Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Platform

Microsoft's mixed reality platform, HoloLens, has endless mind-blowing applications, especially for developers.

Augmented Reality Sandbox

 A hands-on sandbox exhibit combined with 3D visualization applications created by researchers at UC Davis.

Microsoft's Mixed Reality Platform

Microsoft recently announced their newest venture into the world of augmented reality, and it is creating quite the buzz. The platform has been dubbed “mixed reality,” referring to the process of

These are the Amazon Prime Day UK deals that are actually good

You could spend hours trawling through Amazon's Prime Day deals, but WIRED Recommends has done the hard work for you

The scientific breakthroughs of the future will be made by immigrants

“Immigrants bring in new ideas and a certain drive to succeed. Shutting the door on them will harm America in the long run”

Augmented reality in neurosurgery: a systematic review. - PubMed - NCBI

Neurosurg Rev. 2017 Oct;40(4):537-548. doi: 10.1007/s10143-016-0732-9. Epub 2016 May 7. Review

Monday briefing: Britain's first vertical launch spaceport to be built in Scotland

The UK Space Agency has outlined new funding for vertical and horizontal spacecraft launch sites, ZTE can do business in the US again, Rolls-Royce is working on a five-person flying taxi

France are huge favourites to win the World Cup, but Croatia have endurance on their side

France v Croatia is an unlikely World Cup final. Omar Chaudhuri, the head of football intelligence at strategic sports consultants 21st Club, previews the big game

Netflix has finally outdone HBO at the Emmys. It's time to binge

For the first time in 17 years, HBO is not the most nominated production company at the Emmys. And so begins the Netflix era

Is Video Marketing Effective?

Video Marketing – Timely, Efficient and Targeted Online users are consuming video at an ever-increasing rate, with the average person watching an hour and a half of video daily. More than 3 billion

What Makes A Great Article Title?

Writing a Catchy Title Tag As more than two million blog articles are published daily, it is increasingly difficult to direct the attention of internet users to specific content. Good blog posts fade

How to Find Good Keywords

Tips for Keyword Research & Usage Is it more important to write for users or for Google? Many webmasters do not understand why, despite the high-quality content, they are unable to increase visits

Using Influencer Marketing vs Celebrity Marketing

High Engagement Influencers We’ve all seen the testimonials from celebrities on how much they love a specific product and use it in their daily routine, which generally helps to boost brand recall.

GDPR and Metadata – What’s the Big Deal?

Metadata Is Critical For GDPR Compliance I’ve received so many emails, updates, and confirmations about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which I knew was a big deal, but also somewhat

What Are Alt Tags And How To Use Them Properly

What is an Alt Attribute? An alt tag is an HTML code that is used to describe images that appear on web pages for search engine purposes. Also known as alt description or alt attribute, alt tags help

How Can My Company Utilize Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing Solutions For Maximum Customer Reach Because of the tough competition in today’s business world, fresh-faced entrepreneurs and long-standing businesses alike never stop looking for

Schema Markup – Does my website need it?

What is Structured Data? If you work in the realm of website development, you have probably heard of the terms structured data, rich snippets, and schema markup. However, if you are a local business o

Are you using Google My Business Posts?

One of Google’s features released in mid-2017 is Google My Business (GMB) Posts. If you aren’t using posts yet, you should be! Posts allow you to showcase products, services, events, or special d

Benefits of Video Ads

Powerful Reasons To Choose Video Marketing Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an effective way to bring more traffic to a website landing page. It is an online model in which advertisers display their


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