Scuba Diving in Utila, Honduras, Caribbeans

Scuba dive in one of the world's best dive destination: Utila, Bay islands, Honduras. Chilled and relaxed Caribbean lifstyle, great weather, fantastic atmosphere, exciting nightlife and, oh yeah, superb diving, and a chance to swim with the world's biggest fish - The Whale Shark, make Utila a dream destination.

Women’s Travel Fest 2018 is in 3 Weeks!

Women’s Travel Fest is back and returning to New York City in just three weeks! Join for a weekend of sisterhood, networking and travel inspiration. Here’s who you’ll meet this year:   Amanda L

Announcing TravelCon: The World’s Premier Travel Event

For a long time now, I’ve had a strong desire to organize a conference in conjunction with Superstar Blogging. Today, I'm excited to announce TravelCon, taking place in Austin, Texas, focused on wri

Why You Need To Visit The Big Island Of Hawaii!

I've wanted to visit the Big Island of Hawaii for years, mainly because of the Kilauea volcano. But there's so many other cool things to do on Hawai'i! Here are some of my favorites.

How Staci Didn’t Let a Rare Medical Condition Prevent Her From Seeing The World

Staci was born with the rare medical condition known as Nager Syndrome. One consequence of Nager Syndrome is deafness, yet Staci has refused to let her condition interfere with her dreams of seeing th

37 Places to Eat in Tokyo

I asked for your food recommendations for Tokyo, and you did not disappoint. In November, me and some friends spent a week eating our way around the city. It's hard to have a bad meal in Tokyo, and wh

Ko Lipe: The Greatest Month in All my Travels

Have you ever found yourself falling completely in love with an unexpected destination? A spontaneous trip to Ko Lipe, Thailand, ended up being one of the best decisions I have ever made. Here's how a

Q&A: Renee Blodgett from We Blog the World on Transformative Travel & Spirituality

Tell us about yourself and We Blog the World and what you’re currently working on. As founder and managing editor of We Blog the World, the site dedicated to transformative travel, I drive the conte

I Still F*ing Hate Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi is one of the most popular islands in Thailand. But I hate it. It's overdeveloped, expensive, and bursting with an overabundance of tourists. What was once a paradise has now become a shal

The RTW Trip Giveaway: A Winner’s Update (Part 1)

Back in December, I announced Heather T. as the winner of my round the world contest. A month into her journey, Heather shares some highlights (and low points!) of her experiences in South America so


Spurred by the writing of my next book about my years on the road, I find myself wandering the halls of memory reminiscing about my last decade of travel. I dig through old photos and journal entries.

6 Ways to Prepare for Solo Trip to South-East Asia

Temples and shrines shrouded in clouds and mystery, mouthwatering food, friendly faces—there’s something about bopping from one city—one country—to another that just can’t be beaten. If you

Homepage - GoPro Utila

GoPro Utila-PADI IDC & Divemaster internships and PADI Scuba Instructor courses with a difference! Welcome to GoPro Utila! We were nominated and voted winners of PADI Americas and Sport Divers Instruc

25 Important Travel Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

After traveling the world for the past 7 years, I’ve learned a lot about staying safe - sometimes the hard way. Here are my best travel safety tips for avoiding trouble on your next trip.

A Lifetime of Hope and Regret

While reading entries for my round-the-world trip contest, one theme came up time and time again: regret. There always seem to be two selves -- the one we are and the one we imagine ourselves to be. B

Boundary Waters Canoe Area: Paddling Into The Wild

If you're looking to get away, unwind, and reconnect with nature, you really can't beat a backcountry canoe trip into Minnesota's pristine Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

Health Information for Travelers to Honduras - Traveler view | Travelers' Health | CDC

Official U.S. government health recommendations for traveling. Provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

TravelCon Update!

Hey everyone! As you (may) know, I’m hosting a conference in September called TravelCon. For a long time, I’ve dreamed of organizing a conference in conjunction with our Superstar Blogging program

Moving to Alaska? Here are Some Things You Should Know

Whether you are moving to Alaska as a personal choice or for work, it will be a big change for you. Although the state has modern cities with all the modern conveniences that you are used to, the regi

5 Reasons Canada is the Perfect Country for Solo Female Travel

Traveling solo as a female may seem scary at first, but if you go at it with an open mind, it can be absolutely life-changing. Traveling alone will help boost your self-esteem, resourcefulness, and in

Utila Dive Center - Meet the Team - Juicy

For more information and reservations, please visit us on facebook us on Google +

24 Things Every Solo Female Traveler Learns on the Road

Kristin Addis, our solo female travel expert, reminisces on the lessons she's learned over the years as a solo female traveler -- whether it's the freedom of not having to answer to anyone else, or si

Merry Christmas! Here’s $30 Off Your Next Hotel On

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa! As 2017 winds down, I wanted to give everyone a gift this holiday season. Enjoy $30 off your next hotel stay on!

The Best Travel Cameras Of 2018 (And How To Choose)

As professional travel photographer, everyone keeps asking my opinion on the best travel cameras for 2018. There are so many to choose from! Here's what I would pick, and why.

Utila Dive Centre - Instructor Development Course - November IDC Highlights

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Travel Vaccination Guide: Which Shots Do You Need?

Planning to travel overseas in the next few months? You may want to think about travel vaccinations. Learn which shots you may need for which countries, and how to save money on them.

Meet the Utila Dive Center Team - Duncan from England

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15 Awesome Things To Do In Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula

Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula is a vast coastal region brimming with tropical beaches, spectacular wildlife, ancient Mayan ruins, small colonial towns, and plenty of outdoor adventures.

October IDC Course in Action - Utila Dive Center - Instructor Training

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I Run Bondi

You can download the full version of "Just Keep Running" for free here: make your own "I Run" video, simply download the m

17 Best Travel Books To Fuel Your Wanderlust

These are some of the best travel books ever (in my opinion). If you're looking for travel inspiration, you can't go wrong with this wonderful collection of travel stories & helpful guides.

Meet the Utila Dive Centre Team - Jemma from England!

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2018 Tour Announcement: Travel With Me To Kamchatka, Russia!

You guys have been asking to travel with me for years, now I'm finally going to make it happen! Join me this spring for my first adventure travel & photography tour to Kamchatka.

Meet the Utila Dive Centre Team - Teresa from Denmark!

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Why I Quit Being A Digital Nomad (And Moved Back To The US)

Last week I spent all day packing up a small U-haul trailer with my belongings, preparing to move to Los Angeles, California. It felt a bit surreal after 7 years living as a digital nomad

Advanced Underwater Video Course - GoMEDIA @ Utila Dive Centre

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Diving with Dolphins

You may have been swimming with dolphins, but have you ever been diving with them?!? Check out this awesome footage as some playful dolphins decide to join one of our dives!For more information and r

PADI Women's Dive Day 2017 - Celebrating Women In Scuba Diving at Utila Dive Centre

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Professional Underwater Video and Photography Courses - GoMEDIA - Utila Dive Centre

Utila Dive Center now offers an incredible opportunity for you to dive into the world of advanced and professional level underwater photography and film production. This goes beyond your typical PAD

Specialised Training for Career Enhancement

At GoProUtila and Utila Dive Centre we have a proven success in our training programs and can offer you training in IAHD Adaptive Teaching (disabled divers), International Yacht Training and the Diver

Announcement: This blog has moved to!

Hey travelers!  Big news!  We’re changing our name and web address to! At the new address, you’ll find the same travel and photography-oriented content you’ve enjoyed here,

Island Lifestyle & Environment

Utila is the real Caribbean, escape the crowds, no cruise ships, sustainable development, a way of life that is traditional and authentic.  Amazing diving with over 50 dive sites, diversity of fringi

Becoming a PADI Scuba Instructor

“Because my worst nightmare is to wake up old and grey, thinking about all the things I didn’t do!” –  Start your journey to becoming a PADI Scuba Instructor and living the dream lifestyle an

Tec diving

Awaken your inner explorer and advance your dive training and discover the depths of technical diving.  Our PADI TecRec courses are offered all year round and Utila is the perfect training location f

IYT Coxswain & DiveBoat Mate Graduates!

Well done to Dee Wilson, Jordan Kirkland and Jason Sharp on qualifying as an International Yacht Training Dive Boat Mates opening up an ocean of possibilities in both the dive industry and superyacht/

Utila Dive Center 100% Aware

Make a difference with Utila Dive Center We're proud to announce that in January 2014 and beyond Utila Dive Center will be supporting Project Aware as a 100% partner and financially supporting Project

Get Rebreather Certified & Dive Galapagos with us!

Join our Rebreather Trip to the Galapagos September 7th to 14th 2015 Following the success of our first comprehensive rebreather trip to the Galapagos in 2013, we are now organising the next bi-annual

Utila Whale Shark sightings

Look who's showed up! – Utila Whale Shark Sightings! During the Easter week the conditions on Utila have been flat seas and the Whale sharks have been consistently sighted, in this photo our awesome

Congrats Ossie – Rebreather Instructor

How fitting that on Earth Day this week, marine biologist Ossie Stewart qualified with us as a PADI Poseidon Rebreather Instructor, and becomes the 1st female certified as a PADI Rebreather Instructor

Congrats August Instructors!!!!

Congratulations to our August Scuba Instructor course with another 100% Pass – Often Imitated but Never Surpassed!!!! What a way to start summer and giving themselves a gift that can now be shared w

Chicken Bus World Record Part 4

The gripping final instalment. Do Marty and Ginski fall flat on their faces or does the dream come true? How many people CAN you fit inside a Chicken Bus?Parte 4: El reto final. ¿Será que Marty y G

Chicken Bus World Record Part 3

The World Record begins! Do Marty and Ginski manage to squeeze enough people and a chicken in this Chicken Bus?How many people can you fit inside a Chicken Bus?Parte 3: ¡El récord mundial comienza!

Chicken Bus World Record Part 2

Following the disappointment of being denied permission by Antigua Marty must overcome a big life hurdle before the boys can get their World Record dream back on track.How many people can you fit ins

Chicken Bus World Record Part 1

How many people can you fit on a Chicken Bus? It's the question all travelers of Central America ask themselves. Marty and Ginski decided to find out.Parte 1: ¿Cuánta gente cabe en una camioneta (b

Matty The Lifesaver Episode 1

Some people teach, others drive busses. He's in the business of saving lives.

If You Come To Utila

Download 'If you come to Utila' for free: is a small island off the coast of Honduras. It's the craziest, most fun, most life changing place you'll ever visi

Zombies in Utila. Behind the scenes

Marty and Ginski tell us how they pulled "Zombies in Utila" together. If you liked the movie it's worth a look.

Zombies in Utila

A group of SCUBA divers surface to find the island of Utila has been infected with a Zombie virus. The group must use their brains or risk having them eaten by the advancing zombie horde

Zombies in Utila trailer

The trailer for the award winning short film by Marty and Ginski: Zombies in Utila. Coming to YouTube and Facebook Sunday, June 3



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