Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Platform

Microsoft's mixed reality platform, HoloLens, has endless mind-blowing applications, especially for developers.

Augmented reality in neurosurgery: a systematic review. - PubMed - NCBI

Neurosurg Rev. 2017 Oct;40(4):537-548. doi: 10.1007/s10143-016-0732-9. Epub 2016 May 7. Review

Augmented Reality Sandbox

 A hands-on sandbox exhibit combined with 3D visualization applications created by researchers at UC Davis.

Microsoft's Mixed Reality Platform

Microsoft's mixed reality platform, HoloLens, has endless mind blowing applications, especially for developers.

Top Tech Developments for 2018

Trending Technology Well, we made it to 2018! As we push forward into the next 300+ days, I would guarantee we are going to see some amazing advances in technology. Obviously, virtual and augmented re

Best Christmas Advertisements

Since it is Christmas Day and I am enjoying some family time, I wanted to take a little time out to spread some holiday cheer by providing the best Christmas advertisements I could find. The holidays

Upgraded Speaker for the New Amazon Echo

Alexa, Can You Hear Me Now? The Amazon Echo has received a much-needed update, allowing Alexa to be heard loud and clear. It has been almost two years since the Echo was introduced to Prime Members, b

Apple and Shazam Combining AI Technology

A Tech Match Made In Heaven When a giant in the tech world like Apple makes a purchase, everyone knows. Buying a company that provides artificial intelligence capable of recognizing any song, movie, T

Are You Using Progressive Web Apps?

Building Your Mobile Presence Finding your online niche in a world with 1 billion websites is the veritable needle in the worldwide haystack. To stand out and be noticed is a major feat, requiring eit

Facebook is Using Artificial Intelligence to Save Lives

AI-Based Suicide Prevention With increasing evidence that social media can influence suicide-related behavior, Facebook is stepping up their game by using artificial intelligence to save lives. Using

Comparing Google Assistant To Google Now

Upgrading To A Better Assistant Voice-activated digital assistants are everywhere these days, and one of the new kids on the block is the Google Assistant. Unveiled in May 2016 at Google I/O, it is a

Welcome To Facebook Local App

A Replacement For The Events App Facebook is rebranding its Events app as “Facebook Local”, which will help users find activities based on friends’ advice as well as info on Facebook business pa

Increasing Brand Awareness With Educational Video Content

Choosing The Right Video Marketing Strategy Utilizing video for teaching, learning, communication, as well as promotion is paramount in today’s high tech environment. For marketing departments, it i

Cloud Computing and SMBs

Managing Small to Medium Sized Businesses in the Cloud One facet of starting a new enterprise in today’s world requires building a framework to store, study, retrieve, transmit, and manipulate dat


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