Numerology Life Path 2, Numerology 2 Path

Numerology Life Path 2, Numerology 2, Harmonious Friend & Partner. Sensitivity, perceptiveness, shyness are your strengths. Dislike disputes, would rather keep quiet than talking and hurting someone

Numerology Life Path 2, Numerology 2, Harmonious Friend & Partner

Life Path Number 2 Everyone’s good friend or partner, easy collaborate and nurture relationships, sensitive to your feelings #LifePath2 #Number2 #Numerology

Numerology | SiOWfa15: Science in Our World: Certainty and Controversy

I was first introduced to the idea of numerology while watching a special on Dr. Phil. The guest of his show that day was a woman named Glynis McCants who specializes in the “science” of numbers.

numerology - LC Linked Data Service: Authorities and Vocabularies | Library of Congress

The Linked Data Service provides access to commonly found standards and vocabularies promulgated by the Library of Congress. This includes data values and the controlled vocabularies that house them.

What Is Witchcraft & Wiccan Religion

Witchcraft or the craft of the wise, and Wiccan religion has many strands within history. What Is Witchcraft As a belief, it was feared by the druids, Romans and other civilizations. As a religion, it

Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening 

Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening are your ability to understand spiritually, by telepathy. You see beyond this dimension and this physical plane. You see things like ghosts, images or things t

Crystals and Their Healing Powers

In ritual use, healing crystals key traits are color, density, shape, vibration, and symbolism. Because crystals are formed within the earth, they’re claimed to be a useful tool for grounding and co

Yule New Moon Magic Wicca Ritual

When the last new moon of the year is upon us, it is a beautiful time for Yule New Moon Magic, to release it all and send it back to the Earth. Now is the right time to get rid of it and clean yourse

Awakening Your Psychic Powers

Develop powerful and efficient ways for the awakening your psychic powers and higher consciousness. By connecting with your psychic abilities, you can remember why you’re here and the gifts you have

System 11

This system is one of the many that were invented, all with the goal of finding the most accurate Numerological divination system. Many did not hold a candle to a personal profile, however some did le

And readings are gone!

It’s been only a few months since I started offering private consultations, and at first there has been a small flow of people looking to get their numbers done. However, over a month has since pass

Getting in Touch with Psychic Abilities

We were tuned into magic when we were children, and over time we tend to block it out. Getting in touch with psychic abilities is possible if we want to accomplish it. Symptoms of Psychic Abilities Ma

Will the Power of Your Subconscious Mind Better Your Life?

It is a scientific fact that your overall mind power and attitude toward life creates your reality. Modern psychology had already confirmed this. Change your thinking, use the power of your subconscio

Pagan Winter Solstice Traditions and Customs

Many Pagan winter solstice traditions and customs created around Yule are identified with Christmas today. You are following some of these old solstice traditions when you decorate your home with a Yu

Wiccan Yule Decorations & Winter Solstice Altar

Pagans around the world celebrate the birth of the Sun and Yule for centuries. Christmas will continuously find roots in pagan traditions with Wiccan Yule decorations. This birth of the Sun, as in the

Dukung Seorang Ibu Menghadapi Baby Blues

Bagi sebagian wanita menjadi seorang ibu adalah suatu keajaiban. Mulai dari hamil sampai melahirkan banyak hal yang membuat kita takjub. Janin yang menempel di rahim seorang ibu terus tumbuh dan berke

Readings now available!

I have now started to offer readings. If interested, just click the link in the menu above and you’ll be taken to a page of options. At this time, basic readings are offered, such as Life Path, Self

Update 7

Readings should be available within a few days. It has been somewhat difficult for me to understand how to implement PayPal – the API system is needlessly convoluted in my opinion, so I am using the

Volume 1 now for sale / Readings Update / 2nd eBook Transformation

The day has come: Volume 1 is no longer free and is now being sold for $4.99. This is the first step toward constructing what will be the full storefront. There were a lot of hurdles to jump over, inc

Update 6

There’s been a lack of updates for about a month or so and this is due to various reasons, personal and financial that altogether took my time away from Numerology as a whole. Things have cleared up

System 13

It is not often told, but in reality there are many Numerological systems out there that can be used. Not all were designed for personal divination and many only serve specific purposes such as Gematr

Personal Cycles

Like the great Mayan wheels of the Tzolk’in, Numerology has its own wheels that revolve about each other following numerical patterns. These range from universal cycles that all experience to person

Volume 2 update

It seems the original goal of releasing Volume 2 by the end of June will not come to fruition for various reasons, personal as well as finding new discoveries within the numerological system itself. M

The Diamond: A follow-up

This post is a follow up to the original one that described The Diamond. There, I explained how to calculate The Diamond using the digital roots and certain persistence levels of the given numbers. In

Rahasia Shalat di Awal Waktu


Let’s Learn Arabic


It’s never OK to be mean!

Talk About Myself In last year at university, I had to deal with someone who is verbally abusive. I was bullied in person, verbally, and mentally. I thought there was no one on my side. After a really

Pidato Inspiratif Steve Jobs di Stanford University

Dalam pidato ini, secara gamblang Steve Jobs menyampaikan, “Today I want to tell you three stories of my life. That’s it. No big deal. Just three stories.” Kisah Pertama: Connecting The Dots (Me

Tidur ala Rosulullah SAW

Tidur Rosulullah SAW merupakan cara tidur yang sangat baik bagi kesehatan. Setiap posisi dan waktu yang beliau pilih untuk tidur sangat bermakna bagi kesehatan bahkan jauh sebelum ilmu kedokteran berk

Cari Data via Ajax (by me)

File: koneksi.php File: search_data.php File: bacadata.php dump *.sql buat code ini

VB.Net Tree View Control Example (by me)

Code for VB.Net TreeView Control Example (by me)


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