Tips to set up a virtual London office

Top advice for entrepreneurs to set up a virtual business presence in central London

New Video About Our Great Range of Services. - Hold Everything

We are delighted to show our new video which shows how Hold Everything can help a wide range of businesses enjoy the prestige the of central London business location.  Whether you are a freelancer w

Content Marketing 3.0: Stepping Up Your Game

Chris and Jason have brought you the four laws of content marketing and how to handle audience critique. On this episode, they are offering up some ways to bring your content marketing to the next le

How Thad Wong Created The Largest Independently-Owned, Residential Real Estate Company in Illinois

Thaddeus Wong is the co-founder of @properties, the largest independently owned residential real estate brokerage firm in Illinois. It is one of the 11 largest brokerage firms in the U.S. by sales vo

From Teen Runaway to TV Celebrity: 8 Personal Branding Lessons

Jeannie Mai discusses eight powerful lessons on building a celebrity personal brand from our conversation.

Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch Ep1: Edible Selfies, Extreme Beer Pong and More!

Watch the first episode of our revolutionary new pitch show that lets you the viewer support the next million-dollar idea.New episodes every Wednesday. Don't miss new episodes of Entrepreneur Elevato

OFF AIR: Peter Kim Advises to Follow Your Dreams

Peter Kim, Hudson Jeans CEO, shares about how his life from growing up in the street really impacted his way of business. Peter explains how he enjoys the apparel side of business. Hudson Jeans reall

How to Deal With Stress

When you’re an entrepreneur, stress is part of the job description.The stress of launching a start-up or running a business can be insurmountable. You’re wondering where your next dollar is comin

How to Promote Your Content When You Have No Followers

Who said you need social media followers to get more traffic to your blog?Whether you have social media fans or you are starting out from scratch, here is what you need to do:You need to link out to

Should I Launch if it Isn’t Perfect?

Today, we’re talking about a topic very near and dear to my heart, which is also one of my biggest challenges: perfectionism.

Match Talent To Task And Show Appreciation

Established by the Illinois state legislature in 1895 as The Public School Teachers’ Pension and Retirement Fund of Chicago, CTPF is the administrator of a multi-employer defined benefit public emp

How to Create a Facebook Messenger Chatbot For Free Without Coding

How to create a bot for your Facebook page and become a chatbot bot expert.

New Video About Our Great Range of Services.

We are delighted to show our new video which shows how Hold Everything can help a wide range of businesses enjoy the prestige the of central London business location.  Whether you are a free

Social Media – We Help you Get Up to Speed

  Don’t know your Twitter from your Twiglets? Your Facebook from your Fat Face? Decidedly social media unsavvy? Well, read on. This one’s for you. So you’ve heard about this mag

We Launch Our Business Podcast

We are all very excited here on Regent Street with the launch of our new podcast.   Entitled the London Business Podcast we will be bringing our clients and the global business community a regula

Six Top Tips to Telephone Answering

At some point or other, whatever your job title, your phone is going to ring and you’re going to have to answer it. For some people, answering the phone comes naturally, and they sound so please

4 reasons to choose a Virtual Office on Regent Street

Prestigious Central London Presence Regent Street is one of the busiest and well-known streets in the United Kingdom, possibly even the World.  It provides a variety of services, from gyms, galle

Is your business address killing your business?

London most prestigious virtual office address on Regent Street provided by can protect your home address and save your business address potentially affecting your business. Your h

What is the cost of a missed call ?

At Hold Everything, London’s most prestigious virtual office we offer you the opportunity to have a London 020 number so when your busy and don’t want to be disturbed we can answer your ca

Identity Theft – What is it & Ways to prevent it

  What is identity theft? With increased public awareness in the area of identity theft we look at what is actually involved, how it can affect you, and what you can do the prevent it. Identity t

Business rate increase

A business rate is a tax on business properties so that those who occupy non-domestic property can contribute towards the expense of local services. The revaluation of business rates will become effec

Royal Mail Postal Increase March 2017

Royal Mails increase the price of postal charges from Monday 27th March. Does this increase affect  clients at our Virtual office in Regent Street, London – Fortunately NO . Will it affect

Expand your business with crowdfunding

When not too long ago funding a start-up involved accelerators, plenty of networking and pitching, now entrepreneurs have an alternative: crowdfunding.   In fact crowdfunding has become incredibl

Looking for a great deal?

How is your office hunting going? We taught you might appreciate some extra savings on your new office. As a welcome gift, we offer you 50% discount on your office rent for the first 6 months with us.

Tech Hub to open in May

West Coast Business Campus!   We’re expanding again and this time doing something very special. Our newest office will open this month in a massive tech-hub located on the waterfront of Kei

We gave a seal pup a den for Christmas!

We gave a seal pup a den for Christmas! Every Christmas, instead of sending Christmas gifts to your customers, we donate to conserve our nature. This Christmas our donations will go towards helping en


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