Rowing at the Olympics

Rowing, which made its Olympic debut at the Paris 1900 Games, has more than a century of tradition in the waters of Rio de Janeiro. There are eight men’s and six women’s events in boats for one, two, four or nine (including the coxswain) competitors.

Authentic Best Rowing Machine Reviews by Fitness Expert Craig Morgan

Overwhelmed with the choice? Sports physiologist Craig Morgan reviews a variety of the top rowing machines available on the market today.

Former Ithaca College Rowers Set to Take the Olympic Stage - IC News - Ithaca College

Two former standouts from the Ithaca College rowing program are due to appear in the 2016 Olympic Games later this week at Lagoa Stadium in Rio de Janeiro,...

The Atlantic Ladies – who, what, when, where and, most importantly, WHY?

“Bonkers!” says fellow Monmouth rower, Elaine Theaker, when I ask her how things are. “In fact the whole of the last year has been absolutely bonkers,” she adds. And small wonder, really. On 1

ProForm 550R Rower Review

When we first researched the ProForm 550R, we were ready to throw in the towel before we even took it for a test drive. The 550R has some pretty bad reviews online from users, and we couldn’t figure

Lifecore R88 Rowing Machine Review

If you want a rower that doesn’t take up your entire living room, the Lifecore R88 is a smart choice. Its compact, folding design saves on space, but the R88 never sacrifices on performance or conve

HCI Fitness Sprint Outrigger Scull Rowing Machine Review

You’d love to own a rower, but you just don’t have the space for a full-size unit. HCI solves this problem with the Sprint Outrigger Scull rower. Compact, foldable and built-to-last, this rower de

First Degree Fitness Viking 2 AR Water Rower Review

A true water rowing experience is the best way to describe the Viking AR 2 water rower. This isn’t a low-end model by any means, but it is a rower that you would expect an Olympic rower to train on

BodyCraft VR100 Rowing Machine Review

BodyCraft offers a robust, affordable rowing machine called the: VR100. The VR100 provides a sturdy and durable design while also offering numerous resistance levels, and an aircraft-grade aluminum an

Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RW5606 Review

The Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RW5606 rower is affordable, user-friendly and delivers a great workout. With adjustable resistance, a comfortable seat and an LCD monitor, this rower includes everythin

Velocity Exercise Indoor Rowing Machine Review

Velocity Exercise offers an indoor rowing machine that is quiet, durable and has a robust monitor that will help you reach your peak fitness level. This model is a great choice for home users, and it

ASUNA 4500 Rowing Machine Review

The ASUNA 4500 is a rower with a slim profile, digital tension control and a large LCD display that lets you keep track of your workout stats. Its durable design and easy portability make it a great o

Soozier Magnetic Folding Rowing Machine Review

The Soozier looks like a futuristic rowing machine with its sleek, simplistic modern design. With the low price tag this makes it a popular model for anyone looking to shed a few unwanted pounds. For

WaterRower GRONK M1 Review

There are rowing machines, and then there is the GRONK M1. This limited edition model is definitely a high-end machine of perfection, and it’s considered professional-grade. Ideal for a home and a g

Strokeside Designs rowing jewellery – Girl on the River’s latest collaboration

I’ve been dying to tell you about my latest collaboration for ages, but my blog crashed (possibly hacked – argh!) and I’ve had to wait. Anyway, at last I can announce that I’ve teamed up with

Gig rowing – Girl on the River goes back to the beginning

After a pretty fun summer of rowing, pushing myself out my comfort zone with varying degrees of success, I guess I was starting to feel a tiny bit cocky. OK, so I’d crashed in two races, but I’d a

Well gel – a month of SiS gels

I’m a late convert to gels. I used to find their texture and consistency unappealing and couldn’t really see the point of them. Until this year, that is, when I had something of a Damascene conver

The agony and the ecstasy – a rollercoaster of racing at Ross Regatta

It’s not often that rowing commentators go quiet during a race. There’s nothing they like better than a bit of mid-river drama, eagerly reporting capsizes, crabs and catastrophes with equal relish

Tearing up the Tyne – the Tyne United Masters Single Sculling Camp

If you’ve been following my erratic, wiggly journey up and down the river this summer you’ll be aware that this season, for the first time in my rowing career, I’ve been spending most of my time

Side-by-side rowing, saunas and skinny-dipping – seventeen do the Sulkavan Suursoudut

It was about 20 minutes into the Sulkavan Suursoudut that the sheer madness of the whole enterprise dawned on me. What was I even thinking, entering a 70km race without any training? Seriously, what?

Get your Carswell on! Queen B’s gorgeous sweater

A couple of years ago, when I first discovered the gorgeous rowing kit made by Queen B Athletics, I realised I’d stumbled upon something rather special. Little did I imagine that one day I would ha

Ride Skincare – a great sunscreen for rowers

Crikey, it’s hot out there! The kind of weather that has fair-skinned types like me scuttling for the shade like a gecko running under a rock. And out on the river, with no shade to be seen and the

How the POWERbreathe muscle trainer has helped my rowing

Curled up in the foetal position at the end of my first erg sprint of the season, rocking back and forth and whimpering gently, I genuinely thought I might have done my lungs some serious damage. They


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