example of a decision matrix

This example of a decision matrix provides a sample of what a decision matrix should look like.

Unpacking Design Thinking Futures: GK VanPatter in conversation with Rafiq Elmansy Part 1

Design is now taking broader perspective than before. It’s now used by large companies such as Google, Apple, IKEA, Nike,

Example of a Decision Matrix | Solution Matrix

This example of a decision matrix can help you get off the fence, quit procrastinating and make a decision.


Decision making models are all about making good judgements. There are judgements that are emotional, spur of the moment, horseback or back of envelope - a quick decision. There are also the rational

Aug 16, Decision Making Techniques

A large variety of decision making techniques can help improve decisions of different types.

B2B Financing

B2B financing is the lubricant between businesses doing business with each other. Without that lubricant much less business would be done. Cash on the barrel head slows your business's growth rate. Th

Unpacking Design Thinking Futures: GK VanPatter in conversation with Rafiq Elmansy Part 2

Last week, we got the chance to discuss with GK VanPatter, co-founder of Humantific, his vision about design thinking futures

My Advice to Innovators From Years in Cambodia Designing New Solutions to Poverty

For the last decade, I’ve been designing solutions that improve human well-being in the developing world. For those who want

Aug 16, Intuitive Decision Making

When does it make sense to use an intuitive decision making style?

Jul 20, Business Decision Making - Decision Making Solutions

Managed business decision making is critical for success.

Why Brainstorming is a Waste of Time and What is the Alternative

The notion of brainstorming was first introduced by the advertising executive Alex Osborn in 1939 and was published in his

New TMS Materials Data Infrastructure Study: One Step Closer to the Future of Materials Research

Materials research cannot progress without a way for researchers to access and use existing materials data. Since its inception over six years ago, the Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) for Global Com

Q&A with New Program Analyst Stephanie Spaulding

Nexight Group is happy to welcome Stephanie Spaulding to the team as our new Program Analyst. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology and Psychology, and has worked in a variety of

What is NPV

Find out what is NPV or net present value and learn how to calculate it

Jul 20, Choosing Decision Support Software

Choose decision support software to improve results, promote values and alignment, encourage collaboration, and accelerate organizational learning.

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Resolving conflict through leadership in the area of Natural Resources

How to Create the System Thinking Diagrams

Complex systems can’t be seen as individual parts. We need a broader perspective to see the whole pattern that causes

Q&A with New Senior Content Designer Julianne Puckett

Nexight Group is happy to welcome Julianne Puckett to the team as our new Senior Content Designer. An accomplished content strategist and user experience (UX) designer, she has worked within a variety

What is Market Segmentation? Why is it Important?

The understanding of the target audience is crucial for building a viable product or service. Companies use the market segmentation


Use 3 different economic measures to really understand your project.

Interest Rates or Intrest Rates

Interest rates determine the price you have to pay for the money you borrow.

Invention Idea Patent - Money barriers to Getting a Patent

Invention Idea Patent - How to get and invention patent by eliminating the money barriers

Make A Line Graph | Line Chart

Make A Line Graph is an example and a tool for making line charts.

Make A Pie Graph | Free Pie Charts

Make A Pie Graph is a tool for making pie graphs.

Six Sigma Tools

Six Sigma Tools are the techniques that text make Six Sigma work.

Correlation Defined - Provides a definition and an example of correlation.

Correlation Defined - What correlation is and how to calculate it.

Why Do Companies Need the Creative Brief More Than Before?

In order to have a clear vision about the new product development process, companies today are in greater need to

Five Reasons to Move to Lean UX

The lean UX allows us to escape the barrier of the traditional UX process to a more agile process. Instead

Characteristics of Human-Centered Design

Design is s complex process that is implemented in different disciplines with many factors in mind; one of these factors

How to Apply Critical Thinking Using Paul-Elder Framework

The critical thinking provides an efficient method for designers, design students, and researchers for evaluating arguments and ideas through rational

It’s Not Over Yet: Four Steps You Should Take to Properly Close Out Your Project

You submitted the final deliverable to your client and the project is over, right? Not quite. There are a few closing steps that every project should go through. This important part of project managem

Break It Down: Using the Work Breakdown Structure to Start Projects

It’s always exciting to enter a new phase of your career, but stepping outside your comfort zone can also be stressful. As I’ve gone from simply writing and editing documents at Nexight to

The First Five Project Management Practices You Should Implement

A variety of studies (Project Management Institute, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Economist Intelligence Unit) show that applying project management practices can help you better design projects to align w

Providing Feedback on Your Colleagues’ Writing

As a writer and editor beginning her professional career, I am always grateful for constructive feedback on my work. Thoughtful feedback creates a better final product, and also encourages me to conti

Staff Talk: Using Spring Cleaning to Get Organized

At Nexight Group, we’re excited that today’s the first day of spring. Not only does it mean we’ll soon get the beautiful weather we need to hold potlucks on our office patio, but it

Nexight Wins Technical Communication Awards

We are thrilled to announce that Nexight technical communications have won awards from the Washington, DC-Baltimore Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) annual competition for the

Promotions at Nexight – Onward and Upward!

A consulting firm is only as good as its people. That’s why I’m proud to announce the promotions of several of our brightest stars! These people are being recognized for their important co

Feb 2, Decision Knowledge Center - Decision Making Software from Decision Innovation

Decision Knowledge Center is decision making software that empowers leaders to unlock new value and increase organizational capability through a systematic and scalable decision process.

Jan 1, Strategic Management using Decision Knowledge Center Software

Use Decision Knowledge Center (DKC) for strategic management to create the planning and execution structure needed to succeed. DKC decision making software accelerates your business strategy.

Jan 1, Generating decision alternatives - The Innovate step

The Innovate Step identifies decision alternatives that lead to an effective solution.

Sep 29, Innovation Management using Decision Knowledge Center

Accelerate value from innovation management decisions using Decision Knowledge Center (DKC) software.

May 30, Use our business decision analysis services to increase your decision implementation success.

Use our business decision analysis, decision management, and roadmapping services to accelerate your business success.

May 28, Group Decision Making Process

Increase team effectiveness by managing the group decision making process.


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