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Friday Hits: First World Money Problems

99 1st World (Money) Problems “What are some of the most common ‘1st World Problems’ we see here in the states as it relates specifically to money?” Can Social Media Build Real-Life Relationsh

Thursday Hits: Will My Money Last Until I Die?

Working a Minimum Wage Job Taught Me Frugality “I consider myself very frugal compared to a typical American person. What made me think the most before spending any money was probably my very first

Wednesday Hits: Am I Still Middle Class?

How Do I Know If I’m Still Middle Class? “It seems that everyone thinks s/he is middle class. How do I know whether I am considered middle class? What is middle class anyway? How much do I need to

Tuesday Hits: Alcohol Finances and Working in Retirement

Alcohol and Finances “I’ve been tracking every dollar that we’ve spent over the last six years and alcohol always comes up as the highest or second highest category in our annual spending. (Afte

Five Underrated Benefits of Working in Retirement

There are many psychological and financial benefits to taking on some extra work when you are retired.

Monday Hits: Tiny House Living and Downsides of Retirement

Living in a 269 Square Foot Tiny House “It sounds very cliche, but you kind of take control of your life. You really start to value certain things in life versus like collecting little gadgets.” H

Living in a 269 Square Foot Tiny House

Newlyweds Tim and L. moved into a 269 sq ft tiny house in 2018.

Are Non-Traded REITs Good Investments?

Non-traded REITs (NTR) have garnered a bad rep after years of high fees and questionable practices. A few years ago, we would’ve told you to run away from these investments. But spurred by regulator

Friday Hits: Meditation and REITs

Observations After a Year of Meditation “As of this post, I’ve meditated every day for the last 430 days. I meditate anywhere between five and 45 minutes – lately, it’s been about 30 minutes,

Hitting $10k a Month With Mommy On Purpose

Monthly Revenue: $8,000 to $10,000Monthly Pageviews: 300,000+ Carly blogs about anxiety, motherhood and decluttering at Mommy On Purpose, which she started in 2016. Note: the earnings from her income

Best Companies for Different Types of Life Insurance

Buying life insurance is a lot like buying a car. There are tons of “makes and models” of life insurance plans. You wouldn’t buy a car without looking at benefits, price, and safety features (

Understanding a Credit Card Grace Period

What if we told you there is a way to get free loans from credit card issuers? It’s true! Most credit card agreements allow you free use of the issuer’s money for approximately three weeks before

4 Important Points to Note Before you Invest in Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have grown in popularity over the last couple of years – 2017 was particularly significant in the annals of cryptocurrencies. During the bull run of 2017, cryptocurrency investors

Top Tips for Forex Trading Beginners

Image: PixabayIf you are entirely new to Forex trading, where have you been? It’s a great time to invest in Forex, with more than $5 trillion a day traded on the value of fiat currencies around th

#IGCommodityChat: the murky future of oil

IG presents the next instalment of ‘IG Commodity Chat’ – a series of live discussions focused on commodity markets​​​Our second chat will look at possible trends in the oil market​ Pre

Three high-risk high-reward methods of money making

                                                  Source: pixabay.comThere is something very respectable about the Warren-Buffet school of investment, to watch patiently, dri

Why It’s a Great Idea to Invest in Cyprus

When it comes to investing overseas, investors look for a country that is politically stable, that has a well developed infrastructure, and whose government promotes investment and trade through enac

Why Business Should Buy Into Cryptos

At this point in time, there is a lot of information online about cryptocurrencies. Some people have been wise enough to catch up on the technology. Others have refused to do so and it has caused the

How to Manage the Risk of Your Personal Investments

Investing is never going to be entirely free of risk. There are always unpredictable elements to both the markets, and the people who comprise them. The best that any investor can hope for is to mini

Why the Philippines is the Best Bet for Investors

When it comes to investment, there are many avenues to go down, and many supporters and critics of each one. Some hold the view that investment is a valuable use of time and money and certain investm

Benefits Planner: Retirement | Social Security Administration

This Social Security web site explains how to decide when to retire.

Millennials May Opt out of ERISA Plans & Opt into Tax-Free Strategies for Retirement – Part 2 of 5

How can someone create their own retirement plan? When I say create your own retirement plan I mean making use of all the retirement options available to all people. It is time to depend on your own

Protecting Your Retirement Income from Taxes – Ed Slott, CPA Tax Advisor

A Roth IRA is an Individual Retirement savings Account best known for providing tax free earnings growth and tax free retirement distributions. Individuals can contribute up to $4000 a year ($5000 if

Max-Funded Life Insurance Break-Down | Tax-Free Retirement Series

Fitness, life insurance & safe money interact in more ways than one. Not only does fitness affect one’s ability to qualify for insurance coverage, that coverage can affect one’s financial fit

Personal Tax-Free Retirement Plans … The Best Kept Secret to Reaching Financial Independence 800-955-7898 Retirement Strategies: The Tax-Free Pension Alternative. Your Personal Tax-Free Retirement Plan is better than an IRA, 401(k) or 403(b) retirement plan. Yo

Investing Basics: Retirement

Many of us think about taking out a retirement plan as a way of meeting our retirement goals. This kind of retirement plan is in fact the most common used today, and many people are deciding to secur

Ed Slott IUL Tax Free Retirement

Did you know that permanent life insurance is considered the new qualified retirement plan? I didn’t either until I came across a revolutionary product. Let me share some facts about traditional qu

The Basics of Indexed Universal Life

Indexed Universal life insurance contracts differ from traditional whole life policies by specifically separating and identifying the mortality, expense, and cash value parts of a policy. Dividing th

Tony Robbins – Excessive fees are destroying your 401k savings

About Individual Retirement Savings Plan Also known as IRA, this is a saving plan that will help you save the desired money for your investment. This plan will also allow you to delay tax payment on

Annuities vs (IUL) Indexed Universal Life Insurance

People who are making retirement plans, especially those who are close to retirement, may wonder if a life insurance policy will provide any benefits that are worth the cost. As with any financial de

Tax Free Retirement Income — Part One of Five- Tax Advantaged Income Series II

Ok I know what you’re thinking, “Why do I need life insurance.” Most folks I meet with have a negative view of what was once a must have product in everyone’s portfolio. Unfortunately most ag


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