist at the hospital twice. The specialist is adamant

Can’t understand my test results

Hello. My doctor refused to give a urine or saliva test for hormone results, and now it seems he’s unable to interpret the test anyway. I could cry! I

Exercise During Cancer Treatment

Exercise during cancer treatment supports the immune system which is needed during this time. The answer is yes, exercise helps support and boost the immune system, especially exercise with oxygen the

Why you need to do a hormone detox

I’m no big fan of the quick fix. If you know me, you know I advocate for making good choices every day, creating sustainable lifestyle...

Make sure these ingredients are NOT in your supplements!

  As most FLO Living clients already know, I’m a big believer in supporting a hormone-healthy diet with the right supplements. While your diet should...

Treatment For Chronic Fatigue And Fibromyalgia

Treatment for chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia that addresses the root cause of the health condition. And, that root cause is simply a malfunction in the body as a result of operating outside of the l

Which deficiency type are you?

If you’ve been visiting FLO Living for a while or you’ve familiarized yourself with my book, WomanCode, then you probably know how passionate I am...

Can you biohack your period?

Back when I was desperately trying to address my own severe case of PCOS, I spent thousands of dollars on an array of products. I...

What Does Wheatgrass Do For You

What does wheatgrass do for you and why you should be consuming it regularly. Below is a rundown of the four most important benefits of wheatgrass. What does wheatgrass do for you is illustrated here

5 essential supplements for your hormones

As long as I’ve been working with women and their hormonal issues, I’ve been asked all kinds of questions about supplements. Some clients which brands...

Do Women Need Periods?

This post is my rebuttal to all the doctors and scientists who have stood at the podium and tried to explain to a room full of women that menstruation is not natural. Because, they say, our ancestors

Holistic Healing For Cancer Enhances The Immune System

The question was asked if holistic healing for cancer had one treatment that is more effective than others? The answer is no, there is not. Holistic healing for cancer has no one therapy or treatment

The best magnesium-rich foods for your menstrual cycle

I’ve never met a woman who doesn’t need to boost her magnesium levels. It’s very easy to become deficient in this vital mineral and the...

Reasons For Irregular Periods

Let’s review in this article the reasons for irregular periods and how to resolve this. The reasons for irregular periods can result from many contributing health factors. We are going to focus the

Are your period cramps normal?

Are periods supposed to be painful? Are women somehow designed to experience cramps? It worries me how many women spend much of their lives thinking...

Progesterone Suppositories Assisting In Holding Pregnancies To Term

Progesterone suppositories are helping many women with their pregnancies! At our healing center, we give progesterone suppositories to women struggling to hold their pregnancies to term.  We have the

Fruit And Cancer Clearing Up Any Confusion

Fruit and cancer what is the relationship and why it’s important you understand it. I wanted to share this article from An Oasis of Healing on fruit and cancer as there continues to be confusion sur

The 5 Best Types of Natural Birth Control

Had enough of the side effects of hormonal birth control? You do have other options. Here are my top 5 picks for the best methods of non-hormonal natural birth control. 💮 Daysy and other fertility

Why I Ask Some Patients to Quit Sugar (and What I Mean by Sugar)

If you have normal insulin sensitivity and enjoy fresh fruit, then please keep doing what you’re doing. You don’t need this post. If on the other hand, you have insulin resistance or PCOS or acne,

The 7 Best Natural Anti-Androgen Supplements for Facial Hair (Hirsutism)

Natural anti-androgen supplements reduce testosterone or block its effects. In women, androgen blockers can improve the symptom of unwanted facial hair (hirsutism), usually associated with PCOS. Anti-

The Serious Downside to Contraceptive Implants and Injections

When it comes to hormonal birth control, is a contraceptive implant (rod) or injection any better than the Pill? Pharmaceutical companies would like you to think an implant is better because they want

Why Stress Hits Hard in Your 40s

In your 40s, you may find you don’t cope with stress as well as you used to. You’re not imagining things, and you’re definitely not alone. Women are three times more likely to suffer anxiety,

When Period Pain Is Not Normal

Do you suffer bad period pain?  You shouldn’t have to. Period pain is common, so we tend to think it just goes with the territory of having periods. But most normal period pain will disappear with

7 Ways Zinc Rescues Hormones

Looking for a simple solution to your period problems? Before you reach for a “women’s” supplement like Vitex or maca or natural progesterone, please consider the humble mineral zinc. Zinc is e

The Right Way to Test Progesterone

Next time your doctor orders a progesterone test, please stop for a minute, and ask yourself: “When is the right day to do this test?” Of course, you’d hope your doctor would ask herself the sam


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