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Spicy Green Chile Beer

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Pear Cider

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The Bosch Brewing Company | Van Pelt and Opie Library | Michigan Tech

The Bosch Brewing Company for the Van Pelt and Opie Library at Michigan Tech.

Excited to slap this on some 22oz bombers!

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My labels for holiday beer gifts

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Oak House Brewing, Hopland American IPA

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Big Paw's Christmas Ale

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GrogTag - Custom Homebrew Beer Bottle Labels you Design for Free

Make your own custom beer & wine bottle labels using our premium designs, or upload your own. Beautiful digital press printing on reusable vinyl label

Hefeweizen label

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Best Designs for Thanksgiving Beer Labels

Thanksgiving is a time of family, food, and gratitude. We are always grateful when our beer looks as good as it tastes. Whether you are decorating beer bottles with custom beer labels to share with fr

Handdrawn Jam Styled Labels by Valerie McKeehan of Lily & Val

This adorable set of 2.5″ round jam labels has been hand-drawn by Valerie McKeehan of Lily & Val! It includes an array of fruit preserves plus apple and pumpkin butter. Each one was drawn wit

What you can expect your tap handle to look like

Creating a custom wooden tap handle is the best way to up your game! The last thing we want is for you to be disappointed in your branded beer tap handles. Here is a quick guide for what you can expec

Scraping Is Scary — So We Try a Few Products to Help Remove Commercial Labels

If you use GrogTag labels you can remove your labels in a snap with our repositionable labels. Thrifty homebrewers collect bottles lots of ways, they save them,  reuse them and they get them from fri

Freebie Download – Love the one you sip

Our Valentine to you. A free graphic that you can download and upload into our sign template or square label. Because you should always love the beer you’re with. (And the best way to love it is to

Free 2017 PDF Editable Fillable Calendar Pro from Worldlabel

Here is our 2017 calendar PDF Pro. We keep getting requests for our PDF Filable Editable Calendars. It is a free download and the PDF template is developed by Alex Pavlovich. This year we have 2 versi

Holiday Gift Idea Cookie Mix Jars from Lia Griffith

Gift giving for the holidays can be tricky for some, so we’re sharing a simple, fun gift giving idea that takes the “eek” out of your holiday shopping! You can put together a couple yummy cookie

Thanksgiving Leftover Labels By Valerie McKeehan

  What’s better than Thanksgiving dinner? Answer: Thanksgiving Leftovers! This adorable set of chalk art labels has been hand-drawn by Valerie McKeehan of Lily & Val! Your Thanksgiving guests w

Free Modern Printable Pantry Labels By LemonThisle

These modern black and white pantry labels, designed by @colleenpastoor at are the perfect way to jazz up a standard pantry. At 2″, they’re the perfect size to top standard mason

Choosing line alignment in LibreOffice

The Alignment tab of a LibreOffice paragraph style has four ways of positioning text on a line: Left, Right, Centered, and Justified. In practice, however, Right is used mostly for highly-formatted do

2016 Editable PRO Fillable PDF Calendar Template

To Change Font: Make sure you download the Calendar to your computer, then open it in Adobe Reader. On a PC press Control + E and on a Mac Command + E  > a font properties window will open up DOWN

Printable Holiday Gift Labels & Tags By The Lia Griffith Studio

“Gift wrapping for the Holidays can be as much fun as discovering the perfect gift and today we are making it even more fun with this set of printable gift labels from the Lia Griffith Studio! Desig

Thanksgiving Holiday Label Printables

Thanksgiving is all ways a special time of year. Here are designed labels you can use for all your thanksgiving left over dinners. Also included are some labels for your Thanksgiving wine bottle label

Gift Labels for Warm Fall Beverages

The team at the Lia Griffith studio has been enjoying their winter warming drinks so much so that they have designed a gorgeous set of Fall beverage labels for you to use as a heart warming gift. Perf


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