Grow Your Edges Back - Reverse Thining Edges

How To grow your edges back fast . This is the question most individual ask if they are suddenly faced with thinning edges hair loss. In this online feed you will find some very valuable information to assist you in reversing your hair loss and regrow your edges fast.

Beauty Bakerie’s New Line of Concealers Covers Skin Tones from Deep to Light

If you follow the beauty industry closely, it hasn’t had the best week. Popular brand, Tarte Cosmetics, caused an uproar after releasing their new Shape Tape foundation with a less than stellar rang

10 Uniquely Awesome Things About 4C Natural Hair

How many times have you sat and drooled over a massive, full and scrumptiously thick 4C afro? Heaven knows that I have! While discussions on 4C hair in the natural community often focus on its problem

10 Essential Tips to Battle Dryness and Keep Your Skin Supple This Winter

Whew, this winter has really been something so far — are you all with me? If you live on the East Coast like I do, this winter has seemed much harsher than previous years, and my skin and hair can d

Beauty 101: Traveling light with our favorite hair products!

The holidays are approaching and traveling is certain to happen. From visiting your friends to dealing with your own family shenanigans, being on-the-go will be most people’s reality for the holiday

BGLH Presents; Genius Beauty Hacks, Part 1: Healing Chapped Lips + Cheap But Luxurious Bath Soak

It’s a new year, and we at BGLH want you to start it right. In this multi-part series we’re going to let you in on some of the beauty secrets that keep us glowed up without all the cost and inconv

5 Instagram Gurus Who Focus on Healthy Natural Hair Regimens

Instagram is full of veteran naturals with drool worthy hair. Their photos are inspiring and encouraging, but some end there without giving much advice. Instagram can be a source for inspiration, but

40 Incredible Vintage Black Hair Ads

Over the past few decades the look of black hair market has changed tremendously. From press n-curls to afros to *gulp* Jheri Curls. However, it’s not that often we get to see how much the marketing

4 Secrets to Creating a Natural Hair Regimen You’ll Actually Stick With in 2018

Have you ever seen an older couple where the man looks more vibrant and fit than the woman? My life flashed before my eyes last year, when I realized that my worst nightmare could be realized in the n

Apparently the BGLH Marketplace Storefront is Adding to the Community Vibe in Bed Stuy

I love owning my own storefront; talking to customers, getting to know my ‘regulars’, figuring out New York’s complicated trash pickup system — all of it. When I moved to New York from Chicago

I Started Using Wigs to Protect My Natural Hair From Winter Weather and Now I’m Hooked

I’ll be totally honest — I’m not sure I’ve ever really understood the hype about wigs. I had a few when my hair was a teeny weeny afro just to appease myself when I got bored with the same sty

3 Incredible Things That Happened When I Protective Styled with Crochet Braids for 6 Months

If you’ve been reading my posts you know that I’m a huge fan of crochet braids and any crochet style in general. I’m such a fan that I’ve been getting crochet styles since August 2017! For som

The Best Protective Styles With Extensions That Actually Protect Your Hair

Protective styling when done right can give your hair the perfect low manipulation environment to flourish. However, when you add extensions to your hair to protective style, it can go wrong depending

Natural Spotlight: Munashe

1. What is your name? My name is Munashe Ethel Samaneka. 2. How long have you been natural? I have been natural for 3 years and 3 months. 3.Why did you decide to go natural? I decided to go natural be

Bling out your hair with these must have accessories!

With the rise of Cardi B. making history with her music, we all were watching and were very excited when she became engaged. The $500,000 rock on her finger not only made us happy for her but also gav

Shea Moisture Founder Richelieu Dennis Buys Essence Magazine

Maybe you weren’t happy about the last major stories involving mega brand Shea Moisture, but this recent news may put a smile on your face. Shea Moisture founder Richelieu Dennis has officially pur

5 Simple Ways You Can Turn Ordinary Hair Into Chic Style for Special Occasions

Sometimes simple is best. You don’t always have to spend hours upon hours on your hair to get an elegant look for a special occasion. Here 5 simple ways you give your hair the perfect finishing touc

Too Cute for the gym? Use these products and techniques to save your hair while working out!

It has all crossed our minds and seems logical that we should not step foot near a gym or even think about working out after our hair is done. Think about it, who really wants to sweat out their hair

4 Ways To Maintain Your Short Hair

  Short hair will always be “in” when it comes to hair styles . From Salt-n-Pepa’s accidental but extremely fly asymmetrical hair cut to Teyana Taylor’s striking cut, black women have been ro

Goodbye for now: Our favorite hairstyles from Being Mary Jane and more!

In the past few years television has broadened its horizons when it comes to black women being leading ladies! Within this year alone we have become attached to shows that emulate our life or take us

Changing your style, one extension at a time.

Extensions, weaves, hair pieces or whatever you use, have been around longer than we can remember.Whether you have long or short hair, you have more than likely worn weave at some point in your life.

Benefits of Using Silk Based Materials

Silk and satin based materials don’t absorb the important nutrients from your hair they secure it. Most know this to be true but didn’t know that silk based pillowcases and scarves are good for yo

New Cut New Look

Time to take a risk. Short hairstyles give you so much versatility, convenience and limitless style options. Cutting your hair is like a release of your past. Here are some different short cuts you ca

Holiday Hairstyles

Our favorite time of the year is slowly approaching, the holidays. As we’re constantly stressing about what to wear to annual events and how to decorate. We tend to neglect our hair. We have some qu

How Should You Co- wash Your Hair

How Should You Co Wash Your Hair   Co Washing is also referred to as cleansing conditioning. The process uses shampoo-free products that clean and balance your hair without stripping its natural oils

BeanStalk Hair Growth

One of the primary concerns for people involves their thinning edges. It’s important to take care of them immediately and get to the bottom of the issue. If you are in this position, it’s best to


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