home inspection cost for 2017

How much does a home inspeciton cost in 2017. Home inspectors reveal their typical home inspection cost.

Calgary home inspection cost offset by many factors

How much does a Calgary home inspection cost and why hire an interNACHI certified property inspector for true savings in the long run. Call 403 803 1596

10 Critical Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying Your First Home

What Questions Should I Ask Myself Before Buying My First Home? Becoming a homeowner means new responsibilities and commitments, this...

Thermal expansion of water and the role of an expansion tank

When a water heater is connected to a closed system, an expansion tank must be installed to prevent excessive pressure caused by thermal expansion.

Top 10 Red Flags To Look For When You’re Buying A Home

Important Red Flags You Should Look For When Buying A Home When buying a home it’s not uncommon that a...

Top 10 Reasons Why FSBOs Fail (For Sale By Owner) In Real Estate

10 Reasons Why For Sale By Owners in Real Estate Aren’t Successful A FSBO, also known as a for sale...

Moving To Rochester, NY? 11 Reasons You’ll Love It!

Relocating to Rochester? Things You’ll Love For anyone moving to Rochester, NY or considering the move, you’ll want to make...

First Time Home Seller – 6 Tips And Tricks For Selling Your First Home

Helpful Advice For Selling A Home For The First Time When it comes to real estate tips and tricks, there...

Q&A: “Should I test for radon if the home already has a radon mitigation system?”

When a home already has an active radon mitigation system, is it even worth testing for radon? That's a great question.

Top 5 Tips For Selling A Home In The Fall Season

How To Sell A Home During The Fall As fall quickly approaches, many homeowners begin to wonder whether they should...

Window film testing video

Dustin and I made a video discussing window film, hazardous locations for glass, and other s

Top 7 First Time Home Buyer Mistakes You Need To Avoid

What Are The Most Common First Time Home Buyer Mistakes? Buying a home for the first time can bring a...

Why does my floor drain back up?

I wrote a blog post explaining the basics of floor drains over eight years ago, and received more comments on that post than any other.

8 Tips For Selling a Luxury Home | How To Sell A Luxury House

Detailed Guide For Selling Luxury Homes Selling a home is not the easiest of tasks but it also doesn’t have...

10 Tips for Selling Your Vacant Home | How To Sell A Vacant House

How To Sell A Vacant House When selling your home, it’s common you may experience some stress, feel a bit uncomfortable,...

First Time Home Buyer Programs In Rochester NY

Local Rochester NY First Time Home Buyer Programs and Grants There are many costs and fees associated with buying a...

Formaldehyde affected TJI® Joists

I recently heard a rumor that TJI® Joists with Flak Jacket® protection were being treated with formaldehyde.

Are sewer inspections intrusive? No.

Are sewer inspections intrusive? Does the seller need to give special permission for a sewer inspection? Does the seller need to be notified?

Q&A: “Why do you charge more money than your competitors?”

"Why do you price yourselves significantly higher than any other company/individual inspector I have seen in the area?"

Caulk the toilet base? Yes.

Toilets are a divisive topic, but today, I'll be setting the record straight once and for all on three important toilet topics.

Home inspection horror story: screw through water line

Ask any seasoned home inspector about stuff that has gone wrong on an inspection, and they'll surely have a good horror story or two for you.

Are home inspectors required to move ceiling panels?

I'm going to cut right to the chase: home inspectors are not required to move ceiling panels.


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