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Video editing tips, guides, tutorials, news and software reviews for the home movie maker and amateur video editor.

Film base scratch question

Trying to figure out why everything I'm getting back from fotokem has these weird scratch marks on the base. It's clearly not a camera issue as the marks aren't consistent with camera problems. Also,

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Looking For Eclair ACL Handgrip Support

I usually attach the handgrip to the side of the camera body but it doesn't really work for me. My ACL came without the little handgrip support and I was wondering if someone here knows a place/websit

New York Film Academy | School of Film & Acting

New York Film Academy film & acting school offers the best hands-on degrees, accelerated courses, & intensive workshops. Call +1 (212) 674-4300 for more info.

Your Guide to Getting Started Shooting RAW Video

Exciting developments are unfolding in the world of RAW video that can change the way we make films. So what if you're just getting started?

Is Being the Director and the DP Your Best or Worst Decision?

Being the director and the DP of your next film may sound like the perfect way to control your budget and your creative vision, but is it ...

Triggering Rainbow Streaks?

You know how when you shine a light at a flatscreen TV that's turned off and you see those rainbow streaks going in 4 directions? Was just wondering what ways there are to trigger that rainbow spectru

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Video editing tips, guides, tutorials, news and software reviews for the home movie maker and amateur video editor.

Agfa XT320 - What ISO to rate at?

I recently came across an old 400ft roll of 16mm Agfa XT320. I was wondering if anyone had a best guess at how many stops to overexpose this by, wasn't able to dig up an expiry date. This won't be sho

Bolex EBM Electric Servicing

Can anyone recommend a reliable Bolex Servicing Place in the Boston, Massachussetts area? I have a Bolex EBM Camera which I would like serviced and cleaned. Any leads with regard to this would be most

A Brief History of RAW Footage in Video Production

RAW footage wasn't a video production option until a little more than a decade ago. Let's take a look at how the industry got to where it ...

Filmmaking Techniques: Mastering the Rack-Focus

Here are some tips and best practices for shooting smooth, professional-looking rack focus shots on your next film or video project.

Estar vs Acetate film

Compared to old acetate film is the estar film base a static dust magnet?

Video Tutorial: What Does “Dirtying the Frame” Mean?

With this technique, you can add even more dynamic movement to your moving shots and more depth to your simple shots. So how does it work?

The Best Mirrorless Cameras for Filmmakers and Videographers

In this latest gear round-up, we cover the best mirrorless cameras for film and video professionals currently on the market.

The Digital Imaging Technician’s Tool Kit — Gear for the Job

Learn what gear professional digital imaging technicians keep in their kits, and check out some affordable ideas for your own.

Everything We Know About Canon’s New Mirrorless Cameras

According to the rumor mill, Canon is making some big leaps with some new mirrorless cameras. Here’s everything we know so far.

Breaking News: Blackmagic Announces Blackmagic eGPU

Slow graphics performance got you down? Well, thanks to Blackmagic you can go ahead and just plug in a much much better GPU — externally and affordably.

Producer Toby Halbrooks Shares Indie Film Insights

In which we chat with filmmaker and producer Toby Halbrooks about producing A Ghost Story, Never Goin’ Back, and The Old Man & the Gun.

Documentary Filmmaking Storytelling Workshop

In this 2-day graduate-level course you will take your editing and storytelling skills to the next level.

Podcast Listeners are Loyal, Affluent & Educated

Podcast Listeners are Loyal, Affluent & Educated   From: For more insights visit:   Nielsen Q1 2018 Podcast Insights (pdf)  & Edison Research Infinite Dial 2018 (pd

7 Podcast Series to Get You Started

The post 7 Podcast Series to Get You Started appeared first on Berkeley Advanced Media Institute.

Free Stock Photos Resources

There are many free applications you can use to make interactives, graphics, data visualizations and maps.

Advanced Video Editing & Storytelling

In this 2-day graduate-level course you will take your editing and storytelling skills to the next level.

Video Storytelling

Learn to shoot, edit and produce engaging, professional videos.

Summit: Media Innovation • Emerging Technology • Design

Join us for two days of inspiration and exploration into the role of technology in media innovation. Participate in stimulating conversations with media thought leaders, designers, and industry innova

Storytelling From The Air: Drone Videography Workshop

Join us for a 3-day workshop on video storytelling with drone footage, and to learn what is required to become a certified commercial drone videographer.

Sharing Audio on Social Media: Anchor vs. Audiogram Generator

Sharing Audio on Social Media: Anchor vs. Audiogram A question that still puzzles many podcasters and audio storytellers is: how do I distribute audio on social media? With platforms such as Facebook,


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