Film Noir, Camera Hacks and Lens Sizes

Tips on achieving a Film Noir look, camera hacks for shooting in the wild and information on lens sizes.

Two types of Contrast Ratios for Filmmakers

Understanding contrast ratios are huge as a digital storyteller. Not only can control ratios help us get a cinematic image, but they are also useful to help shape where we want our audience's eyes to

DIY White Background PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY in 3 minutes | Amazon FBA Private Label

Learn how you can earn a passive income with Amazon:'ve been getting a lot of you peeps on Instagram requesting that I do a product photography video so I thought what better ti

The Friday Roundup - Film Noir, Camera Hacks and Lens Sizes

This week some tips on achieving a Film Noir look, some handy camera hacks for shooting in the wild and the lowdown on lens size and what it all means.

A Primer on BOOK LIGHTING Setup & Techniques

Book lighting is one of the softest types of lighting setups. Today on Ask Aputure, Ted from the A-Team tells us all about book lighting, where book lighting came from, and how you can set up your ve

Beginner Editing Tips to Avoid

Today on Ask Aputure we share a few tips to help beginner editors, and a few pitfalls you want to avoid starting out. Subscribe to Aputure:

When to use Focus Peaking

Focus Peaking is a tool that can help digital storytellers see exactly whats in focus. But what other ways can we use Focus Peaking? Today, Nerris from the A-Team walks us through five different ways


What advantage and disadvantage would one have using a prime lens or a zoom lens? Is one better than the other? And what cinematic effects can be used with the different types of lenses? Find out in

5 Creative Ways To Use LENS FLARES

We all love the aesthetic of lens flares. However, can lens flares help deliver an emotional response? Or are Lens flares just used for stylizing your shotsshots? Find out in this episode of Ask Aput

LUTS: And How Filmmakers Use Them

LUTS have been a popular term within the filmmaking community recently. But what exactly is a LUT? And how do filmmakers use LUTs to help them? In this episode of Ask Aputure, Ted walks us through wh

Understanding the basics of APERTURE

Understanding the function of what the aperture or f-stop does as a filmmaker is key for exposing your images, and adding some visual elements to your shots. In today's Ask Aperture episode, Boima go


Lighting car interiors at night can be among the most challenging types of low light setups for a cinematographer.In today's episodes of Guerilla Filmmaker, Ted and Zack walk us through four differen

5 Plugins That Are Worth The Money

There are a thousand filmmaking plugins out there, but which plugins are the real lifesavers and helpful to you during post production? Today Vee walks you through her top 5 favorite filmmaking plugi

3 tips when shooting SLOW MOTION for beginners

Instagram: @sheldonevansphotoShare this video! slow motion video is just a ton of fun so I thought I'd share some of the things to take into account while you're

Moments In - Hong Kong // 2017

Instagram: @sheldonevansphotoShare this video! gear I used to shoot this: day in Hong Kong. I recently picked up a new camera and decided

The BEST travel and VLOGGING camera?

The best travel and vlogging camera for beginners - Sony A6500 vlogging camera - 2017. One of the best cheap cameras for vlogging.Share this video! @sheldonevan

The BEST thing about HONG KONG!

Share this video! @sheldonevansphotoI've been in Hong Kong for a couple days and I wanted to share something that I found absolutely fantastic with you guys. If

4 tips for shooting SMOOTH CINEMATIC video on your iPhone!

Share this video! @sheldonevansphotoWonderful humans! I'll be heading out to Hong Kong soon and I wanted to shoot some video while I'm there although I'm really

Make people LEVITATE in your pictures!

Share this video! I thought I'd show you guys how I go about creating some of the mystical floating images you see on my Instagram. We use Photoshop and Lightroom in

VLOGGING for views?

Share this video! I thought I'd share some tips on how to get your vlog viewed a ton of times. Keep in mind you're taking advice from someone who has never shared their

5 fast TIPS for better PHOTOS!

Instagram: @sheldonevansphotoShare this video! hacks you can do with stuff found around your house. I always carry these with me on my shoots in case I have some ext

DREAM GAMING PC Setup: How to build your own!

Are you thinking of building your own PC to edit your photos and videos? In this video I discuss what sort of parts you'd need to get to have an enjoyable editing experience without breaking the bank


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