Commercial real estate financing data centers

Commercial real estate financing data centers

Rackspace BrandVoice: Do Data Centers Have A Future In A Multi-Cloud World?

As more organizations migrate storage, processing and data to different cloud environments and service providers, on-premises data centers just aren’t what they used to be.

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Recovery to Resilience: How Energy & Sustainability Professionals Can Prepare for the Turn

We are living in an extraordinary time, the likes of which few of us could even imagine a few months ago. The ramifications of COVID-19 on human physical and mental... Read more » The post Recovery

The Fire-Preventing Advantages of IIoT Digitized Power

Despite its presence in our lives for well over a century, electricity remains a hazardous technology. It has become a critical component to modern living and commercial operations, but its... Read

Global Virtual Student Experience

Schneider Electric is launching its first-ever Global Virtual Student Experience! Registration opens on June 1st. To learn more about what you can expect from the experience read ahead. What is... R

Challenges and Solutions for Water Network Management

Water!  It’s a natural resource which is crucial to all life on our planet. We absolutely cannot live without it.  And like many other resources today, water is under threat... Read more » The

Exploring Power Transformer Protection for Power Systems: Failure Types and Differential Protection

A power transformer is the most significant and expensive part of the electrical system. The basic function of electrical equipment like instrument transformers and circuit breakers is to protect the

The importance of color to improve operator efficiency

As control systems increase in both scale and data-rich sensors, we need a way to ensure that operators can recognise what is important and act to deliver a more efficient... Read more » The post T

Umbrella with SecureX built-in: Coordinated Protection

Cisco SecureX connects the breadth of Cisco’s integrated security portfolio – including Umbrella– and your other security tools for a consistent experience that unifies visibility, enables auto

Welcome to my virtual office – Webex Teams and my workstreams

I started working from home more than 15 years ago. Working from home is how I work – it might not be in an office building with open planning, quiet rooms, or massage chairs, but my home office st

Get Instant Access to the Latest Release of Cisco SD-WAN in the DevNet Sandbox

In the Sandbox you can develop and test SD-WAN based applications, interacting with the SD-WAN API to programmatically explore a topology consisting of multiple end points. The post Get Instant Acces

Cisco and LiveAction: Better Together

Cisco and LiveAction have been jointly innovating for years to simplify network performance management and troubleshooting, ultimately helping our mutual customers deliver better user experiences. T

Using Wi-Fi to Help Manage the Return to the Office

Cisco DNA Spaces use Wi-Fi access points to help you track and manage employee density in the workplace. The post Using Wi-Fi to Help Manage the Return to the Office appeared first on Cisco Blogs.

Optimize commercial buildings for safety and efficiency during low occupancy

In this four-part blog series, we’ll be looking at a range of best practices for commercial building owners and managers during times of low occupancy and how to prepare your... Read more » The p

Showing Up: Being a LGBTQ+ Ally at Cisco

Mariya shares her story of being an active LGBTQ+ Ally and her experience as a member of Cisco's Pride Employee Resource Organization. The post Showing Up: Being a LGBTQ+ Ally at Cisco appeared first

How Philips is building change into the network – and the organization

With the help of Cisco, Philips is transforming from a consumer hardware manufacturer to a data-driven healthcare software company -- and it starts with software-defined intent-based networks. The p

Enterprise Network Availability: How to Calculate and Improve

Key to supporting network availability is understanding the flexibility--or lack thereof—of the end-to-end network architecture. In this post, learn how to calculate and improve network stability.

Threat Roundup for May 22 to May 29

Today, Talos is publishing a glimpse into the most prevalent threats we’ve observed between May 22 and May 29. As with previous roundups, this post isn’t meant to be an in-depth analysis. Instead

Building Sustainable Edge Data Centers

We’ve experienced significant change in our world over the last few months as a result of COVID-19. As we work to navigate this situation and define our new normal, I’m... Read more » The post

SCADA vs IoT: the Role of SCADA Systems in Manufacturing’s Industry 4.0

The origin of SCADA: Let us start from the beginning, the purpose behind the first solid-state SCADA system , which was introduced back in the ’60s, was to gather all... Read more » The post SCAD

The Easiest way to decide if you need a Smart Home

I often have two stark and immediate thoughts when I enter an exotic restaurant, first whether I’ve made the right decision to experiment and second what to order from the... Read more » The post


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