Credit Card Terminals With Chip Reader

In today's business marketplace it is a must to have credit card terminals that come with chip readers. This is for both the consumer's protection as well as the business itself.

Merchant Service Provider Guarantees Businesses Save Money By Removing Fraudulent Fees « MarketersMEDIA – Press Release Distribution Services – News Release Distribution Services

Michigan-based merchant service provider J&A Business Solutions is shaking up the industry by raising the bar in customer service excellence. The company is carving a niche with businesses as a brand

Credit Card Terminals - J&A Business Solutions

Regardless of the industry your business is in, J & A Business Solutions has the equipment needed to make credit card processing a seamless part of operations. If your business needs credit card termi

Waking Up At 4am Isn’t The Key to Success. (These Things Are)

In early December, an article went viral that said that the key to success is for people to wake up at 4am. The article stated that waking up so early meant there were fewer distractions at 4am, plu

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If you’re lucky enough to be going to the Super Bowl, you might want to offset that expensive game ticket with some free travel. Super Bowl LIII takes place at…

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With a $69 annual fee, the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Plus Credit Card is the least expensive of three cards offering an amazing perk: Earn Companion Pass and 30,000 points after…

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An exciting new sign-up bonus for Southwest-branded Chase credit cards has a lot of people rushing to apply for the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Premier Credit Card. Its $99 annual fee…

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Buried in Marriott’s announcement introducing Bonvoy was a claim about their new points program. The hotelier noted that bringing Marriott Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest together allowed membe

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American Airlines may be better known for its domestic flights, but thanks to new changes to their loyalty rewards program, the carrier has also made it cost-effective to fly internationally…

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Holly Johnson, author of Club Thrifty, travels 16 weeks per year with her husband and two kids. Without a smart budget, this amount of travel would be impossible for a…

6 Things to Do After Getting the Southwest Priority Credit Card

With an eye-popping offer of a Companion Pass, the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Priority Credit Card is attracting a lot of new users. Like two other Chase cards — the Southwest…

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When comparing frequent flyer programs, NerdWallet’s research shows American Airlines AAdvantage points have an average value of 2.6 cents per mile earned, making them the most valuable among all U.

3 Reasons Why Radisson Rewards Is Great for Families

When it comes to spending quality time with family, the focus should be on building great memories, not how to budget for a trip. That’s where loyalty programs can help…

8 Crowdfunding Sites to Raise Money For Your Big Idea

Raising capital for your next venture can be a major hurdle on the road to bringing your vision to life. While bank loans and pitching to traditional investors are still viable fundraising options,

How to Implement a Return Policy That's a Win for Both You and Your Customers

Returns, refunds, and exchanges are all a part of selling online. But with a well-crafted return policy and a system to handle requests, you can encourage new shoppers to buy from you and turn drea

Is It Better to Have a Seasonal Business?

Business owners deal with the constant pressure of always being ‘on’ and actively doing work to improve the company’s standing. If you run a seasonal business, this is not always the case. The

How to Avoid a Cash Flow Crunch in Your Business

One of the biggest problems faced by small businesses is consistent cash flow. A US Bank study found that cash flow problems account for why 82% of small businesses fail!  It’s understandable; man

10 Helpful Books on Time Management

Effectively managing your time is a tough task to take on. However, once you’ve mastered your time, you have basically mastered your life. Time management is one of the most crucial elements of pro

Free Digital Products Are the Backbone of This Content Marketing Strategy

Effective content marketing isn't merely about churning out blog posts, YouTube videos, or podcasts—it's about creating value independent of your products or services and giving it away to your i

How to Survive Your First Month of Self-Employment

You may be side hustling for a while thinking you have everything under control, but taking your hustle full-time is a different ballgame. You’re the captain of the ship. Self-employment can be a l

How to Manage Your Account Subscription

Plans For Businesses Of All Sizes We now have paid plans that give users access to Due Projects, Time Tracking, Expenses, and more advanced features. We still provide free plans with limited access a

Why You Need to Stop Worrying About Profit and Start Worrying About Cash Flow

It doesn’t matter how great your business model is, how profitable you are, or how many investors you have lined up—you won’t survive if you can't manage your business’s cash flow. More

How to Make Sales from a Self-Published Book on Amazon

On January 1, I finally put up my self-published book for sale. Within a few days of publishing, the book made it to the Top 10 of new releases within its category on Amazon. Getting the word out abo

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See the exact emails a high-growth ecommerce brand is using to engage, educate, and upsell new prospects. More

5 Online Business Tools to Better Understand in 2019

Operating with the right online business tools can eliminate a ton of stress for you as you manage your workload each day. Whether the tools is paid or free often doesn’t matter. It’s all about h

Learn Email Marketing from Ecommerce Expert Drew Sanocki

Whether you’re collecting emails from customers or capturing emails from website visitors, the larger your email list, the more potential customers you can reach to grow your sales and your busine

The Micro Ambassador Program That Grew Revenue 6x in One Year

With all the buzz about influencer marketing, it's easy to forget that many of your customers have their own online presence and a network they can influence. On today's episode of Shopify Masters,

Customer Service 101: A Guide to Providing Stand-Out Support Experiences

Great customer service is the new standard. Is your business keeping up? Today, we'll cover the skills, tips, and tools you need to deliver an outstanding experience. More

Pros and Cons of Using a Drag and Drop Website Builder for Your Business

Creating a website from scratch can be intimidating for people who’ve never done it. The fear of tech should not stop you because there are so many tools and how-to tutorials out there on how to bu

3 Business Skills Digital Entrepreneurs Need to Master in the New Year

Ready to level up in your business this year? You have a fresh start so aside from setting goals and determining your focus you need to take action. You can do this by developing new skills that will

Customer Retention 101: Grow Your Business by Selling More to Current Customers

You’ve heard it time and time again. It’s cheaper to get current customers to make a repeat purchase than it is to find new customers. It’s true for many businesses, especially in the crowde

Instagram Marketing 101: Using Hashtags, Stories, and More to Grow Your Business

  In this starter guide, we’ll outline the fundamentals for building an Instagram marketing strategy to help you get the most out of this fast-growing social network. More

Android Nearby Now Mobile With Proximity Beacon

We utilize Android Nearby technology with a mobile proximity beacon to help drive leads to our clients around the clock. Android nearby technology has now given the business community a huge advantag

Consolidating Credit Card Debt Watch For Hidden Fees

Consolidating Credit Card Debt On the surface, it might appear prudent to move forward with consolidating credit card debt. Especially when comparing an annual percentage rate of 16 percent to anothe


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