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Here at 5 Star Movers LLC, we offer professional local moving and long distance moving services to our fellow New Yorkers. We offer peace of mind on your moving day. When hiring hourly movers, you are deciding the fate of your moves' cost on an assumption, guesstimation at best and prediction. You have chosen honest movers.

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5 Star Movers is the top rated Moving Company NYC that offers a professional local moving, long distance and storage services from all US locations.

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Moving Companies

Household goods moving companies obtain permits from the PUC after showing financial and safety fitness. They must also prove to the PUC that they have adequate insurance and they are subject to crimi

Stuff About Stuff: Everything You Never Knew About the Moving Truck

Moving truck rentals is a 19 billion dollar industry in the United States. Today, we think of moving as just another fact of life, and the image of the moving truck as just another part...

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A cruise? Overrated. A ski trip? Too cold. If you’re thinking that you want your honeymoon to be less cliché and more creative, more “you,” you’re not alone. In fact, a recent SpareFoot surve

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6 Ways to Save on Your Next Relocation

Nate Foster writes about home improvement, real estate, and tips for living lean on a budget. If you have a relocation in the works, or one on the horizon, saving as much cash as you can...

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