Film Noir, Camera Hacks and Lens Sizes

Tips on achieving a Film Noir look, camera hacks for shooting in the wild and information on lens sizes.

The Friday Roundup - Film Noir, Camera Hacks and Lens Sizes

This week some tips on achieving a Film Noir look, some handy camera hacks for shooting in the wild and the lowdown on lens size and what it all means.


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8 Film & TV Location Scout & Management Tips!

The job of a film and television location manager requires an extremely diverse set of skills. In today's episode of Guerilla Filmmaker, we talk with veteran location manager Jeff Shepherd (Shameless

The (Black) Friday Roundup – Lighting Tricks, Shooting 360° video and Color

It’s a bit of thin Friday Roundup this week mainly due to the American Thanksgiving celebrations. Of course being an American holiday there has to be some unashamed commercialism involved in the for

How to get BLURRY backgrounds in your photos and videos

How to create blurred backgrounds in your photos and videos is something pretty much anyone can do these days especially with features like the new portrait mode you'll see in the iPhone 8, however,

The Friday Roundup – Filmora Updates, Color Correction and Storytelling

Filmora 8.5 Released First cab off the rank for this week’s roundup is the latest release from my favorite easy to learn and use video editing software Filmora. The people at Wondershare tend to up

3 Adobe LIGHTROOM TIPS to speed up your editing!

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The Friday Roundup – Lifting Your Selfie Game and the Secret to Stress Free Editing

How to Video Yourself with iPhone and Android Like a PRO! Much as I hate to admit it there will be times when you may need to take shots of yourself to be included in your projects. Hopefully this wil

How to Film & Light a MOVIE MUSICAL!

Movie musicals involve the combining of nearly every type of popular art form: theatre, cinematography, dance, music, acting, and singing. From the incredibly sad "Les Miserables" to the fu

How to edit STUNNING LANDSCAPE PHOTOS in Adobe Lightroom!

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The Friday Roundup – Handling Criticism, Audio Ducking and Rotation

Handling Criticism One of the unavoidable side effects of creating video projects and having other people view them is that you open yourself to criticism. How you handle that criticism is an importa

5 HORROR Movies With INCREDIBLE Cinematography

Horror movies are usually known for their jump scare effects, scary editing, and practical blood and gore. But let's not forget that some horror movies are true works of art, with cinematography so b

How to Know if Your Film Light is ANY Good [CRI Vs. TLCI Explained]

One of the most important components of an LED light is how accurately it can reproduce colors. Without good color fidelity, it doesn't matter how bright your light is or how many fancy features it h

The Friday Roundup – Slider Tips, LUTs and Transitions

Creative Slider Techniques One of the most common accessories you will have thrust at you from online advertising are sliders and no, I don’t mean those little hamburgers you get at outrageously exp


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10 Easy Tips To Use ONE LIGHT In Your Next Movie

Subscribe to Aputure: today's episode of Ask Aputure, Nerris from the A-Team walks us through 10 different scenarios in which you can utilize your small LED lig

The Friday Roundup – Focal Length, Stabilization and VR

What You Need To Know About Focal Length Given the fact that more and more people are shooting footage with either DSLRs or MILCs these days it would be a real pity not to take advantage of what those

5 DRONE PHOTOGRAPHY Tips and Techniques!

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Tips on Choosing the Right LENS [Focal Length, Explained]

In today's episode of Ask Aputure, Boima from the A-Team takes us through a primer on focal lengths. He starts with the basic fundamentals of focal lengths then goes into how they can be creatively u

YOUTUBE LIGHTING SETUP On A Budget for Beginners!

🔥 Instagram: @sheldonevansphoto► SUBSCRIBE to see more videos! this video! guys asked for a tutorial on a cost effective lighting setup

The Friday Roundup – Audio, Templates and Color Matching

Audio Tips I can very clearly remember a number of years ago when I purchased my very first digital video camcorder. Foolishly I had taken the advice of someone who as it turned out, had absolutely no

When You SHOULD NOT Use Three-Point Lighting

Three point lighting is the first thing you learn about in your lighting classes. But is three point lighting a thing of the past? Probably not, but it's certainly not the end all be all to every sin

The Friday Roundup – Glitch Distortions and Basic Editing Tips

OK, so it seems we are back to normal this week after what seemed like an endless procession of updates. Running a site like this is generally not too much of a problem but maintaining the weekly roun

Amazon FBA Step-by-Step Product Research Tutorial! | How to find the best products to sell

🔥 Complete AMAZON FBA Course► - TO FIND PROFITABLE PRODUCTS TO SELL ON AMAZON!In this video I cover exactly what to look for when select

Adobe Premiere Elements 2018 Review

Back in the day Adobe’s Premiere Elements seemed to rule the world of consumer video editing. This was probably because of superior marketing and a lack of competition rather than the software being

Adobe Premiere Elements 15 Review Part Two

  Time to review the good and the not so good! The Interface What is clear in this latest version of Premiere Elements 2018 is that Adobe have finally decided on a direction for the program based on

Introducing the Aputure 300d

Aputure's biggest release to date, the Light Storm 300d is finally here. Boasting an incredible 142,000 lux at 0.5m, a CRI/TLCI rating of over 97+, and weighing under 5 pounds, this game-changing bea

8 PROVEN Ways To Make Money Online! | How to earn a passive income from home

UPDATE: 🔥 Complete AMAZON FBA Course► this video! wonderful human beings! :)In today's video I thought I'd share some of the ways that

How to Use Color Gels Creatively [8 Easy Setups!]

Color gels are great for adding a stylized look in your films. Not only that, but Gels can be great for adding a specific tone and mood in your frames, adding visual interests in your shots. But what

EASY Ways to Modify Light [11 Bowens Mount Accessories]

It's an exciting tine to be a filmmaker. Bowens mounts are becoming extremely popular and now, are becoming more accessible to filmmakers not just in the industry, but as well as independent filmmake


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