Scuba Diving in Utila, Honduras, Caribbeans

Scuba dive in one of the world's best dive destination: Utila, Bay islands, Honduras. Chilled and relaxed Caribbean lifstyle, great weather, fantastic atmosphere, exciting nightlife and, oh yeah, superb diving, and a chance to swim with the world's biggest fish - The Whale Shark, make Utila a dream destination.

Must-Attend PADI Women’s Dive Day Events 2018

On July 21, 2018, divers from around the world are coming together to celebrate diving for PADI Women’s Dive Day. From the Philippines to Florida, there are a plethora of ways to participate. Here a

The PADI Adaptive Techniques Specialty with Kids Scuba, Malaysia

PADI IDC Staff Instructor at Kids Scuba, Hj Syed Abd Rahman is no stranger to working with people with disabilities. That’s why it should come as no surprise that he was part of the US Adaptive Tech

Becoming a Marine Biologist with Imke Mayer

Diving and marine biology go hand in hand, so we caught up with Imke Mayer, marine biologist in South Africa, to find out how diving has shaped her career… When did you know that you wanted to becom

Best Things To Do On The Big Island Of Hawaii

I've wanted to visit the Big Island of Hawaii for years, mainly because of the Kilauea volcano. But there's so many other cool things to do on Hawai'i! Here are some of my favorites.

Becoming a PADI Master Instructor with Beth Sanders

Written by Kayleigh Relf In anticipation of PADI’s Women’s Dive Day on 21 July 2018, it is with pleasure that we recently interviewed Beth Sanders, PADI Master Instructor and Sales and Marketing S

Best Lightweight Travel Tripods For Photographers

Tripods are a fixture of a good travel photographer’s tool kit. These are the best lightweight travel tripods for capturing stunning landscapes around the world.

How to Choose Where to Travel To

The world is vast and intricate and no two places are the same—so how the heck do you choose where to travel to? I get asked to recommend safe places for women to travel to all the time and my answe

Guide to Driving Safely Abroad

Driving your car at home is dangerous enough. When you drive abroad, you’re even more at risk of an accident since you’re in an unfamiliar place where the rules might not be what you’re used to.

10 Things to Know Before your Maldives Local Island Diving Trip

Thinking of staying on a local island in the Maldives? Here’s everything you need to know before booking your trip! Scuba diving from a local island in the Maldives is still something of a mystery t

Why Solo Female Travelers Should Go to Norway

As a female traveler, it can be tough to decide where to go when you crave a solo trip. Whether your goal is reconnecting with yourself or you can’t think of anyone to go with you, the priority when

Utila Coral Reef Restoration Ecology Project - Utila Dive Centre

Utila Coral Restoration is a conservation, ecology and research project which aims to restore the reefs around Utila, Honduras and to recover the critically endangered populations of both Acropora Ce

Why I Started a Women’s Dive + Yoga Retreat

Written by PADI AmbassaDiver Alex Baackes After seven years as a travel blogger, an online influencer, an underwater videographer, a PADI AmbassaDiver, and beyond, I’m throwing a new ball into the m

PADI Scuba Divemaster & Instructor Internships | GoPro Utila

GoPro Utila-PADI IDC & Divemaster internships and PADI Scuba Instructor courses with a difference! Welcome to GoPro Utila! We were nominated and voted winners of PADI Americas and Sport Divers Instruc

15 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Tanzania!

Check out this collection of my favorite photos from our safari trip in Tanzania. We managed to see all big five safari animals, hiked to a beautiful waterfall, and met with local tribes.

25 Important Travel Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

After traveling the world for the past 7 years, I’ve learned a lot about staying safe - sometimes the hard way. Here are my best travel safety tips for avoiding trouble on your next trip.

How to Become a Mermaid

Not only are mermaids real, it’s easier than ever to become a mermaid (or merman). Mermaid tails are available for all ages and body types, and mermaiding communities are popping up around the world

Helpful Etiquette Tips When Traveling by Private Jet

Flying by private jet is on the rise: did you know that 37 percent of private jet passengers are women? Many people imagine men in business suits as being the primary demographic for private air trave

Underwater Proposal - Couple Gets Engaged During Dive - Utila Dive Center

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6 Pieces of Dive Gear Every Female Diver Must Have

Assembling the perfect set of dive gear took me years. Every time I saw a woman who had something great, I asked her about it, then went home and bought what she loved. That’s what gear is all about

Mysterious Chefchaouen: The Blue Pearl Of Morocco

Welcome to Chefchaouen, the blue city of Morocco. It's famous for all the houses and shops painted different shades of blue. A magical place to explore with your camera!

Solo Female Travel in the Philippines

Traveling solo through the Philippines can be an incredible experience. But knowing where to go, what to see and how to stay safe is paramount before you set out. Here’s our guide to solo female tra

Health Information for Travelers to Honduras - Traveler view | Travelers' Health | CDC

Official U.S. government health recommendations for traveling. Provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

OctoGirl: Using Scuba Diving to Conduct Octopus PhD Research

What if it was your job to scuba dive with octopuses? Well, for Chelsea Bennice, aka OctoGirl, this is very much a reality. Growing up in Ohio on the edge of Lake Erie, Chelsea’s connection to the w


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How To Survive Cold Weather Like A Polar Explorer

It's -16 degrees fahrenheit outside, and we're pitching tents on a thick layer of hardened ice, preparing for a night of extreme cold weather conditions. Welcome to polar expedition training!

Earth Day 2018 - UDC Beach Clean

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Celebrating PADI Women Around Indonesia

Having recently relocated from New Zealand to Indonesia, PADI Regional Manager Jen Clent found herself pleasantly surprised by many things in her new home. One such thing is the number of amazing wome

Utila Dive Center - Meet the Team - Juicy

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Boundary Waters Canoe Area: Paddling Into The Wild

If you're looking to get away, unwind, and reconnect with nature, you really can't beat a backcountry canoe trip into Minnesota's pristine Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

Surprise! Here’s $30 Off Your Next Hotel On

I have a surprise for you. To help ring-in 2018, I wanted to give everyone a gift this holiday season. Enjoy $30 off your next hotel stay on!

The Best Travel Cameras Of 2018 (And How To Choose)

As professional travel photographer, everyone keeps asking my opinion on the best travel cameras for 2018. There are so many to choose from! Here's what I would pick, and why.

Utila Dive Centre - Instructor Development Course - November IDC Highlights

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Travel Vaccination Guide: Which Shots Do You Need?

Planning to travel overseas in the next few months? You may want to think about travel vaccinations. Learn which shots you may need for which countries, and how to save money on them.

Meet the Utila Dive Center Team - Duncan from England

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October IDC Course in Action - Utila Dive Center - Instructor Training

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I Run Bondi

You can download the full version of "Just Keep Running" for free here: make your own "I Run" video, simply download the m

Meet the Utila Dive Centre Team - Jemma from England!

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Meet the Utila Dive Centre Team - Teresa from Denmark!

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Specialised Training for Career Enhancement

At GoProUtila and Utila Dive Centre we have a proven success in our training programs and can offer you training in IAHD Adaptive Teaching (disabled divers), International Yacht Training and the Diver

Announcement: This blog has moved to!

Hey travelers!  Big news!  We’re changing our name and web address to! At the new address, you’ll find the same travel and photography-oriented content you’ve enjoyed here,

Becoming a PADI Scuba Instructor

“Because my worst nightmare is to wake up old and grey, thinking about all the things I didn’t do!” –  Start your journey to becoming a PADI Scuba Instructor and living the dream lifestyle an

Island Lifestyle & Environment

Utila is the real Caribbean, escape the crowds, no cruise ships, sustainable development, a way of life that is traditional and authentic.  Amazing diving with over 50 dive sites, diversity of fringi

Tec diving

Awaken your inner explorer and advance your dive training and discover the depths of technical diving.  Our PADI TecRec courses are offered all year round and Utila is the perfect training location f

IYT Coxswain & DiveBoat Mate Graduates!

Well done to Dee Wilson, Jordan Kirkland and Jason Sharp on qualifying as an International Yacht Training Dive Boat Mates opening up an ocean of possibilities in both the dive industry and superyacht/

Utila Dive Center 100% Aware

Make a difference with Utila Dive Center We're proud to announce that in January 2014 and beyond Utila Dive Center will be supporting Project Aware as a 100% partner and financially supporting Project

Get Rebreather Certified & Dive Galapagos with us!

Join our Rebreather Trip to the Galapagos September 7th to 14th 2015 Following the success of our first comprehensive rebreather trip to the Galapagos in 2013, we are now organising the next bi-annual

Utila Whale Shark sightings

Look who's showed up! – Utila Whale Shark Sightings! During the Easter week the conditions on Utila have been flat seas and the Whale sharks have been consistently sighted, in this photo our awesome

Congrats Ossie – Rebreather Instructor

How fitting that on Earth Day this week, marine biologist Ossie Stewart qualified with us as a PADI Poseidon Rebreather Instructor, and becomes the 1st female certified as a PADI Rebreather Instructor

Congrats August Instructors!!!!

Congratulations to our August Scuba Instructor course with another 100% Pass – Often Imitated but Never Surpassed!!!! What a way to start summer and giving themselves a gift that can now be shared w

Chicken Bus World Record Part 4

The gripping final instalment. Do Marty and Ginski fall flat on their faces or does the dream come true? How many people CAN you fit inside a Chicken Bus?Parte 4: El reto final. ¿Será que Marty y G

Chicken Bus World Record Part 3

The World Record begins! Do Marty and Ginski manage to squeeze enough people and a chicken in this Chicken Bus?How many people can you fit inside a Chicken Bus?Parte 3: ¡El récord mundial comienza!

Chicken Bus World Record Part 2

Following the disappointment of being denied permission by Antigua Marty must overcome a big life hurdle before the boys can get their World Record dream back on track.How many people can you fit ins

Chicken Bus World Record Part 1

How many people can you fit on a Chicken Bus? It's the question all travelers of Central America ask themselves. Marty and Ginski decided to find out.Parte 1: ¿Cuánta gente cabe en una camioneta (b

Matty The Lifesaver Episode 1

Some people teach, others drive busses. He's in the business of saving lives.

If You Come To Utila

Download 'If you come to Utila' for free: is a small island off the coast of Honduras. It's the craziest, most fun, most life changing place you'll ever visi

Zombies in Utila. Behind the scenes

Marty and Ginski tell us how they pulled "Zombies in Utila" together. If you liked the movie it's worth a look.

Zombies in Utila

A group of SCUBA divers surface to find the island of Utila has been infected with a Zombie virus. The group must use their brains or risk having them eaten by the advancing zombie horde

Zombies in Utila trailer

The trailer for the award winning short film by Marty and Ginski: Zombies in Utila. Coming to YouTube and Facebook Sunday, June 3



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