Tips to set up a virtual London office

Top advice for entrepreneurs to set up a virtual business presence in central London

New Video About Our Great Range of Services. - Hold Everything

We are delighted to show our new video which shows how Hold Everything can help a wide range of businesses enjoy the prestige the of central London business location.  Whether you are a freelancer w

Resilience Ep 33 | Raghav Badiger and Will Bryan of SkilRoute

After SkilRoute built their platform on a third party app that was taken down by a major corporation, Facebook, they had to rebuild their entire company from the ground up. Learn how cofounders, Ragh

Best Keyword Research Tool

Keywords Everywhere is a free Chrome and Firefox browser extension that will give you free keywords for your YouTube videos and other content strategy projects

For The First Time in Four Generations, This Family Owned Company Will be Run By Women

Colleen Smithe Parker is Director of Advertising for Walter E. Smithe, a family owned furniture business in Illinois.

Why You Shouldn't Boost Your Facebook Posts

Facebook is an amazing platform and most businesses should consider advertising on it. But one form of advertising that is a waste of money is boosting your posts. Here's why you should stop boosting

How Kristen Tomlan Became the Cookie DŌ Cookie Queen

Kristen Tomlan is the founder of the NYC cookie dough shop DŌ. Meet this entrepreneur and learn how she built her foodie paradise.

Watch Jon Taffer Explain Why He Doesn't Believe in Adversity

The 'Bar Rescue' host reveals the mindsets that have led him to

Hard Work Pays Off In Entrepreneurship

Jonathan Kendrick is the co-founder of ROK Mobile & ROK Brands. ROK Mobile is a prepaid, contract-free mobile and music service that gives back to Veterans. Jonathan’s long time business partne

How to Deal With Imposter Syndrome

Unsure of how to deal with imposter syndrome? Ben Angel quickly breaks it down for you & provides you with a powerful technique that will help you rid yourself of it once & for all.

10 Things To Do Before Becoming An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Network partner Patrick Bet-David lays out the 10 things you must do before you venture into entrepreneurship.

What Kind of Investor Are You?

In this video, Phil Town talks to you about what your investments say about you. Whether intentional or not, you may be investing in companies you HATE. Here's how to make sure your investments match

Offices and meeting rooms in beautiful Rautatalo

Entry to Rautatalo Office Hotel happens from Keskuskatu, right next to Stockmann shopping center. Couple stairs up and you are in the beautiful Marmoripiha (Marble Yard). Our Rautatalo team, Kaisla an

Workspace Cube Smartblock came to the office

Magnus Lindgren, Sales Manager of Smartblock tells that the idea of Smartblock workspace cube came up when companies started to prefer more open officies than private office rooms. Open officies are g

Expand your business with crowdfunding

When not too long ago funding a start-up involved accelerators, plenty of networking and pitching, now entrepreneurs have an alternative: crowdfunding.   In fact crowdfunding has become incredibly po

Looking for a great deal?

How is your office hunting going? We taught you might appreciate some extra savings on your new office. As a welcome gift, we offer you 50% discount on your office rent for the first 6 months with us.

Tech Hub to open in May

West Coast Business Campus!   We’re expanding again and this time doing something very special. Our newest office will open this month in a massive tech-hub located on the waterfront of Keilalahti

We gave a seal pup a den for Christmas!

We gave a seal pup a den for Christmas! Every Christmas, instead of sending Christmas gifts to your customers, we donate to conserve our nature. This Christmas our donations will go towards helping en


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