Rowing at the Olympics

Rowing, which made its Olympic debut at the Paris 1900 Games, has more than a century of tradition in the waters of Rio de Janeiro. There are eight men’s and six women’s events in boats for one, two, four or nine (including the coxswain) competitors.

Former Ithaca College Rowers Set to Take the Olympic Stage - IC News - Ithaca College

Two former standouts from the Ithaca College rowing program are due to appear in the 2016 Olympic Games later this week at Lagoa Stadium in Rio de Janeiro,...

The Secret to Women’s Rowing

Although I appear human, I am actually a vicious jungle animal.  I am one of the 3.52 billion ruthless, determined females this world has to offer.  A member of a group, so elite, that

Well gel – a month of SiS gels

I’m a late convert to gels. I used to find their texture and consistency unappealing and couldn’t really see the point of them. Until this year, that is, when I had something of a Damascen

What Motivates You to Run? – Scholarship Entry

The finish line of a cross country race is the definition of chaos. I have witnessed athletes cross the finish line and one after the other will collapse, throw up, or burst into tears. The course vol

The agony and the ecstasy – a rollercoaster of racing at Ross Regatta

It’s not often that rowing commentators go quiet during a race. There’s nothing they like better than a bit of mid-river drama, eagerly reporting capsizes, crabs and catastrophes with equa

A Dangerous Path to Fitness – Scholarship Entry

The first pick of the first round of the 1970 NFL draft, Terry Bradshaw played quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers for 13 years. Reflecting on his life with Jay Leno, Bradshaw envisioned the futur

Yoga – The Path to A Happier and Healthier Life (Scholarship Entry)

For years throughout my adolescence, I lead an extremely sedentary lifestyle, choosing days spent indoors and munching on Cheetos. Consequently – though I hadn’t put it together that my la

Does Race Impact What Sport Kids Play? – Scholarship Runner Up

There are five major professional sports leagues in the U.S. with all the leagues extending into Canada. The three most popular major sports leagues are the NBA, MLB, and the NFL, which are the three

Tearing up the Tyne – the Tyne United Masters Single Sculling Camp

If you’ve been following my erratic, wiggly journey up and down the river this summer you’ll be aware that this season, for the first time in my rowing career, I’ve been spending mos

Runner Up in the Rowing Advisor Scholarship Program 2017

As I was about to enter high school, I caught the televised Women’s 8 rowing race of the 2012 London Olympics. Never before had I taken notice of rowing, but I was fascinated at how perfectly in

The 1st Annual Rowing Advisor Scholarship Winner

Anterior Cruciate Ligaments It comes unexpectedly and when it’s least convenient. Really, there’s no good time for it. It’s challenging to deal with in every way: physically, mentall

Side-by-side rowing, saunas and skinny-dipping – seventeen do the Sulkavan Suursoudut

It was about 20 minutes into the Sulkavan Suursoudut that the sheer madness of the whole enterprise dawned on me. What was I even thinking, entering a 70km race without any training? Seriously, what?

Get your Carswell on! Queen B’s gorgeous sweater

A couple of years ago, when I first discovered the gorgeous rowing kit made by Queen B Athletics, I realised I’d stumbled upon something rather special. Little did I imagine that one day I

The July Workout – 12 Minute Fat Burner

Looking for maximum fat loss but short of time? Then this month’s workout is will suit you. The entire workout only takes 12 minutes and is a high intensity circuit. Before you start burning the

Ride Skincare – a great sunscreen for rowers

Crikey, it’s hot out there! The kind of weather that has fair-skinned types like me scuttling for the shade like a gecko running under a rock. And out on the river, with no shade to be seen and

How the POWERbreathe muscle trainer has helped my rowing

Curled up in the foetal position at the end of my first erg sprint of the season, rocking back and forth and whimpering gently, I genuinely thought I might have done my lungs some serious damage. They

Your “Diet” Isn’t Working? This Is Why

In order to properly lose weight, you will need to do a lot of research. Shedding those extra pounds is not as easy as people think. Most think that you will successfully lose weight just by eating le

Silver by a whisker – when it’s all about the marginal gains

You hear a lot about marginal gains in elite sport. Top class rowers, cyclists and runners all jostle to get that tiny edge over their competitors that will nose them over the line in front. But it al

HIIT Vs LISS – Which one is Better?

If people want to stay fit and healthy, the first thing they think of to lose weight or to tone up and get that tight physique is to work in some cardio training to their fitness plan. In the workout

Hiking for girls – the women’s Terradora waterproof boot

It’s not often I’m impressed by products designed specifically for women. Not for me the cutesy purple Seat Mii hatchback, the pastel-coloured “Bic for Her” or the pink-encased

Chatty woman – Girl on the River takes the mic

Anyone who gets to know me soon becomes aware that I like to talk. If there’s a lull in conversation I feel compelled to fill it and I’m rarely lost for words.  I’m the one they


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