Pilates exercise works on the core to improve general fitness and well being. Before you get started on a Pilates exercise program, get to know this exercise method and how you can make the most of it.

More Severe Flu Strain Starts to Spread Widely

At the start of the flu season, the main strain was influenza A H1N1, but now a more severe strain, influenza A H3N2, accounts for nearly half of all the new cases, the CDC says.

Study: Heavy Smoking May Damage Vision

In a small new study, people who smoked more than 20 cigarettes a day showed significant changes in their red-green and blue-yellow color vision and had greater difficulty seeing contrasts and colors

Opioid OD Deaths Quadruple, Centered in 8 States

Researchers also found that the death rate from opioids has increased the fastest in the District of Columbia, more than tripling every year since 2013.

After Tax Was Added, Soda Sales Fell in Berkeley

The study shows that a soda tax can influence what people buy and can be effective in encouraging healthier drinking habits, researchers said.

Few Teens Meet Sleep, Screen, Exercise Guidelines

When it comes to the right amount of screen time, exercise, and sleep, research published this month in JAMA Pediatrics finds only 5% of teens are meeting guidelines, and girls are less likely to do s

Study Sees Slight Drop in Doctor Burnout

Physicians remain at increased risk for burnout relative to workers in other fields, but for the first time, researchers saw improvement burnout symptoms in physicians nationally.

Protein Rice Crispy Treats

You already know how to make the marshmallow version of this cereal classic. Now you can update this childhood favorite to make it healthier and better tasting than ever before!

Toxins in Home Furnishings Can Be Passed to Kids

Semi-volatile organic compounds (or SVOCs) are widely used in electronics, furniture and building materials, and can be detected in nearly all indoor environment. Human exposure to them is widespread.

Nurse Builds Database of Women Murdered By Men

Since 2017, a school nurse in a Dallas suburb has been counting women murdered by men.

HPV Infections in Decline, Thanks to Vaccines

The new study finds that rates of infection with HPV 16 or 18 -- the two strains most heavily implicated in cervical cancer -- have markedly declined between 2008 and 2014.

U.S. Leads Rich Nations in Drug Overdose Deaths

Drug deaths in the United States are more than 27 times higher than in Italy and Japan, which have the lowest rates, and are double the rates of Finland and Sweden, the countries with the next highest

How To Train CrossFit Without Actually Doing CrossFit

Intrigued by this wildly popular sport, but don't want to be a WOD star? Learn how to use the fundamental principles of CrossFit without showing your face at a box!

Ask the Muscle Doc: Are Squats the Key to Maximizing Hamstring Development?

You've probably heard for years that compound lower-body exercises are all you need to build thick hamstrings. The science says otherwise.

6 Life Lessons from Working at Gold's Gym Venice

Spend some time in the Mecca of Bodybuilding, and you'll learn far more than just sets, reps, and training techniques. Here are six time-tested truths from a top trainer at Gold's for over 20 years!

Strawberry Cheesecake Bites

If you're tired of sacrificing your sweet tooth, here's a quick and easy recipe to help you have your cheesecake—and eat it, too!

The Self-Made Bodybuilder: How Brian DeCosta Unlocked His True Strength

Team member Brian DeCosta, a 27-year-old former accountant, defeated an eating disorder and survived a near-fatal accident to build the body (and business) of his dreams. Supplement Company of the Month: JYM Supplement Science

For years, JYM supplements have dominated in the market; and for good reason. Jim Stoppani reveals the story, keys to success behind his brand, and how he plans to stay on top for years to come!

Chocolate Cookies and Cream Pancakes

These high-protein pancakes satisfy your sweet cravings with cookies and cream flavors and fluffy chocolatey goodness. A decadent breakfast treat that fits your macros!

How Do I Lose Weight Fast?

Once you decide you want to aim for a deadline, everything changes… or does it? Here’s how to approach short-term weight-loss, and what you can really achieve in a month’s time!

How Do I Lose Weight Without Losing Muscle?

There are two types of weight loss: One you want, and one you definitely don’t. Here’s how to establish your priorities to point your diet and training in the right direction!


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