Festival and Rave Costumes: the best list for 2021

How to choose the best Hallooween costume for your rave event.

Six Halloween Outfits You Can Wear to Every EDM Festival - Devil Walking

Find Halloween costumes, dresses, and 2-piece sets that are 100% festival, cosplay, and rave friendly. With fast worldwide delivery from Devil Walking!

Shazam: Fury of the Gods Looks Like It Might Be Worth the Wait

Given that the first (surprisingly fun) Shazam movie came out in April of 2019, it’s pretty understandable we’ve seen almost nothing from the upcoming sequel, Fury of the Gods. Although the firs

The Batman's Explosive New Trailer Looks Behind Bruce Wayne's Furious Mask

A new look at Matt Reeves’ The Batman is here, and it’s big on the action—plus the fury that comes when you really, really tick off Robert Pattinson’s young, raw incarnation of the legendary

Harley Quinn's Season 3 'Eat, Bang, Kill Tour' Is Coming... Eventually

While there were many new sights to be seen and announcements to be made at this year’s DC Fandome, the Harley Quinn’s creative team sent their animated headline to the digital expo to let the ev

Our First Look at DC's Naomi Is Ripped Right From the Comics

Though Naomi McDuffie’s only been kicking around in DC’s comics for a few years now, the young heroine’s already making the jump over to the small screen in the CW’s upcoming Naomi series set

Young Justice: Phantoms Looks Like a Crisis on Animated Youths

With each season of Young Justice, the young heroes of the DC Universe have found themselves embroiled in larger and larger conflicts that span their entire galaxy. The upcoming fourth season, subtit

Titans Is Returning for a 4th Season of Superhero Trauma

Titans sure is a strange show. Initially billed as a mature version of the Teen Titans characters most of us have grown up with, the HBO Max (and sometimes TNT) series messily existed for two seasons

Batgirl Rises in the First Look at Her HBO Max Movie

Between The Batman, The Flash, and the Aquaman sequel, Warner Bros. has been a little coyer about its Batgirl movie, which makes sense as it’s not due until late 2022. But thanks to the DC Fandome

Gotham Knights Footage Teases a Batfamily Brawl

The next video game out of Gotham City is missing its former hero, at the worse possible time. So it’s probably for the best Bruce Wayne left some very trusty friends behind—because they’re goi

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Looks Both Wet and Wild

Aquaman used to be the butt of so many superhero jokes for so long, but that pretty much changed the minute Game of Thrones’ badass Jason Mamoa put on Arthur Curry’s scaled, skin-tight armor for

Gwendoline Christie Looks Hellishly Cool as Lucifer in DC's Sandman

We finally have our first look at Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer as she’ll appear on Netflix’s The Sandman, and she’s looking decidedly more glam—and certainly more menacing—than she did in

Red Iron Robot Costume

Vendor: Devil Walking Type: Price: 114.99 Essence becomes substance in this hardcore Robo-realistic costume, devised

Men's Titanium Armored

Vendor: Devil Walking Type: Price: 114.99 U’ll be the danger on the dancefloor in this blazingly aerodynamic one-p

Mr. Cyber Male Sci-Fi Costume

Vendor: Devil Walking Type: Price: 114.99 Bring ur sub-base reinforcement straight to the surface in this badass cyb

Men's Steel Warrior Costume

Vendor: Devil Walking Type: Price: 114.99 Reign the eclipse of the human race in this hardcore sci-fi costume, print

Men's Glitch Skeleton Costume

Vendor: Devil Walking Type: Price: 114.99 Get ‘em babes wonderstruck in this jaw-dropping male one-piece, printed

Men's Devil Costume

Vendor: Devil Walking Type: Price: 114.99 Bring the holy terror on Earth in this piping hot incubus costume, made to

Gold Cyborg Male Droid Costume

Vendor: Devil Walking Type: Price: 114.99 Bring the cyber world order in this flabbergasting cyborg costume with a g

Dominator Male Robot Costume

Vendor: Devil Walking Type: Price: 114.99 Add some extra spicing to the party in this omniscient dominator one-piece

Trick or Treats Orange Shortalls

Vendor: Devil Walking Type: Price: 89.99 Arcane symbols, witches’ devices, and devils’ tools - u’ll summon the

Pink Brain Shortalls

Vendor: Devil Walking Type: Price: 89.99 U’ll be the one and only mob mastermind in this sharp-witted shortall, pri


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