Preparing for Prelims Revision : Supporting your C

The question is how do you revise during Christmas and can you or should you have any time off?

University of Essex suspends lecturer accused of antisemitism

Dr Maaruf Ali is alleged to have posted antisemitic messages on Facebook A lecturer accused of posting antisemitic messages on Facebook has been suspended from the University of Essex. An investigati

The lessons infantile adults can learn from children go far beyond climate change | Richard Russell

As a teacher, how do I show my pupils the right values when they see so little of it from their adult ‘role models’? The children’s climate strike has become another lightning rod in the never-

Bedtime social media use may be harming UK teenagers, study says

Exclusive: a fifth of 13- to 15-year-olds ‘spend five hours or more a day on social media’ Teenagers in Britain may be putting their health and education at risk by spending too much time on soci

Are university campuses turning into mini smart cities?

Universities are experimenting with AI and big data to improve how students live and learn on campus Think of a university campus: it has its own roads, shops, residential areas, banks and transport

Preparing for Prelims Revision : Supporting your Child this Christmas Holiday | Scholar Tutoring Agency

Preparing for Prelims Revision: Supporting your Child this Christmas Holiday The Christmas break always seems a quick one, for many families, that’s because it’s a busy one, too! For lots of teena

Department for Education - GOV.UK

The Department for Education is responsible for children’s services and education, including early years, schools, higher and further education policy, apprenticeships and wider skills in England. D

Head of Catholic order failed to tell police of sexual abuse at London school

Abbot ‘did not know’ if findings at Benedictine school were relevant, national inquiry toldThe head of one of the country’s most powerful Catholic orders was made aware of sex abuse allegations

Teachers and students stage mock climate classes in Whitehall

Traffic blocked at Department for Education during call for national curriculum changes More than 100 teachers, academics and students have blocked traffic and staged mock climate classes outside the

Editing vs. Revision | SLC | UC Berkeley

Editing vs. Revision What is the difference between editing and revision? We often use the two terms interchangeably and yet there are some important distinctions. True revision requires seeing your w

‘Gossip and secrecy’ fuel Oxford row over suspended dean

Christ Church college and cathedral divided by ‘cruel accusations’ Prominent clergy linked to Oxford’s Christ Church cathedral are in revolt over a complaint against its dean which they say is

School curriculum fails to reflect the urgency of the climate crisis

Informed students are prompting adults to act on the issue I draw three circles on the board as my class watches. “So, what might this gas be?” Continue reading...

Essex University lecturer accused of antisemitic Facebook posts

Holocaust denial among topics in posts allegedly shared on social media by Dr Maaruf Ali The University of Essex is investigating after a science lecturer allegedly posted antisemitic messages on Fa

Ofsted chief backs teaching about same-sex couples after parent protests

Birmingham primary school assistant head – shortlisted for prestigious prize – target of complaints The head of Ofsted has backed the teaching of same-sex relationships in primary schools after p

How to Head for the Highest Grades

How to Head for the Highest Grades Most teens strive to do their best when it comes to exams- and rightly so! It’s important to make their school years count. There’ll be nothing more satisfying-

Exams: The Cool, Calm and Confident Way

Exams: The Cool, Calm and Confident Way Cool, calm and confident is not often words fitting to a student preparing to sit exams. And those that do fit this description… well, we sometimes worry that

Mind Set just before an Exam

Mind Set just before an Exam Before great sporting events, athletes tell of things that motivate and prepare them for the challenging event ahead. Mentally, sportspeople have scenes, routines or image

Keeping up Momentum

Keeping up Momentum The January Blues may have been and gone, but your teen may still be stuck in a state of sluggishness. With wintry weather still upon us- and prelim exams likely well underway- you

Effective Revision Tips

Effective Revision Tips When it comes to revising, your teen will want to maximise on the time that they have to strive towards the top grades! Therefore, it’s wise to consider the best ways to revi

The Power of Guided Revision

The Power of Guided Revision The world of revision looks rather different nowadays, to what it may have looked like several years ago. As a parent recalling your own school days, you may remember bein

Revision Kit List: What Does My Teen Need?

Revision Kit List: What Does My Teen Need? You might think it’s lucky if your teenager finds a pen around the house to write with, let alone owning a whole stash of stationery to revise with! Some t

Muster Up January Motivation

Muster Up January Motivation As parents, we know how important our child’s education will be in the future, and it can be frustrating when your teen doesn’t seem to grasp a sense of the motivation

New Year’s Revision Resolutions

New Year’s Revision Resolutions As we’re celebrating seeing in 2019, your teen might be feeling a little more daunted than celebratory: it’s an exam year- and the months creep ever closer! So, w

Five Ways to Improve Grades

Five Ways to Improve Grades When it comes to improving grades, many teens aren’t sure what to do. Lots of them are under the impression that they “just need to write more” – but this is largel


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