Fake News, Video quality, the Laws of Light

Fake news, video quality, the laws of light and DSLR and Mirrorless tutorials.

The Friday Roundup - A Few Tips Before The End of 2016

This week a little review of 2016, fake news, video quality, the laws of light and finally some DSLR and Mirrorless tutorials.

Creating a Low Key Portrait Using Rembrandt Lighting

Previously on The Slanted Lens, we discussed how to light a high key set. Today we are talking about how to properly light a low key set when shooting portraits. We’ve got a dog and a chicken, s

Why Shoot 2300 Images When You Only Need 3?: A Look at Jay P’s Shooting Process

What is the point of filling memory cards with pictures when you only need a handful of images for your client? Why do I shoot more than 2,000 images on every shoot when I will only end up using one o

3 Ways to Sync Your Strobes to Your Camera

Today on The Slanted Lens we are looking at 3 different ways to sync strobes with your camera, so check out which way works best for you! Syncing Strobes There are many different ways to sync strobes

Turning Your Bathroom Into a Softbox

We’re looking at a cheap alternative to buying softboxes, today on The Slanted Lens. Many photographers want the softbox look but cannot afford a softbox. Why not use your bathroom as a softbox

QuickTip: 4 Ways Dirt Will Improve Your Imagery

Today on The Slanted Lens we are taking a peek into Hollywood movie magic and showing you how to make your shots older and dustier. What’s the trick? It’s Fuller’s Earth! Fuller&rsqu

How to Create Window Light

Today on The Slanted Lens we are taking a look at how to mimic window light. So many clients want a bright, happy, naturally lit shot; that’s a little tricky to deliver if your set has no window

QuickTip: Turn Smoke Into Low-Lying Fog for Your Next Shoot

Today on The Slanted Lens I am sharing a QuickTip about how to get your fog to stay on the ground. Smoke and fog machines normally send fog up into the air and create really hazy looking stills, so I&

Product Review: SKB’s New iSeries w/ Think Tank Interior

I am taking a quick look at SKB‘s new line of cases that include Think Tank interiors. These cases are fantastic and work perfectly for photography and video equipment. Let’s take a quick

Camera Comparison: What’s the Best Full Frame Camera Under $2000? 5DIII vs. 6DII vs. a7II

We’re comparing the Canon 5DIII and 6DII with the Sony a7II to find out which is the best full frame camera under $2000 on the market, today on The Slanted Lens! Ch

How to Jump Through a Window and Not Die Using Breakaway Glass

Today on The Slanted Lens we are taking a brief look at breakaway glass! We’ll be throwing a stuntman through a window and showing you how to safely and effectively use this glass to get some am


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