Home Buyer Tips

Tips for the home buyer and mistakes to avoid.

6 Tricks to Kick Credit Card Debt Quicker

For Kumiko Ehrmantraut, paying off credit card debt was a marathon, not a sprint. It took roughly two years to pay off the final $7,500 she owed in credit card…

Home Buyer Mistakes To Avoid | Calgary Home Inspections

Three home buyer mistakes to avoid. Important information and knowledge every home owner should realise when ordering a home inspection.

What Do Mortgage Lenders Review on Bank Statements?

Know which financial weaknesses stand out to lenders so you can strengthen your chances of loan approval.

United Halts Transport of Pets in Airplane Cargo Holds

United Airlines will temporarily stop transporting pets in its aircraft cargo holds, after a series of recent high-profile incidents involving pets that were lost and others that died on United…

How to Make Fed Rate Hikes Work for You

This week, the Federal Reserve is expected to raise the federal funds rate for the sixth time in roughly two years. That’s good news for savers: Fed rate hikes are…

Ditch This Phrase and Jump-Start Your Financial Plan

Moving on after financial mistakes is tough when you’re stuck in “I should have” mode. I should have started saving for retirement sooner. I should have cut up my credit…

Disney Vacation Pros Dish Up Budgeting Tips for Trips

Becca Robins, founder of travel blog This Crazy Adventure Called Life, and her family in front of the Disneyland Railroad Train. Photo by the Disney PhotoPass Service, courtesy of Robins.…

Good Advice on Using Your Tax Refund Can Be Bad for You

Every year, the same advice circulates about what to do with your tax refund. But if the experts have said it once, they’ve said it a million times: Everybody’s financial situation…

3 Women You Should Know in Investing

In 1966, James Brown declared it was a man’s world (or a man’s man’s man’s world, to be precise). Some 50 years later, it still feels an awful lot like…

Millennials Are Good at Saving. But Investing? Not So Much

A number of new studies indicate millennials are generally doing a great job stashing money for the future. But some of those studies also show that they’re wary about investing…

The 3 Reports You Haven’t Frozen Yet

Sometimes feel you’re being watched? These days, no one will call you paranoid. Last year’s Equifax breach highlighted the depth of Americans’ data held by the major credit bureaus. And Equifax

How Do Co-Borrowers' Credit Scores Affect a Home Purchase?

Your partner's credit history can influence your future interest rate.

Who Owns the Home When Two Names are on the Mortgage?

We shed some light on buying a home as a couple so you're not in the dark when it's time to sign on the dotted lines.

How Many Credit Checks Before Closing on a Home?

Throughout the approval process, push yourself to maintain your credit while lenders pull it.

How to Get a Mortgage and Change Jobs at the Same Time

Relocating for a new job can be a challenge to navigate, especially when juggling a mortgage. Review the details that matter to your lender.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Detection

by Nick Gromicko interNACHI A very important article discussing the importance of Carbon Monoxide Detection and the poisoning effects when found in your home. Also discuses carbon monoxide detectors p

Home Inspection Mistakes to Avoid

THE BIGGEST HOME INSPECTION MISTAKES THAT YOU SHOULD AVOID When you are moving into a new home, one of the best things that you can do is get a home inspection. It will not only ensure you are able to

Is Buying a 'Starter Home' Still Smart?

Your parents' rite of passage may not make sense for you.

Do You Qualify for Treasury Down Payment Assistance?

A home of your own could be within your reach.

How to Avoid 3 Mistakes First-Time Home Buyers Make

Look out for these pitfalls before you take the leap into purchasing a home.

Planning for the Hidden Costs of Buying Your First Home

There's only one way to be totally prepared for all the costs of buying a home.

3 Reasons to See a Homeownership Adviser

Attention first-time home buyers: Expert guidance is yours for the asking.


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