Sell Life Annuity

Cash Out Your Structured Settlement or Annuity Payments

Major Change is Afoot for the Country’s Tax Policy in 2017

While no one can predict the future, Accounting Today’s senior tax editor Roger Russell covered the 2017 Outlook produced by Bloomberg BNA’s Daily Tax Report. George Farrah of Bloomberg BNA stated

How to Bounce Back from Excessive Holiday Spending

Pockets feeling a little light in the new year? With new year celebrations following close on the heels of both Thanksgiving and Christmas, most of us are starting out the new year with at least a lit

Providing Financial Advice to the Newly Self-Employed

Financial planners can themselves be a valuable asset to the self-employed. This means you can help your clients from the ground up. One of the first things to determine is whether the new business sh

Free Financial Planning Events Held in Major Cities Throughout October

Not surprisingly, most Americans need or want professional guidance when it comes to long-term financial goals. Yet, most adults and couples never get the professional help they need because they assu

Financial Planning Association Gears Up for Annual Conference in Baltimore

Looking to gain a competitive edge in the financial planning profession? Attending professional development conferences is a great way for financial planners to convene with industry leaders and respe

How to Advise Clients About Timeshare Spending

The American Resort Development Association (ARDA) estimates that regardless of potential pitfalls, over nine million consumers invest in vacation timeshares each year. Yet, buying vacation timeshares

The Unprecedented Threat of Recession From Low Oil Prices

Many people have a portfolio rich in oil companies stocks, because they viewed them as a safe investment. However, oil prices are now extremely low primarily due to the amount of oil being produced by

Financial Planner Offers Nuanced Mortgage Advice

Mortgage debts, which are among the most common forms of American debt, are frequent topics of discussion between financial planners and their clients. Typically, the advice of financial planners is t

Families with History of Disease More Likely to Seek Financial Advice

Professors at the University of Utah wanted to better understand the full financial cost faced by patients afflicted with Alzheimer’s, both for them and for their families in the aftermath of their


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