Pilates exercise works on the core to improve general fitness and well being. Before you get started on a Pilates exercise program, get to know this exercise method and how you can make the most of it.

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McDonald’s Nixes Salads After Dozens Fall Ill

The CDC has found 61 laboratory-confirmed cases in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wisconsin. In each, the affected patient said they ate a salad from McDonald’s.

How Much Protein Should You Consume Every Day?

Sure, anyone can look up the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for the macronutrients and vitamins they consume every day. Unfortunately, those numbers, at least for protein, are too low to support

Hidden Blood in Feces Can Signal More Than Cancer

Blood in your stool, even if it's not visible, can be a sign of a number of potentially deadly conditions, including circulatory, respiratory, digestive, blood, hormonal or neuropsychological disease

Illnesses Linked to Venezuela Crab Meat: FDA

Illnesses began between April 1 and July 3, with eight cases in Maryland, two in Louisiana and one each in Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia.

Vitamin D Little Help Against Brain Diseases

There's no special protective benefit for the brain in vitamin D, a new review of research on the topic has found.

Can Dogs Keep Kids from Getting Allergies?

Scientists believe the results say it’s likely that dogs make bacteria in the home and the body more diverse, and therefore help strengthen the immune system.

Working Yourself to Death: Long Hours Bring Risks

Putting in long hours at the office could make you more likely to get diabetes, heart disease and psychiatric disorders, research suggests.

Study: Nearly Half of Gay Men Face Domestic Abuse

In a University of Michigan study of gay men, 46 percent reported some form of intimate partner abuse in the last year, including physical and sexual violence, emotional abuse and controlling behavio

Eczema Can Dramatically Hurt Quality of Life

The allergic skin condition eczema can seriously damage overall health and quality of life, a new survey finds.

FDA Recalls Some Valsartan Drugs Due to Impurity

The FDA is investigating how much NDMA is in the recalled products and is trying to find out the possible effects on patients who have been taking them.

Opioids Given Too Easily to Children, Study Finds

More than one in 10 kids enrolled in Tennessee's Medicaid program received an opioid prescription each year between 1999 and 2014, even though they did not have a severe condition requiring powerful p

30-Day Abs With Abel Albonetti

When you want serious abs, you need a serious plan. This is exactly how an elite physique athlete stays shredded year-round!

Monster Triceps Thrash With IFBB Pro Akim Williams

Don't let this man's gentle demeanor fool you: He is on a mission to be the biggest, baddest man onstage. People tell him to make his move now, but he'll make it when he's damn well ready.

Low-Carb "Almost Keto" Italian Casserole Bake

This low-carb casserole satisfies comfort-food cravings without sacrificing gains!

Advanced Exercises to Pump Up Your Biceps

If increasing your arm size is why you hit the gym every day, maybe it's time to shed the basics and take your biceps training to the next level.

BodySpace Member Of The Month: From Pageants To Figure

After a dramatic 135-pound weight loss, figure athlete Teegan Rose hopes to make fitness a full-time career.

Build That Freaky Upper Body With This Workout!

No shortcuts here. Just a solid chest, shoulders, and triceps routine that will allow you to lift some solid weights, chase a crazy pump, and strut out of the gym in 30-45 minutes, feeling amazing.

The 3 Best Seafoods To Cook This Summer

Want to upgrade your diet and add a bit more summer to your summer menu? Cast your line for any or all of these nutritious seafood options, then head to the kitchen and create these refreshing dishes.

One-Time Fitness Champ Jenny Worth Slides Back Into The Spotlight

Worth was among the best onstage but left it all behind. Today, she's fighting to reclaim her place.

Ask The Super Strong Guy: Is "Reloading" Right For Powerlifters?

Otherwise known as "deloading," reloading is all about giving your body (and your mind) a chance to take a step back from heavy lifting and get recharged. If you lift big, you'd better reload.


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