home inspection cost for 2017

How much does a home inspeciton cost in 2017. Home inspectors reveal their typical home inspection cost.

Calgary home inspection cost AFFORDABLE for Home Buyers

How much does a Calgary home inspection cost and why hire an interNACHI certified property inspector for true savings in the long run. Call 403 803 1596

Adding attic insulation? Read this first.

If you’ve considered adding attic insulation to your home this year, please read this first. Most homeowners go about re-insulating their attics all wrong. What’s far more important than simply a

Frost in attics: why it’s there and how to fix it

If you have a problem with frost in your attic, you're not alone. The last few weeks of very cold weather has led to a lot of frost-covered attics.

Knocking drain noises

Ever noticed those knocking drain noises when hot water drains out of your sink or bathtub? It's the drain expanding. That's it, that's all.

The Best Social Media Blogs For Real Estate From 2017

Top Social Media Blogs For Real Estate From 2017 We’ve arrived!  The final installment of the 5 part series of...

Top 20 home inspection photos from 2017

This is our annual top 20 home inspection photos compilation. This is certainly the most wonderful time of the year.

The Best Home Improvement Blogs From 2017 | Advice For Home Remodeling

Top Home Improvement Blogs From 2017 Are you looking for some informative home improvement blogs? If so, you’ve come to...

Old vent caps need to go

Drive through any neighborhood in Minneapolis or Saint Paul and you'll find a handful of gas vents with missing or improper vent caps. These all need to go.

The Best Mortgage Blogs From 2017 | Advice For Home Financing

Top Mortgage Blogs From 2017 We’re back! This week we’re highlighting the best mortgage blogs from this year! If you’ve...

Top 4 holiday gifts for handy homeowners

I've put together my list of Top 4 gifts for handy homeowners. You can't go wrong with any of these gifts.

The Best Home Selling Blogs From 2017 | Advice For Selling A Home

Top Home Selling Blogs From 2017 Are you going to be selling your home in the near future?  If so,...

Missing handrails are now a required repair in Minneapolis

Missing handrails just got upgraded to a must-fix item for homes in Minneapolis. This used to be rated as a "B", now it's an "RRE".

The Best Home Buying Blogs From 2017 | Advice For Buying A Home

Top Home Buying Blogs Of 2017 Are you thinking about buying a home in 2018?  If so, there is a...

Fenix TK35UE 2018 Edition flashlight: a home inspector’s review

I tested out the brand new Fenix TK35UE 2018 edition flashlight as part of their Global Review campaign, and it's a light cannon.

Reveal Pro: a home inspector’s review

Seek Thermal's new Reveal Pro thermal imaging camera is an extremely impressive pocket-sized camera with image quality comparable to the FLIR E6.

Top 10 Best Places To See Christmas Lights In Rochester NY

Fantastic Holiday & Christmas Light Displays Around Rochester The holiday season is in full swing!  One of the most popular...

Same house, second inspection… what now?

What happens when we get a request to inspect a house a second time? This question comes from a thousand other home inspectors.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Detection

by Nick Gromicko interNACHI A very important article discussing the importance of Carbon Monoxide Detection and the poisoning effects when found in your home. Also discuses carbon monoxide detectors p

Why Can’t I Get A Mortgage? 5 Reasons Home Buyers Can’t Qualify

What Are The Top Reasons Why Potential Buyers Aren’t Able To Get A Mortgage? One of the first, and most...

How To Evaluate Purchase Offers When Selling A Home

Top Tips To Evaluate Purchase Offers When Selling Your Home When selling your home, one of the most exciting things...

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist & Tips | Preparing Your Home For Fall

What Are The Most Important Fall Home Maintenance Tasks To Complete? Whether you’re thinking about selling your home or not,...

How To Prepare For An Appraisal When Selling Your Home

What Should I Do To Prepare For An Appraisal? One of the most important steps in a real estate transaction...

Home Inspection Mistakes to Avoid

THE BIGGEST HOME INSPECTION MISTAKES THAT YOU SHOULD AVOID When you are moving into a new home, one of the best things that you can do is get a home inspection. It will not only ensure you are able to


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