Arborist Information For Austin TX

Arborist tree care information for trees in Austin TX. Learn the latest news about tree care from tree planting to removal. Keep up to date if there are any tree diseases you need to be aware about in Austin TX. Learn about any new laws that may effect your ability to remove an old tree or plant a new one.

5 Tree Pests to Check for This Month

Tree pests and disease have been sweeping across the country, overtaking millions of urban trees and destroying what were once dense, tree canopies. The wave of outbreaks has cost cities millions of

Denver Mattress Helps to Revitalize the Upper Altamaha River Watershed

Guest post by our partners at Furniture Row and Denver Mattress When the Arbor Day Foundation recently announced the Time for Trees initiative, an impressive goal of planting 100 million trees in for

What a tree is to a bird

Guest post by Gillian Martin of Tree Care for Birds. Not everyone cares about birds.  Understandably, some are even considered a nuisance and pose very real conflicts for people.  But pause to cons

Beloved Bigleaf Maple Failure in City Park

On the morning of June 27, 2018, a woman got off a bus and walked over to sit on a nearby bench under a huge tree. She did not often sit on this bench because homeless people were usually encamped aro

How to Plant a Privacy Hedge

Are you looking for an affordable way to create privacy in your yard? There are several benefits to plant a privacy hedge in the landscape. Evergreen trees or shrubs can provide privacy from street t

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UT Expands Aid to Cover Tuition for Families Earning Up to $65K

A view of Earth from the Moon's surface.

homepage-apollo-bkgd.jpg NASA A view of Earth from the Moon's surface. Friday, June 28, 2019

News From The Arbor Day Foundation

Excerpts from the July/August Arbor Day newsletter. Want more news? Subscribe to the newsletter. Baldcypress Taxodium distichum Baldcypress is usually associated with the great swamp lands of the Sou

Google Maps

Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps.

5 Tips to Landscape with Trees

Trees are a beautiful and affordable way to add color, texture, and life to your yard. With so many options to choose from, finding the right tree can become overwhelming. With some careful planning,

PNW-ISA Executive Director Position Announcement

PNW-ISA is seeking an Executive Director (ED) who is a highly motivated team builder and leader with a vision for expanding the reach and impact of our organization for current and future members, and

Professional Tree Service That Cares For Trees In Austin

Tree service including removal, trimming, pruning, cutting, and stump grinding. Our expert arborists goal is to save the tree whenever possible. We are a tree service that cares about trees in the Aus

Tree Regulations | - The Official Website of the City of Austin

What size trees are protected? A protected size tree is determined by measuring the tree trunk at 4.5 feet above ground. This is commonly known as DBH (diameter at breast height).  A tree within the

9 Trees that Can Survive Flooding

It’s that time of year, where storms, hurricanes, and flooding become more common. Storms deliver torrential rain that can lead to massive flooding, damaging homes, businesses, and sometimes our co

Students crossing the South Mall

homepage-finaid-bkgd.jpg Marsha Miller Visitors, Students, Faculty, and Staff walking around the UT Tower Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Los Papales Estate is a Model Farm for Sustainability

Situated high in the mountains of northern Nicaragua is a small town with a reputation for producing some of the best quality coffee in the country. More than half of Nicaragua’s coffee comes from

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Tree service · 7606 Basil Dr

Main Street® Shantung Maple Acer truncatum ‘WF-AT1’

Have you heard of the Main Street® Shangtung maple, (Acer truncatum, ‘WF-AT1’)? I hesitate to explore another maple as most cities are trying to find alternates to avoid over planting them. Howev

Early PNW-ISA Chapter Arborist Certification

Most current members in our region are likely unaware that before there was a Certified Arborist exam sponsored by the International ISA, the PNW chapter had its own CA (Certified Arborist) test. In t

Updates from the Board of Directors

Transition Update In February 2019, the Board of Directors reviewed the results of an Organizational Assessment completed by Loveall Price & Associates, a nonprofit transitional consulting firm. T

TREE Fund Summer Update

Greetings arborists! I wanted to write a brief update on the on goings at the TREE Fund. For anyone who isn’t familiar with the TREE Fund, they manage endowment funds that support research and educa

Check Out Our Tree Climbing Workshops This Summer!

We hear you! When members share their education requests in our annual member survey and workshop evaluations, PNW-ISA identifies how we can meet your needs. Members repeatedly ask that the Chapter of

PNW-ISA 2nd Women’s Climbing Workshop A Success!

PNW-ISA hosted its second successful Women’s Tree Climbing Workshop on June 7-9, 2019 in Seattle, WA. International Tree Climbing Championship competitors Bear LeVangie and Melissa LeVangie flew in

Trees and their Associates

How often do we think about tree associates when we are working on an individual tree?  The sixteen chapters of the Arborists’ Certification Study guide cover many areas of Arboriculture, but there

Austin, Texas skyline from UT campus

homepage_background_image.jpg Kevin Rathge Austin, Texas skyline from UT campus Thursday, June 6, 2019

Tasty Coffee is all About Healthy Coffee Trees

Guest post by The Coffee Chronicler. Most people never really think about it when they are gulping down their morning cup of Joe or takeaway latte, but coffee is a fruit. Today coffee usually comes i

Congratulations graduates! #UTGrad19

Sunday, May 26, 2019 homepage_small_story_grads.jpg Instagram utaustintx

Michael Dell Delivers Keynote Address at Commencement

Sunday, May 26, 2019 michael_dell-commencement.jpg

University Commencement Webcast

Friday, May 24, 2019 commencementwebcast.jpg

Michael Dell to Deliver Keynote Address at Commencement michael-dell.jpg

UT Tower and Fireworks


Into the World, Class of 2019 into-the-world.jpg

Foundation President Talks Time for Trees® with The Business of Giving

Dan Lambe joined Denver Frederick of The Business of Giving to talk about the history of Arbor Day, the Time for Trees® initiative, and what’s next for the Arbor Day Foundation. The conversation o

ANSI A300 Standard

Twice each year a group of arborists meet to discuss the practice of arboriculture. These are your peers and represent large utility companies, small businesses, and public entities. These hardworking

Guide to Parasitology

What is Parasitology? One of the biggest threats to human health today in the developed and the developing world are parasites. Parasitical relationships differ from other areas of ecology in that the

Deserts as Ecosystems and Why They Need Protecting

What is a Desert? Deserts conjure up specific ideas about topography: typically, that they are dry and sandy dunes or rock, or a mixture of both. But deserts are far more than this and there are multi

Conservation: History and Future

What is Conservation? Defining Conservationism We define conservation as a broad approach to preserving what is already there and the due care and attention to protecting it for the future (1). It is

Environmental Law: Government and Public Policy Towards the Environment

What is Environmental Law? Humanity has been aware of its environment far longer than there have been laws to protect environments. Environmental law, or sometimes known as environmental and natural r

Guide to Mathematics

What is Mathematics? Mathematics is described by various people as the only science that will ever prove anything, the only science capable of providing an absolute “yes” or “no” answer, and a

Physics: The Science of the Universe and Everything In It

Along with chemistry and biology, physics completes the trinity of the original “hard” sciences - those that use testable predictions and hypotheses, experiments, and mathematics and modelling as

Environmental Perspectives

I am an environmental engineer and was a consultant on that topic for 45 years. I am sharing some of what I've learned through 3 lectures that I'll give to whoever wants to listen and wants to pay for

Zoology: Exploring the Animal Kingdom as Academic Pursuit

Defining Zoology Biological life on planet Earth is undoubtedly immense and the subject that studies it - biology - is such a vast area of study that no graduate in the subject could hope to understan

Climatology: The Science of Global Weather Systems over the Long Term

What Climatology Is Climatology, or sometimes known as climate science, is the study of the Earth's weather patterns and the systems that cause them. From the ocean oscillations to trade winds, pressu

Geology: Examining the Planet’s Physical Processes

Defining Geology Geology - from the Greek geo (Earth) and logia (study) (1) has a long and prestigious history in unlocking many of the secrets of the Earth. We define geology as the study of the Eart


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