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Video editing tips, guides, tutorials, news and software reviews for the home movie maker and amateur video editor.

EMP 16mm Camera

Has anyone ever seen or used one of these cameras;

Film Stock

Hi everyone, Is it possible to guess what film stock was probably used on this particular film ? 

Stolen Lenses and Gear

I would like to have your Attention for a Moment..... Please if you Rent or Buy Gear on Ebay or wherever have a look here:

diyvideoeditor – Medium

Video editing tips, guides, tutorials, news and software reviews for the home movie maker and amateur video editor.

SXSW Arts: Meet the Interactive Documentary Connecting the World 

We explore French artist and filmmaker Hervé Cohen's "Life Underground," a hybrid art installation documentary collaboration with Tonian Irving.

Anyone want to collab and create a Muchdank style channel?

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New York Film Academy | School of Film & Acting

New York Film Academy film & acting school offers the best hands-on degrees, accelerated courses, & intensive workshops. Call +1 (212) 674-4300 for more info.

Videography & Video Editing

Information Technology Services

Phantom Thread

Has anyone here seen it? I thought it was incredible in every aspect.

Does Anyone Know how they Did the Effect at 3:07 in the Video?

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Link to cinematography master class videos?

Hi, I've watched a few Youtube ArriChannel ASC master class videos, are there any other databases of these kind of seminars online? or just one-off videos people recommend, mainly lighting based if po

Finding Symmetry and Color in a Dystopian Future

In this cinematography breakdown by Wolfcrow, we get an insightful look at the visual motifs that make Blade Runner 2049 so aesthetically stunning.

Matching Arri tungsten units to Arri M18

I have a shoot where I'm going to need HMI's and tungsten to work seamlessly for color temp and green/magenta shift, but I will not have the time to test, wondering if anyone has had to do this alread

SXSW Tips: How to Take Your VR Experience to the Next Level

At this year's SXSW Conference, the future of virtual reality and virtual cinema is on full display in "Beethoven's Fifth."

Interview: Showtime Docuseries Cinematographer from The Trade

We sat down with Matt Porwoll, one of the cinematographers behind The Trade to discuss making films about sensitive issues and working with Matt Heineman.

S16 lens advice

I've recently purchased my first S16 camera (Aaton XTR Prod) and I'm looking to make an investment in a zoom lens I can use for allround purposes and no-budget projects that I can still use on product

Invisibility: The Secret to Editing and Shooting an Interview

Here's how you can avoid disrupting the flow of your interview edit — as well as how to avoid jarring camera angles during the shoot.

Create A Shootout Scene In After Effects + Free Muzzle Flashes and Sparks

In this After Effects tutorial, learn how to use muzzle flash and spark elements from RocketStock to create a realistic shootout scene — with free elements.

How to Shoot Practical Floating Text in Your Video

In this Premiere Pro video tutorial, learn how to capture (and edit) moving text without relying on motion graphics or other effects.

Tips from SXSW: Filming with Your Camera in Motion

2018 SXSW Film Festival's Ben Strang shares these 7 tips from his original thriller series for shooting with a camera in motion.

Freelance Tip: How To Make Sure You Get Paid By Your Clients

The freelancer's worst nightmare is a client who doesn't pay on time — or at all. Here are a few steps you can take to make sure ...

Video Gear: Quick and Easy 3-Point Lighting Bundles

If you need affordable 3-point lighting for your film or video project ASAP, these bundles can get the job done in a hurry.

7 Podcast Series to Get You Started

The post 7 Podcast Series to Get You Started appeared first on Berkeley Advanced Media Institute.

Free Stock Photos Resources

There are many free applications you can use to make interactives, graphics, data visualizations and maps.

Advanced Video Editing & Storytelling

In this 2-day graduate-level course you will take your editing and storytelling skills to the next level.

Video Storytelling

Learn to shoot, edit and produce engaging, professional videos.

Summit: Media Innovation • Emerging Technology • Design

Join us for two days of inspiration and exploration into the role of technology in media innovation. Participate in stimulating conversations with media thought leaders, designers, and industry innova

Storytelling From The Air: Drone Videography Workshop

Join us for a 3-day workshop on video storytelling with drone footage, and to learn what is required to become a certified commercial drone videographer.

Sharing Audio on Social Media: Anchor vs. Audiogram Generator

Sharing Audio on Social Media: Anchor vs. Audiogram A question that still puzzles many podcasters and audio storytellers is: how do I distribute audio on social media? With platforms such as Facebook,

Podcast proliferation drives greater need for audio skills

Podcast proliferation drives greater need for audio skills Nearly a quarter of Americans are listening to at least one podcast a month—that’s more than use Twitter. That’s one of the findings fr

How to Make GIFs

How to Make GIFs What is a GIF? GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format, but all you really need to know is that GIFs are short animations that are endlessly looped and shared on the internet. The


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