DIY Transitions, Documentary Projects and Other Ti

Tips on shooting interviews, making DIY transitions like the big boys and a bunch of other video editing and shooting tips

New Assets For Filmmakers

Black Friday Details: 201 with Seth Worley:**GEAR W

How to Make More Money With Your YouTube Videos

Learn how to make more money on YouTube in Adsense. In this video we tackle how to increase the money you make by raising your CPMs without having to upload more content.Get More Great Tips - Subscri

Amazon Wants More Creators - Amazon Expands Influencer Program

Amazon’s Influencer Program now expands to add MORE influencers on YouTube and other platforms. Join The "New" Amazon Infulencer Program ➜ More G

How to Get Sponsored with Brand Deals for Your YouTube Videos

Learn how to get started working with brands on your YouTube channel so you can get sponsored! Make more money with different revenue stream. Shaun McBride "Shonduras" shares some importan

Breaking Things In Super Slow Motion

Black Friday Details: Song We Used "Bold Action": From AbelCine: the Phantom VEO 640s:http://b

Thanksgiving Give Back Live Stream!!!

Join me for the Thanksgiving Give Back Live Stream!!!Get More Great Tips - Subscribe ➜ me A Question by using hashtag on YouTube or Twitter #AskDerral@derralevesMy Favorite

The (Black) Friday Roundup – Lighting Tricks, Shooting 360° video and Color

It’s a bit of thin Friday Roundup this week mainly due to the American Thanksgiving celebrations. Of course being an American holiday there has to be some unashamed commercialism involved in the for

DIY Transitions, Documentary Projects and Other Tips

This week some great tips on shooting interviews, making DIY transitions like the big boys and a bunch of other video editing and shooting tips.

How To Make Money Without Relying on YouTube Ads

Learn all about how to make money without relying on YouTube ads. Derral focus on ways small and big channels can make money with MagicLinks . Click here to Learn more ➜

Writing 201 is coming!

Writing 201 is coming to on Black Friday!Get more details about all the Black Friday deals for Filmmakers -

One Minute Challenge Winners

Special thanks to Filmstro: Tutorial: Friday Details: Place: IndependentVFXht

The Friday Roundup – Filmora Updates, Color Correction and Storytelling

Filmora 8.5 Released First cab off the rank for this week’s roundup is the latest release from my favorite easy to learn and use video editing software Filmora. The people at Wondershare tend to up

Best Movies to Watch on Thanksgiving

Black Friday Details: Ryan's Watching:**GEAR WE USE**

3 Step To Make Your YouTube Channel a Business

Learn 3 Step To Make Your YouTube Channel a Business with Owen VideoMake sure to watch 5 Video Marketing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them More Great Tips

Black Friday for Filmmakers!

Black Friday for Filmmakers returns on November 24th, with new products and the best deals of the year! Don’t miss it! Details -

Does the Raw Video & Thumbnail File Name Effect YouTube Ranking?

YouTube Fact or YouTube Myth: Does naming your video or thumbnail file names help SEO/YouTube Ranking on YouTube? In this video, Derral discusses a few facts and myths about YouTube search.Get More

We Aren't Teaching the Thor Effect... Seriously...

Black Friday Details: With NO VFX: Talks all about Thor: Giant Universe: Foc

The Friday Roundup – Lifting Your Selfie Game and the Secret to Stress Free Editing

How to Video Yourself with iPhone and Android Like a PRO! Much as I hate to admit it there will be times when you may need to take shots of yourself to be included in your projects. Hopefully this wil

Does The YouTube Algorithm Penalize Creators for Not Uploading Frequently

Does YouTube Penalize channels and videos for not uploading frequently? In this video, Derral answers that question in detail while talking about upload consistency and frequency. Get More Great Tips

Free Assets for Filmmakers

120+ Free Video Overlays 352 Free Letterbox Templates (8K, 4K, HD and more) 15 Free Camera Shake presets: Hitfilm

YouTube Advice From Real Viewers: Dallas Texas

Listen to some Real YouTube Advice from the actual viewers. I was in Dallas Texas this week for work, and a long the way I did some market research with on the street surveys "Uber." Listen

Visual Storytelling 101

Get Philip Bloom's Class: out MZed:**GEAR WE USE** COLOR GRADING LUTs:

The Friday Roundup – Handling Criticism, Audio Ducking and Rotation

Handling Criticism One of the unavoidable side effects of creating video projects and having other people view them is that you open yourself to criticism. How you handle that criticism is an importa

This Tripod Turns into a Monopod

Get MeVideo Tripod: Aero 7 Tripod: Dead Red Machete: --------------------------------------------------------------

The Friday Roundup – Slider Tips, LUTs and Transitions

Creative Slider Techniques One of the most common accessories you will have thrust at you from online advertising are sliders and no, I don’t mean those little hamburgers you get at outrageously exp

The Friday Roundup – Focal Length, Stabilization and VR

What You Need To Know About Focal Length Given the fact that more and more people are shooting footage with either DSLRs or MILCs these days it would be a real pity not to take advantage of what those

The Friday Roundup – Audio, Templates and Color Matching

Audio Tips I can very clearly remember a number of years ago when I purchased my very first digital video camcorder. Foolishly I had taken the advice of someone who as it turned out, had absolutely no

The Friday Roundup – Glitch Distortions and Basic Editing Tips

OK, so it seems we are back to normal this week after what seemed like an endless procession of updates. Running a site like this is generally not too much of a problem but maintaining the weekly roun

Adobe Premiere Elements 2018 Review

Back in the day Adobe’s Premiere Elements seemed to rule the world of consumer video editing. This was probably because of superior marketing and a lack of competition rather than the software being

Adobe Premiere Elements 15 Review Part Two

  Time to review the good and the not so good! The Interface What is clear in this latest version of Premiere Elements 2018 is that Adobe have finally decided on a direction for the program based on


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