How to deal with Pests in your home

Tips for how to get rid of pests in your home or business and where to find the best pest control companies to help deal with your pest problems quickly.

Surrey Arts Centre the First Municipal Facility in BC to Receive a Certified Gold Designation from the Rick Hansen Foundation

Accessibility features include a lowered box office counter, wayfinding signage for ramps, and more.

How to Keep Your Deck Safe from Termite Damage

Termites are at their most populous in the summer when they emerge from their underground colonies and feed on wood sources they couldn’t get at during the winter. One of the parts of your house mos

Tips on How to Kill Mosquitoes in Yard

Many people want to know how to kill mosquitoes in yard quickly. Most mosquitoes usually want to stay in the yard because they love the environment. They usually love staying...

What’s the Difference Between Rats and Mice?

We’ve all wondered about the difference between rats and mice at one point or another in our lives, albeit probably when we were still learning how to spell the words “rats” and “mice.” Thou

‘Lava bomb’ through roof of tour boat injures 22 in Hawaii

“An explosion occurred near the shoreline hurling hot lava rocks towards the boat and injuring several passengers”

All jobs at Surrey, City of |

44 jobs at All jobs at Surrey, City of.The City of Surrey provides local government services to a population of approximately 510,000 residents.

Are Squirrels Dangerous to Humans?

If you’ve ever wondered “are squirrels dangerous?” you weren’t wrong to. A lot of people don’t consider squirrels threats, but these bushytailed rodents are still rodents, with the same sort

How to prevent mice from sneaking into your home

  As the weather gets colder, rodents will seek shelter in a cozy home, could it be yours this year? Rodents are attracted to homes where the food is plentiful...

Mayor’s Task Force on Gang Violence Prevention Report Released

The report highlighted the action steps the City of Surrey is taking to prevent gang violence.

Tips that Will Wipe Out the Flies From Your Home

  House flies are uninvited guests that stay rent free and soil the freshness of your home and food that you prepare. There are easier ways to wipe away flies...

Democracy Direct invites MP Hogg to speak July 17

Electoral coalition to confirm candidates next week

How to Tell the Difference Between Bed Bug Bites and Scabies

Scabies and bed bug bites: neither are pleasant to think about, but knowing the difference between the two is key to getting rid of bed bugs or scabies. Whereas bed bug bites are just that, bites, sca

Using Dogs to Sniff Out Pests

Throughout history, dogs have been given all sorts of jobs. Our faithful companions have been used to guard livestock, hunt and retrieve, guide the blind, find people who are lost,...

Surrey Breaks Ground on Clayton Community Centre

Facility slated be the first community centre in North America to earn Passive House certification.

Social Innovation Summit brings local and national experts to Surrey

4th annual Summit to explore opioid crisis, housing and other pressing regional issues.

Pest Prevention Advice

Day One Of Your New Pest Prevention Routine Should Be Today! Having a proper pest prevention routine is very important for your family home. It is vital to everyone in...

Keeping Garden Pests Away in the Summer

Who hasn’t spent weeks planting and watering seeds, tending them carefully, excitedly watching them sprout from the earth…only to witness garden pests nibble away the fruits (and vegetables) of yo

Now-Leader wins three national awards

Best Feature Series (First), Best Headline Writing (First) and Best Local Editorial (Second)

B.C. teen meets Nicolas Cage

Filming mob movie in downtown Vernon, B.C.

Hundreds of Arctic glaciers shrinking, disappearing

Out of 1,773 glaciers, 1,353 shrank significantly between 2000 and 2016

Keep Ants Out This Spring

Spring’s here again, which means you as a diligent homeowner must be on the watch for all manner of creepy-crawlies. In particular, you should be on the watch for ants in the house. More than just h

TD Donates $500,000 to the Museum of Surrey Explore Zone

The Museum of Surrey will open in fall 2018 with a new children’s gallery called TD Explore Zone.

How to Get Rid of Asian Tiger Mosquitoes Today

It is very important to learn about how to get rid of Asian Tiger mosquitoes these days. These mosquitoes can be characterized by the mosquito with white stripes. These mosquitoes...

Coco the cat survives horrific house fire wrapped in a blanket

Found in the laundry hours after Chilliwack firefighters douse blaze that destroyed five structures

Youth Program Awarded for Fostering Civic Responsibility

L.A. Matheson’s Mustang Justice Program recognized for making a significant impact in the community.

Summer Cockroach Prevention

While cockroaches are a year-round nuisance, you have to be particularly vigilant about cockroach prevention in the summer, which is their mating season. Cockroaches seek out warmth, moisture and food

How to Keep Wasps Away from Your Property

Getting rid of wasps can be a real struggle once they get settled into a new colony. Tenacious, and dangerous when provoked, it is absolutely not recommended for you to try to remove a wasp nest witho

Find the Most Effective Way to Get Rid of Mosquitoes Easily

It is important for you to find the most effective way to get rid of mosquitoes from your house immediately. There are several types of mosquitoes that can attack your...

Surrey Insect and Rodent Removal - Natural Pest Solutions

Pest Control Serving Surrey and Lower Mainland. We bring you peace of Mind by eradicating Insects and Rodents from your home or business. We use eco friendly organic products that help save the planet

VIDEO: Sleepy Gonzales sounds off as ‘Play Surrey’ contest winners

Fleetwood-based band got serious as a foursome just last year

Google Maps

British Columbia, Canada

B.C. reporter calls out immigration photo on social media as fake news

A Vancouver reporter is calling out a British politician for spreading fake news

Hulk Hogan reinstated into wrestling Hall of Fame

Hogan had used racial slurs caught on video when talking about his daughter sleeping with a black man

45 New Canadians Receive Citizenship at Surrey City Hall on Canadian Multiculturalism Day

Multiculturalism Day is an opportunity for Canadians to celebrate our diversity and democracy.

Critics claim Trump “defended a tyrant”

Trump questions US intel, not Putin, on Russia 2016 meddling

Fans Gather from Across Metro Vancouver to Celebrate Canada Day in Surrey

Annual event featured co-headline performances from Serena Ryder and Brett Kissel.

Surrey Fusion Festival Set to Welcome a Record 53 Cultural Pavilions

2018 theme celebrates influential women and the contributions they have made to the world

Surrey Fusion Festival Dishes Out New Green Initiatives

Happening July 21–22 at Holland Park, the event is expected to draw more than 100,000 visitors.

Keeping Your Family Safe And Protected While Having Pest Control

  When you have children and pets running around your home, the last thing you want as an addition to the family are pests. They carry disease and threaten the...

Colony Collapse Disorder and The Importance of Bees

For many with bad childhood memories of bee stings, the dwindling number of bees in the summer has been a godsend. However, the importance of bees to the ecosystem cannot be understated, and their rol

Protect Your Business’s Reputation with Commercial Pest Control

Nothing craters a business’s credibility faster than a pest problem. Even if you aren’t in the food or hospitality industries, pest infestations in offices can seriously affect employee morale and

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Standing Water Easily

If you want to learn how to get rid of mosquitoes in standing water quickly, you should keep reading this article. There are some useful tips that you can use,...

How to Rid Mosquitoes from Yard Effectively

If you want to remove mosquitoes from your house, you should also learn about how to rid mosquitoes from yard. Most of these insects usually spend their time on your...


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