home inspection cost for 2017

How much does a home inspeciton cost in 2017. Home inspectors reveal their typical home inspection cost.

Calgary home inspection cost AFFORDABLE for Home Buyers

How much does a Calgary home inspection cost and why hire an interNACHI certified property inspector for true savings in the long run. Call 403 803 1596

New home inspection tool: glass suction cup

If you're a home inspector, I recommend you add a glass suction cup to your tool list. This is a great little tool to keep in the tool bag.

5 Simple & Low Cost Fixes To Make Your Home More Appealing To Buyers

Tips To Make Your Home More Appealing To Buyers When Selling Are you planning to put your home on the...

Banging pipes are caused by water hammer

Have you ever heard a banging noise coming from your water pipes when the water is turned off quickly? It usually sounds like the pipes are banging on something inside the walls… and that’s exactl

Cold hard kitchen water

Here in the Twin Cities metro area, it’s standard procedure to run a separate water line for un-softened cold water to the kitchen. I don’t like it, and I think this trend ought to change. When I

Running toilet? Check the flapper.

Do you ever hear your toilet refilling for no apparent reason? You probably have a leaky flapper. If you use those drop-in chlorine tablets in your toilet, I can pretty much guarantee you have a leaky

How To Improve A Homes Curb Appeal In Rochester NY

9 Tips To Improve A Homes Curb Appeal If you’re hoping to sell your home in the near future, you’ve...

Socks or shoes for the home inspector?

Should home inspectors wear socks or shoes while inspecting? I recently had a "discussion" about this with another home inspector on my team.

7 Ways to Create an Energy-Efficient Home While Conserving Your Budget

Tips To Create An Energy-Efficient Home Whether you want to save money, add value to your home or just save...

Minnesota home inspector training event with Allison A. Bailes III, PhD.

I’m delighted to announce an upcoming Minnesota home inspector training event with Allison A. Bailes III, PhD. He’s the author of the Energy Vanguard Blog, a blog that I’ve linked to numerous t

Hiring Movers Vs. Moving Yourself | The PROs & CONs Of Each

Should I Hire Movers Or Move Myself? From your initial house or apartment hunt to the day you start unpacking,...

Ten years of blogging

With this blog post, I have officially been blogging about home inspections for over ten years. Today I will share my history of blogging and thank a few people for their sage advice.

Home inspection report writing style guide

This is a home inspection report-writing style guide. This is used internally by the home inspectors at Structure Tech.

Should You Pay Off Student Loans Before Purchasing a Home?

10 Signs You’re Ready To Purchase A Home (Even With Student Loans) As a young professional working in the real...

Negotiations after the inspection

We at Structure Tech are not real estate agents nor attorneys, so this is not real estate advice or legal advice. These are our opinions

Questions to ask your home inspector before hiring and my two cents

We frequently get emailed the same series of questions from potential clients of ours. The exact. Same. Questions. I started wondering where people were getting this information, so I did a Google sea

Should I Build A New Home Or Buy An Existing Home?

Build a new home or buy an existing home?  While this isn’t a top frequently asked question from potential home...

Buying A Condo Vs. Renting A Condo | What Are The PROs & CONs?

Should I Buy A Condo Or Rent A Condo? I always thought that saying you live in a condo was...

9 Money Saving Moving Tips | How To Cut Costs When Moving

Guide To Saving You Money During Your Move Whether it be a new home, new office, down the block, or...

How to Create a Proper Home Maintenance Checklist

Top Tips For Creating A Home Maintenance Checklist Being a homeowner is a very rewarding experience, but it also requires...

5 Tips For Tenant Screening | How To Weed Out Bad Tenant Applicants

Guide To Tenant Screening For Rental Properties If you’re going to be investing in rental properties you want to make...


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