How To Safely Preform Home Electrical Inspections

information on safely completing an electrical inspections for your Dallas home or business

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New article for inspectors: Inspecting Insulation of Existing Crawlspace Floors

Insulation can help regulate temperature, ventilation and moisture control in crawlspaces.  Read about some important installation guidelines and inspection tips in Inspecting Insulation of Exist

Backup sump pumps

If you your home has an active sump pump, be warned: your sump pump will not last forever. I promise. It probably won't give you any warning before it fails

New article for home inspectors: Inspecting Step and Kick-Out Flashing at Roof-Wall Intersections

Moisture intrusion is one of the most serious problems a home can experience.  It can lead to rapid deterioration of many structural components.  Home inspectors can familiarize themselves w

Tool list for home inspectors

I've put together a tool list for my inspectors. I've shared this list on home inspection discussion forums so many times that I decided to make it public.

New consumer article from The Home Depot: How to Re-Grout Ceramic Tile

In partnership with The Home Depot, InterNACHI is pleased to present an article for DIY-ers who need some pointers on replacing the grout on their tile walls and floors to keep them water-resista

There are bad apples in every bunch

Over the past two weeks, I've had numerous people share a recent home inspector-bashing article with me. I feel the need to respond.

“I heard you’re a little psycho.”

One of the agents said to me as we were walking out together "That was a fantastic class. I heard you're a little psycho though."

Dishwasher air gaps

One of the most conspicuous and annoying changes that was made to the plumbing code was the requirement for hideous dishwasher air gaps.

New article for inspectors: The Inspection Cloth

It’s important to be organized for an inspection, before, during and after. Especially if you’re a new inspector, it can be stressful trying to remember what to do and in what order. &nbsp

New article for home inspectors: Inspecting Added Blown Insulation in an Existing Vented Attic

Energy efficiency is a top priority for homeowners.  Advising clients on how to lower their heating and cooling costs while maintaining comfort is important for home inspectors.  When homeow

For Home Inspectors: Home Inspection Sample Reports

“Work smarter, not harder” is an axiom which recognizes that a small business owner’s most valuable resource is time.  Don’t waste your time trying to reinvent the wheel w

InterNACHI Home Inspection Checklists

InterNACHI offers a variety of ready-to-use forms for different aspects of home inspections, based on InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice for Performing a General Home Inspection.  Home insp

Magic wand? I’d change the home inspection contingency form.

If I could wave a magic wand to make my job as a home inspector easier, I'd change the home inspection contingency form. Dig.

For Members: A Letter Explaining Your InterNACHI Home Inspector Certification

Members or their employers sometimes need a succinct letter that explains their InterNACHI certification, especially when your member ID or Member Certificate is insufficient. We’ve provided lan

Four simple things for sellers to do before the home inspection

This is a home inspection checklist for sellers, to help make sure that the home inspection can be completed once, the first time, without any hitches.

New article for inspectors: How Home Inspectors Can Up-Sell Mold Testing

Home inspectors are about to be convinced of how easy it is to up-sell mold testing, as well as why it’s a sound business practice that can actually protect you.  Read How Home Inspectors C

Dear Home Seller, please let me into your attic

Dear Home Seller, I’m writing to ask you to please make your attic accessible.

New article from The Home Depot: A Guide to Engineered Wood Sheathing for Inspectors and DIY-ers

In partnership with The Home Depot, InterNACHI is pleased to present an article on engineered wood sheathing.  Like OSB, it’s a sturdy and lightweight alternative to hardwood and has m

Dryer Duct Safety

I constantly see the rules about dryer duct safety and dryer transition ducts being brought into question, mostly on home inspector forums.

Need Some Piece And Quiet DFW?

If you live in the DFW metroplex, getting a quiet moment outside is rare. All of the concrete and glass reflects noise as well as heat. Just about everything around you is creating the “hum&rdqu

Video post: 60 home inspection issues in under 3 minutes

This video compilation of home inspection defects is mostly for entertainment purposes. Enjoy.

Paws In The City March Events

At Berkeys, we are committed to supporting our community. We partner with local organizations to support our neighborhood. These organizations depend on us – all of us – for donations of m

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas Sure to Turn Heads

  Kitchen Remodeling Installation For Dallas  Homeowners The kitchen remodeling is a central part of many homes, where people gather and socialize as well as cook. This means that when it is

Hi-Tech Dallas West End

Dallas’ West End Is Getting Smarter DFW residents are use to using their smart phones and car navigation systems to find their way through our very complex cities. Now, new technologies are bein

BERKEYS Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical Earns Esteemed 2016 Angie’s List Super Service Award

Award reflects company’s consistently high level of customer service BERKEYS Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical has once again earned the home service industry’s coveted Angie&rsq

New Year – New HVAC Products

New Developments For Your HVAC System It’s the beginning of the new year and many homeowners are planning their budgets. And many of them are considering including a portion of it for home

Installation Of Split Air Conditioner

Split Air Conditioner Installation For Dallas Homeowners Ductless mini-split systems are also often easier to install than other types of space conditioning systems. This makes it possible to coo

How to Pass the ICC Commercial Electrical Inspector E2 Exam

I just passed the ICC Commercial Electrical Inspector (2014 – 3 hour 30 minute) exam.  It has been six weeks since I received the 2014 NFPA70 code book and roughly two weeks since I signed

The top three worst things for home inspectors to find typically requiring further evaluation

1.) Active water leakage – when the source of water infiltration is concealed by a wall or a ceiling the cause could be a number of things requiring further investigation.  For example

Differences between a Residential and a Commercial Electrical Inspection

The following list was developed off the top of my head without using any references to verify total correctness: Residential: Remove dead front to inspect main distribution panel Test representative

The words “Not Technically Exhaustive”

Home inspections are not supposed to be “technically exhaustive” according to nationally recognized home inspection standards.  The problem is what is technically exhaustive to one in


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